Chapter 12


Kiara slowly helped me fix the buttons of my shirt.

Her not being able to move her shoulder was what restricted her from doing what she did as comfortably as she usually would. Her habits of taking care of the smallest details when it came to us being in private made our marriage even more special. She would always be the one to fix the buttons of my shirt, help me wear a jacket, or even take off my shirt after a long day. Her fingers would massage my back while I was in the tub and she taking a bath with me, softly rubbing oil on my back and moving her fingers skillfully over my muscles after a long day. Those small details made a difference to the two of us, and they made me love her more and more with every passing day.

“Babe, I can do my shirt myself, you know that you need to relax” I told her softly, I knew that no matter what I said. This was Kiara, she was going to be as stubborn as hell and was going to do her best to try and convin

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