Chapter 1


Screams filled the hospital’s hall, all of us men standing outside the door, waiting for news from inside that room. However, all we’ve been hearing for hours were loud screams.

Kiara’s dad, Louis, was tense as he paced around the hall making me dizzy, and as much as I wanted him to stop. I couldn’t blame him for how worried he was, we had been here for over twelve hours.

“Louis, you need to sit down” Dimitri said looking at Dimitri from beside me. We had somehow managed to build a bond with one another, they visited us here in the States and we were currently in England. Being invited by them to stay for a few weeks.

“They’ve been there for hours, what if something bad happens?” Louis asked looking at Dimitri who chuckled and put a hand on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

“She’s a strong woman Louis, it takes time, you should know that” Mart said looking at Louis who smiled, though a pained expression shifted on his face as screams filled the hall once again before a sudden silence made us all frown and stand.

The door opened and Kiara walked out the door with a smile on her face, exhaustion was drawn over her expression, Louis looked at Kiara and she smiled and nodded at him as he walked toward her and cupped her cheeks, kissing her forehead “congratulations dad”

“How is your mum? The baby?” Louis asked quickly, Kiara smiled and nodded.

“They’re both fine and the baby is healthy” Kiara answered her dad, she took a step to the side, nodding at me with a smile on her face. She had been by her mother’s side inside that room since she reached labor, mom, Grace, Maddie, Daphne, and Diana too.

Kiara walked toward me and I wrapped my arms around her body, pulling her into a hug and kissing the crown of her head. She laid her head on my chest and sighed in contentment, I could feel how tired she was as I hugged her, her body loosening in my touch “congratulations baby girl”

“Thank you” she whispered to me, I could tell that her eyes are closed. We were going to bed last night when the little baby decided that he wanted to come out into the world, we drove her here and we have been by her side since. Louis staying out here with us, Kiara and the other women’s orders, it made me want to laugh when I saw the girls kicking the man out of the operation room to wait outside while they were inside. The man had been wanting to lose his mind since. I couldn’t blame him for how he was feeling, I could only imagine how I would be feeling if Kiara was giving birth and I wasn’t by her side, simply hearing her screams from behind the door.

“Do you want us to go home and get some rest? I’ll be staying with mum for bit longer” Kiara said pulling away from the hug, she rubbed her eyes from sleep. Mom, Grace, Maddie, and Diana walked out and Kiara smiled at them as they congratulated her. I knew that Kiara’s mom, was very happy about having her baby. She had been waiting for the baby since Kiara was a kid. Having him now, I’m sure her heart was about to burst from her chest. Louis too, the man had an heir for his dynasty, which was something that he needed to have, being a mafia don, his son had to take over. Otherwise, another man would have taken over, and being a mafia don of my own family, I couldn’t leave my family to take over his own. Especially since he was English and I was Russian, too many unwanted complications would be happening.

“How about we stay a bit longer, then the two of us go home together, it’s not like you got any sleep either” I said softly, it was funny how soft I was when I was by her side. She knew that my love for her was infinite and what made my heart swell, was the fact that I knew that she loved me just as much. Her respect for me was known by everyone who breathed, and I saw it in her eyes, and I respected her just as much, allowing her to express herself, to be my queen in front of everyone and anyone.

“Vladimir, you guys go home, Kiara and I will be staying here for a while longer” I said not waiting for Kiara to reply. I knew that she would tell me to go and rest, the girl was brought down from heaven, she would worry about the smallest of details when it concerned my comfort. She smiled at me and I kissed her forehead before nodding at Dimitri to take mom home, they too needed to get some rest. I couldn’t put her though more exhaustion than she was already in, she was already exhausting herself by overthinking too many things at once, and I knew that she was in pain. Even though she didn’t open her mouth to express it. I saw it in her eyes.

Wrapping my arm around Kiara’s shoulder, we both headed to the operation room, the nurses were preparing the bed for her to leave the operation room to her room. But technically the whole hospital was theirs, Louis bought the hospital for Lilian when she was almost due. Lilian was feeding the little baby, a blanket covering the baby’s head and her breast and Louis sitting beside her, holding her close, kissing her temple when we entered the room.

Lilian’s eyes lit up when she saw us and we smiled at her. Her body was relaxed as she held her baby. Her and Louis’s relationship had gotten better over the year which Kiara and I were married. Kiara’s relationship had gotten better with her father’s as well. I had spoken to him not to hurt her anymore. That she was my wife to care for and I wanted her to be happy, she was already struggling enough with me regarding Claudia’s case. I didn’t talk about it, but my wife wasn’t blind and she knew that I was hurting because of my sister, and though she didn’t rub it in my face, and didn’t open the subject with me, she did her best to support my every decision, guiding me to a correct one when she felt like I was being heartless.

“Kiara, Nikolay, why didn’t you two go home to rest?” Lilian asked us softly, her eyes staying on us, I smiled and pulled Kiara closer to me, kissing her temple.

“Kiara wanted to see her little brother, and I wouldn’t have left her alone” I said softly. We both sat down on a couch, Kiara laid her head on my chest as I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her closer and kissing her temple. Kiara sighed in contentment and I knew that with the state that she was in, she was bound to end up falling asleep.

I leaned back on the couch getting comfortable. Kiara curling up on me, her legs curled up on my legs as she began to doze off “baby girl?”

Kiara hummed in response looking up at me with sleepy eyes making me chuckle. I cupped her cheek and pulled her up to me, kissing her lips softly, not caring that her parents were looking at the two of us. I smiled into the kiss and we pulled away. Resting our foreheads against one another’s.

“How about we go home baby? You’ll end up sleeping here” I said softly, Kiara hummed in response and got up rubbing her eyes from sleep. I chuckled and nodded at her mom and dad as she went to say her goodbyes to the two of them, her mom smiled and put her palm on her cheek as Kiara leaned in to her touch before her dad hugged her before we both walked out of the operation room as a few nurses walked inside.

“Mrs. Kiara” the head of the nurses greeting Kiara, both Kiara and I stopped to look at the woman. Kiara nodded at her in greeting but didn’t answer her “we will be taking Mrs. Lilian to her room right now, as we will need to keep her under surveillance for a while”

“Is everything alright?” Kiara asked frowning in confusion. Her body tensing beside me as she worried about her mom.

“Yes Mrs. Kiara, don’t worry, it is because your mum gave birth to a child after a long while and due to her being in her forties, her body would be a bit weaker than a young girl’s would be, she must be supervised for the night, just to be sure that she’s okay, then she should be able to leave in two days” the nurse said and Kiara nodded, allowing her body to relax.

“Alright, you have my number, should anything rise, don’t leave father to deal with it alone. Just give me a call and I’ll come over wherever I am” Kiara said and the nurse nodded, she nodded at me, but I didn’t respond to her before she walked toward Lilian’s room to help the nurses with whatever they were doing.

“Do you want us to stay at a nearby hotel?” I asked Kiara as we walked toward the door, I knew that she would be worried all day until she saw her mom. She might not even sleep, her worry would be getting the best of her “I know you wouldn’t want to worry your dad about us staying here, and I’m assuming since the nurse spoke to you, Louis would have no idea about this”

“The house is a fifteen-minute drive from the hospital love, if anything rises, I’m sure we can reach here in half the time” Kiara said smiling, I looked at her with a raised eyebrow before nodding. She was right, any hotel would be a ten-minute drive from the hospital anyway.

“Alright, just let me call Daniel to bring the car and we’ll be off home”  

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