Love In The Mafia Wars
Love In The Mafia Wars
Author: Crystal L


“Kiara, go!” He begged looking me in the eye, our green eyes meeting, I could see fear in his eyes as fire filled the building, he was bleeding, taking a bullet to protect me from the attack. There was no way he was going to make it out alive if I left him, his wound was too deep and he had lost a lot of blood, he cupped my cheeks, despite the blood on his hand, I welcomed his touch, allowing him to cup my cheeks “go to him Kiara, he’s out losing his mind for you”

“No!” I said glaring at him, we were both the last ones in the building, the last ones alive that is, everyone had either escaped or died in the attack. I kept my eyes on his as I walked to his side and took his arm looping it over my shoulder supporting his body weight over my shoulder, he was heavy, yes, his body was barely supporting him, but I wasn’t going to leave him.


“I said no Richard, we either get out of here together or die together”

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