Chapter 3


I watched as Kiara supervised as the maids walked around the room, serving the guests who had arrived to see the newborn child. Lilian’s family had been coming in numbers for hours now, we had to refill the fridge twice already, and Louis had it packed when we first arrived.

Gifts were given out everywhere, of all kinds. The women gave clothes, while the men brought gold coins. It was traditional that when a child was born, gold coins were handed for him or her for the parent to keep when the child grew up. Usually, a parent would sell them if needed for the child’s education or training, or they would just keep the coins for the kid when he grew up. I personally still had the coins which were gifted to me, mom and Dimitri never sold them, not that they needed to, Dimitri took care of everything when it came to finances, whether it was my tuition or training.

Kiara looked at me and I smiled at her, encouraging her to keep going despite her exhausted state, she had been on her feet for hours now. I understood how tired she was from her eyes despite her smile to everyone, how hard her eyes turned when she gave one of her maids an order, I loved how strong she was and how she led everyone without even blinking.

“How are you Nikolay?” Yildiz, Lilian’s cousin asked smiling at me “I’m sure that we’ll be joining a newborn baby shower for both you and Kiara soon”

Kiara looked at me and bit her bottom lip to stop herself from laughing upon hearing the question, Yildiz’s blue eyes met mine and she fixed her blonde hair. The woman being in her late fifties, she had a few wrinkles on her face, but it was obvious that she took a good care of herself.

“Don’t worry Yildiz, you’ll be the first one to be informed when Kiara is due” I winked before getting up and walking toward my wife who seemed to be enjoying the show of me being stuck with her family members. She smiled when she saw me approach her before standing on her toes to wrap her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her waist and leaned to her lips, kissing her softly, claiming her as my own in front of everyone who was watching.

“Someone’s jealous” Kiara whispered against my lips, I smirked and bit her bottom lip softly, there were a few men who had been watching her all day, trying to speak to her. Yes, she didn’t really pay any attention to them, well, that was until she hugged Alberto and I felt like fires ran through my veins.

“Can’t I simply kiss my wife?” I asked smirking, I was well aware of Alberto’s eyes on us, and though he was married to Mihronisa, I still couldn’t trust him around my wife. Blame it on me being protective, blame it on me wanting her mine and mine alone, but I didn’t want to think of risking her being looked at by another man, and I wasn’t blind not to see how Alberto looked at her. Yes, he was her friend and they have been close for years, but I still didn’t trust him, well, I technically didn’t trust anyone around my wife. Aside from my men of course, I saw how they looked at her, they truly did see her as their sister or queen, whichever, I didn’t mind, as long as they kept their limits and respect with her.

“Sure…” Kiara laughed before pecking my lips again, she smiled into the kiss before pulling away to look me in the eye “how about we go back home before I pass out here?”

“I think that would be a good idea” I chuckled kissing her forehead, Kiara laughed and I rolled my eyes before wrapping my arm around her waist, both of us walking to Lilian who smiled at us, Kiara kissed her mom’s forehead and cheek before standing straight and finding her father behind her. He knew that what he had said annoyed her earlier, but being her, she didn’t show it in front of the guests, smiling and nodding at him, she gave him a quick hug before standing beside me.

“Be safe you two, and let us know when you get home” Lilian said and Kiara smiled, Natalie was beside Lilian, having really met her over the past year, I swear her, Maddie, Kiara and Grace made a small alliance against us a few times. It made me laugh but I still feared the four being together in one room, however, I couldn’t really stop them from being so, especially since Natalie was currently in a ‘relationship’ with Anastas, whatever that meant.

“We will mum, my phone is on if you need anything” Kiara said smiling at her mom, Natalie hugged Kiara before we both walked out, Anastas saw us and frowned in confusion when he didn’t see Natalie coming but Kiara smiled and nodded at him.

“She’s helping mum inside, not sure when she’d be done though” Kiara said assuring him, Anastas nodded before looking at me, waiting for what I wanted him to do, but I couldn’t expect him to leave his girlfriend in the hospital with a bunch of mafia men and women when she didn’t have any mafia skills to fight if anything was to happen, therefore, I couldn’t expect Anastas to come with us and leave her here.

“Stay here with her, and if anything happens just give us a call we’ll be here” I said calmly, Anastas smiled and nodded. I may have been their boss, I may be running an empire, but we are family, what happens outside the family with the other men was to be left with strangers, it was something that we all saw and understood, our loyalty wasn’t bought, we were bounded by brotherhood, whether we were related by blood or not.

Kiara and I walked out of the hospital and headed toward the car, I kissed my wife’s temple before opening the car door for her, Daniel, her driver was back at home. I didn’t trust the man, and no, it wasn’t because I was protective, but most men in her family were easily bought, they weren’t what I exactly called loyal, they were simply doing it because they were either afraid of losing their lives, logically, once entering a mafia family, there was no technical way out of it, unless you plan on running away to a village where no one knows you, and even then the possibility of finding you was high, or because the men wanted money, the English paid their men well, I must admit, but I could pay them double the amount and have them switch their alliance to me. I would kill them if they did, but I knew that I could still do it.

“So, now that we were a good couple and have attended your mom’s newborn baby shower at the hospital, do you mind us going somewhere where we can be alone and away from the crowd?” I asked getting inside the car, Kiara laughed and shook her head at me before taking my hand in hers and kissing my palm.

“Now, when have I ever minded being alone with you?” Kiara teased squeezing my hand, I smiled and intertwined our fingers with hers keeping my hand on her lap as I drove, soft music played in the background, she always had a habit of turning on music while we drove, I didn’t mind, it was comforting, and having her here with me. Well, I couldn’t have asked for anything else.

“Nikolay, the black jeep, has been following us for the past twenty minutes” Kiara said frowning, I nodded, I had noticed the car following us ten minutes ago but didn’t want to comment about it as not to pressure Kiara.

“Whoever this is, he has been following us since we left the hospital” I said looking at the man through the rear mirror, the car was bullet proof and I didn’t really mind or care about a few bullets, but with Kiara here with me, yeah, that was something that I cared and worried about.

“Looks like we’ll be postponing our little alone time for another time” Kiara said nodding at the rear mirror, the bastard pulled out a gun and began speeding up.

“Seems so”

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