Chapter 5


I woke up to the pain of my shoulder.

“Blood hell!” I hissed sitting up, the effect of the painkiller which I took before going to bed was wearing off, forcing me to wake up.

“Easy baby” Nikolay said rushing toward my side, he just arrived from wherever he was, his eyes were wide as he wrapped his arm around me, sitting beside me. He got a glass of water and two pills from the beside table, helping me drink the medicine to ease the pain “the doctor said you’d be feeling pain the next morning, I should have been here sooner, but my job took longer than I expected”

“I’m fine Nikolay” I said trying to calm my breathing as to ease the pain I was in. Nikolay shook his head at my stubbornness, he knew how much I hid the pain I was in. He knew that I didn’t like showing it, it was something that I was against. Having learned to hide my pain as I grew, no matter how much father would hit me, no matter how much he tried breaking something in me, I would

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