Chapter 6


“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked Kiara stopping as we both walked out of the basement. What she did inside the basement had us all shocked and quiet. The man could be tricking us to go wherever he had said and Kiara chose to actually trust him when he just tried to kill us yesterday. Yeah, my wife was diffidently crazy. No, she has literally lost every spec of brain cell she had left, I was certain of it.

“We are going to get the man’s family” Kiara said casually. Her eyebrow raised at me as if she was stating the most casual thing as I glared at her. She really was serious…

“The man tried killing us yesterday, your shoulder proves it, and here you are trying to ‘save’ his family? No, and you’re actually expecting me to allow you to go where he said with that shoulder of yours?” I asked wide eyed. My wife shrugged and I shook my head at her recklessness “you

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