Chapter 206 Revealing the Plot

Hu Jingshan's face turned red and pale. She was trembling with anger, but she couldn't say a word to refute Wang Dongjun.

Shen Zhiwei frowned and looked at Wang Dongjun. She asked in confusion, "What do you mean, Dongjun? Is she not injured at all?"

Wang Dongjun glanced at Hu Jingshan and deliberately said with his eyes fixed, "Miss Hu, give me a little explanation!"

Hu Jingshan opened her mouth and faltered, but in the end, she turned into shouting, "Bastard, what are you doing? You don't know anything! Mind your own business, get lost!"

"I don't know. I saw you and Qi Mubai meeting in the cafe. You acted freely and didn't seem to be hurt at all!"

Hearing this, Shen Zhiwei looked at Hu Jingshan in shock and shouted, "Hu Jingshan, tell me clearly. You didn't mean to frame me, and you pretended to be injured, did you? But how did you get the diagnosis from the hospital?"

Shen Zhiwei suddenly had another question. "It's impossible for Hu Jingshan to buy a doctor soon!"

Hu Jingshan
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