Chapter 202 A Humiliation

He just couldn't accept it! How could he accept it!

The hospital had already prepared for Bo Yan. Qi Mubai had been escorting the party into the emergency room. Shen Zhiwei stumbled behind him, not knowing what to say.

After the door closed, Shen Zhiwei's spirits were in turmoil. She had thought that she would be able to solve the problem between them without any worries. She had told herself that she would not feel pain once she felt pain. But why was she so nervous and heartbroken when she saw him faint from the injury?

It turned out that he had been rooted in her blood and could not be pulled out so easily. Shen Zhiwei sat on the ground in low spirits, and the cold floor reminded her that the man was still in the rescue.

Time passed by, and the door had been closed. Shen Zhiwei had been in a panic, as if she had a bad feeling. She called Wang Wei and said, "Assistant Wang, something happened to Yan!" After that, her tears blurred her eyes.

Wang Wei was so frightened that he hun
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