Love That Comes Late

Love That Comes Late

By:  Jiang Yang  Completed
Language: English
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She was wrongly thought of as a person that kidnapped her younger sister just to marry him. She was tortured cruelly even when she was seven months pregnant. But for the sake of her baby and the so-called love for him, she swallowed her resentment and carried on. However, she found it so hard to endure his cold attitude when her sister turned out to be alive and came back safe and sound. At the cliff, the rogues sent by her sister advanced upon her with evil intentions. In despair, she jumped off the cliff with her baby. In this life, she would never see him again.

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207 Chapters
Chapter 1 Caught in the Act
The moon peeped out from behind the treetops. On the vast sea, a luxurious two-floor ship was lit as bright as day in the dark night, and there were continuous flirting and moaning voices coming from inside.Shen Zhiwei, who was seven months pregnant, pushed open a VIP room on the second floor.A nauseating and erotic smell greeted her immediately.She looked into the room, only to see a dozen naked men moving back and forth with the blasting music, penetrating the beautiful unclothed women bent over in the center of them.She was shocked by this promiscuous scene, and coarse words kept punching her eardrums.She felt like throwing up, but she did not turn her head. Her eyes fell on a man and woman on the sofa.In the dim light, she saw the woman straddle the man's lap.The woman covered the man's hand that was kneading her snow-white breast with her own. Her black stockings were torn apart, and the hem of her sexy dress was pulled up to her waist, revealing the private part of
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Chapter 2 A Premature Delivery
There were sounds of ripping fabric when Bo Yan tore apart her loose maternity dress.Cold air surrounded her exposed skin in an instant..."Don't touch me!"Shrilling, Shen Zhiwei tried to push Bo Yan away, his image reflected in her clear eyes."Bo Yan, I'm pregnant...""Don't you keep following me everywhere just because you want me to f**k you? I'll satisfy you right now, Mrs. Fu!"He almost said the last sentence through his teeth, a note of bitter hatred in his voice."You..."Shen Zhiwei cried out in pain and failed to finish her words. She felt as though an invisible hand was tearing at her between her legs. Her face was pale in pain and her forehead was covered in sweat.She could barely hold her swollen belly when she grabbed Bo Yan by his sleeves and begged him with pleading eyes."My... stomach really hurts... Call the doctor... please...""Hmph, I'm really impressed by your acting skill!"His mocking voice rang out from above her head.He separated her legs, h
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Chapter 3 A Pretentious Bitch
Shen Zhiwei could not tell if she was in a dream or reality.In a daze, she felt that someone had suddenly smacked her hard in the face. She was startled and sat up in the bed, which caused the cut on her abdomen to burst open. Her face turned pale instantly from the pain, and her forehead was covered in cold sweat.The air smelled of disinfectant.She realized that she was in a hospital.Two women were standing at her bedside.They were no other than her stepmother, Zhou Jin, and her younger sister, Shen Rou, who was said to be dead."Sis, you didn't expect me to be back, did you?"Shen Rou stared smilingly at Shen Zhiwei like a pretentious bitch."No, I didn't. What a pity. I didn't forget to burn incense in front of your tombstone in your memory on every anniversary of your death."Shen Zhiwei sat up somewhat straight, her pale lips curling into a cold sneer."B*tch, how dare you curse your sister?"Zhou Jin slapped Shen Zhiwei in the face once more.Shen Zhiwei was too
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Chapter 4 Suicide
Bo Yan appeared out of nowhere, the usual smile she always saw from him completely lost from his face as his cold stare turned into one of murderous intent."Eh, argh... Brother Bo Yan, why are you here?"Shen Rou staggered back in panic with a hand over her mouth, reeling in disbelief from Bo Yan's sudden appearance.The bags under Bo Yan's eyes became more prominent, illustrating the building rush of emotion that swirled violently inside him.Shen Rou had always been the one girl he wanted to marry.She vanished on the night before the wedding, and the Shen Family had no other choice but to offer Shen Zhiwei as a replacement. Everything had been part of Shen Zhiwei's meticulous scheme!The thought that he had walked down the aisle with this woman when his sweetheart Shen Rou was being savagely violated again and again only brought him pain and regret..."It's all my fault, my precious Rou. I should have kept you from harm myself.""No..." Shen Rou bit her lip, her head shakin
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Chapter 5 A Trollop and Her Chastity Vows
For almost half a month, Shen Zhiwei laid in bed, resting at the hospital.While her husband cheated on her, and her family betrayed her.The nurses who watched her only felt pity, worried that she might crumble one day. Only, she did not. She prevailed persistently as if completely unfazed, visiting her son every day at the incubation ward.She gazed down at the wrinkled, rosy cheeks of her baby plumping out the gently. He was still very small, but she could see Bo Yan in him.Her lean, weakened fingers slowly and gently traced the smooth and limber skin of her precious baby boy's face...Motherly love permeated from her very being, her gaze filled with utmost adoration—she finally understood what it meant to be a mother.Watching him was enough; enough for her to feel that she owned the world."Grow up, my baby. Grow up well and healthy, my son, and Mommy will give you nothing but the very best...."She looked nothing like the strong and resolute woman she was. Whenever she c
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Chapter 6 Divorce
The clock showed nearly 10 o'clock when Bo Yan finally reached his office.The hangover from the liquor he hag during his dinner at Shen Rou's place made his head throb painfully, and the only thing he found when he woke up was them both lying naked in bed.Shen Rou even snuggled closer to him, whining about how rough he was last night..."Your wife is inside, Mr. President," his assistant warned before he could push past his office doors.The mention of "your wife" only irritated Bo Yan, as if he had done something to her. But just as swiftly, the notion of what Shen Zhiwei had done to Shen Rou only made him growl."I'm not interested in seeing her. Send her on her way. And send my word: I want every department head now in the meeting room."The assistant nearly thought he had misheard Bo Yan, although he repeated everything in verbatim to Shen Zhiwei later.She only simpered faintly. Then she got up and sauntered out of the office, heading toward the meeting room, where she fl
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Chapter 7 The Affair
"Do you know what you resemble now?""What?""A little bird that has been imprisoned by me for many years. And now, at the first glimpse of opportunity, you're so anxious for your taste of freedom. But...""But I'm the one who's really been imprisoned all these years, in captivity for your torment for so many years?! Yet why are you the one feeling serene and calm?!"Even the request for divorce sounded like an act of generosity and charity on her part!"With his voice heard no more, the entire office became as silent and still as a crypt.Shen Zhiwei merely stopped in her tracks when he called. But hearing nothing further, she decided not to wait. She decided that waiting wouldn't change anything after all.She was hardly surprised to see Shen Rou when she swung open the door.But she trailed around her like a stranger and marched in long strides with a straight back as she left. "Finally, Bo Yan, I'm going to leave you...""Rumble..."A thunderclap resounded in the distance
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Chapter 8 Catching Her with Another Man
In the Four Seasons Hotel...There came sounds of running water from the bathroom.Shen Zhiwei was resting on the sofa. As it was near noon, after driving her to the hotel, Huo Jun ordered some food for her, but she carelessly spilled her soup on his suit. Thus, she had to let him use her bathroom.The sound of running water stopped.Huo Jun came out of the bathroom in a heavy bathrobe..."Are you done with the shower?"Shen Zhiwei glanced at him and handed him a shopping bag. "I told the hotel staff to get you a new suit. Put it on if you don't mind. I'm sorry for what happened."Huo Jun took the bag and replied with embarrassment, "It's all right, Miss Shen..."Before he could finish his words, a loud bang sounded.The door of the room was kicked open from the outside.Bo Yan strode in, only to see Shen Zhiwei, who sat on the sofa, and Huo Jun looking at each other affectionately. Anger immediately flared up in his eyes.From his perspective, the two seemed to be about to
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Chapter 9 A Car Accident
After they parted on bad terms that day, Bo Yan did not look for Shen Zhiwei even once.She did not come to him either.They reached an unprecedented deadlock.Shen Zhiwei had once decided that she would not give up regardless if he loved her or not. She believed that she could soften his heart little by little since life was long.She had even made up her mind that she would stick to him like glue for the rest of her life even if his attitude remained unchanged.However, she changed her mind, as she now was a mother. All she wanted was to live a peaceful life with her baby son, and whether he loved her or not did not matter anymore.But Bo Yan thought otherwise. He became increasingly uneasy as the deadlock continued, and he started to lose sleep. At first, he could not fall asleep until midnight; later, he was up all night, but the next day, he went to work looking as if nothing had happened.Nevertheless, the staff in his company found the ambiance suppressing.Shen Rou impl
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Chapter 10 On the Brink of Death
At the same time, Bo Yan was in his office, pruning an ornamental lace fern after having ended a business negotiation with a partner."Beep! Beep! Beep!"The cell phone on his desk rang suddenly.He glanced quickly and saw Shen Zhiwei's number on the screen."Wasn't she trying to look strong before?"She even looked at me like she was looking at filth!?"Yet she's calling me now?!"Bo Yan showed no intention of answering the call. His assistant merely stood dutifully to the side, quietly perplexed by his employer's apparent ignorance of the phone call while being slightly perturbed by the incessant ringing.A few raucous seconds ensued and Bo Yan's gaze wandered once more to his phone. He watered his plant, hoping to dispel the noise of the phone from his thoughts, but he couldn't. The veins on the back of his hand throbbed irritably and he could remain patient no longer. He snatched up his phone and listened, muttering harshly."What do you want...""Bzzzz...!"And all he g
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