My Ruthless Stepbrother

My Ruthless Stepbrother

By:  Honey Hearts  Completed
Language: English
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Zack Lamont was the little secret inside Irryn's young heart... How could Irryn get the attention of this stepbrother of hers, whom she cherished a lot, when while she was busy loving him, he was also treating her with cruelty and pushing her away from him? Irryn's busy loving Zack while the said beloved stepbrother was busy being ruthless and being the black sheep of their family. He never treated her like a sister of his. He had always seen her like trash who suddenly came into their lives to ruin his thoughts, his heart, and his mind...

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anjali jain
author do you have any fanpage for updates?
2023-06-22 16:21:50
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Adom Grace
I really love but I can't get all the chapters
2023-05-30 21:17:42
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Honey Hearts
Hello, readers! If you love this story, please do also read & support my new on-going book with the title "Paradise in the Alpha's Arms." If you like stories with great twists, deep emotions, this is what exactly you're looking for :) Enjoy!
2023-04-26 22:14:13
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Belinda Moyo
the book is really interesting i like it
2023-02-14 17:57:10
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Delinda Schumacher
60 chapters 1-30-23
2023-01-31 00:29:56
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Yasmine Althea
Hmnnn sounds promising enough. will give this 1 a try
2023-01-12 22:18:31
72 Chapters
The beautiful Anya smiles and blushes. "Irryn, can you tell me where Zack is?"She's from the College of Nursing. One of the top students comes from the medicine department. She has short curly hair that reaches only up to her shoulder top, is very suitable, and looks so fashionable.She has a skinny body, just like mine, but the only thing that differentiates me from her is that I ain't as tall as she is, maybe because of our 3-year age gap. She is three years older than I am. Another thing, she isn't as pale as I am, doesn't make her any less beautiful. She's still as beautiful as ever, and I wouldn't wonder why my stepbrother Zack adores her from head to toe and the other guys on the campus.Anya has a light touch of makeup on her face, and it suits her so well. She looks even lovelier when her cheeks blush, and that puts an emphasis on her petty makeup. It's very unlikely to me because I don't do makeup since I am still a kid who is just starting to be a teenager. I'm just in Seni
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1- "The second son."
"IRRYN, isn't this your last week of school and vacation nearly approaching?"I nodded at my mother's question as I entered our yard and met her on our small terrace."Yes, mom," I politely answered after sitting in the chair with my backpack removed.I just came home from school as classes had been done.What mom said was true. It is now Wednesday in the last week of March and we have two days left to go to school before summer vacation."My dear, we're going to General Santos City next week for a vacation.""Really, mom?" I exclaimed, full of enthusiasm and excitement, "Are we going to Gensan for a vacation?"Mom smiled. "Yes, dear but..."Her next words sounded hesitant. She appeared to have something to say or confess to me, but she was doubtful."But what, mom?""We will be staying there for good and not be returning in this house anymore."I was taken aback. "Huh? Why, mother?""I have something to tell you..."I was nervous... but I was ready to listen."I am listejning, mom."
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2-"Zack Lamont."
"SIR Zack is kind, too. It's just that he has a rebellious side and always seems to be angry. He has a high temper but he has a good heart. Surely, you will have no trouble being with them."As we pulled up to the Lamont Resort's front entrance, I found myself speechless.The car stopped at the parking area and Pako led us the way."Come straight in and sir Alanson Lamont is waiting for you both."Mom nodded. "Thank you very much, Pako."Mom and I entered. I couldn't help but be impressed by the scenery we drove through. The resort is spacious and well-kept. There are two large vintage ancestral houses, one with cabins, and a large hotel.Finally, I could see the sea and hear its forceful waves, which appeared to entice my eagerness and longing to feel its salty water all over my body.We could already see a few people waiting for us at the cottage not far away. A man who appears to be the same age as my mom, a man in his mid-twenties, and a girl who appears to be a few years younger
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3- "Body and soul."
"IRRYN, Rhian, come here now, and the meal is ready. We're going to eat.""Let's go, Irryn," Rhian said to me when uncle Alanson called us both.I nodded and smiled at the youngest. "Yeah. Let's go."We all sat down on the picnic carpet and started eating."Just eat as much as you want, Irryn. Enjoy the food, don't be shy." Ryle smiled as he served food on my plate."Thank you, but maybe I can't eat it all, Ryle!" I slightly laughed."She's right, son. Maybe Irryn will not be able to eat all the food you put on her plate!" uncle Alanson cooly followed."Daddy, I want to make sure that our Irryn will be well fed. Look at her—she's very slim."I know that fact. I'm really unintentionally thin, and by nature, I don't know why but no matter how much I eat, I don't really seem to gain weight."Anyways, Ryn, are you really like that, or you aren't just fond of eating at all?" Ryle asked me."I suppose this is how I am. My body will not gain fat no matter how much I eat.""When she was young
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4- "Beautiful little girl."
"SHHH." Mom instantly placed a calming hand on uncle Alanson's shoulder. "Just let him, Alanson."I turned around to observe Zack's back as he walked away from us. I could not dispute that even when he was on his back, he had a naturally vicious and disdainful appearance. He was just as tall as his brother. In comparison to Zack and Ryle, I would appear so little. His aura and stance were quite masculine and somber.I have never seen such a gorgeous man before..."That disrespectful bastard! He never really knew to respect his father even in front of guests!!" Uncle Alanson continued.Mom squeezed his hand lightly.His expression softened, and he looked at her.
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5- "Affair..."
I embraced myself as I walked along the beach, feeling the cold breeze of air on my skin.Everyone is now inside the resthouse. For Zack, on the other hand, I have no idea where he went, if he had plans, or when he would return."Irryn?"I turned to face the person who had called me. Ryle was walking near to me.I smiled at him. "Ryle!""What are you doing here? It's late already, and it's cold here.""I'm just enjoying the sound of the waves and the cold wind."He smiled, too. "Is that so? Then would you mind me joining you?"
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6- "Feels like torture and pleasure, at the same time..."
I felt like I was totally blown away. What wrong did I do it felt like he had a wave of anger towards me."He was with mom when they had an accident, but he survived, and mom didn't ..."I looked at Ryle at what he just told me."What do you mean?""He was a second-year college back then when it happened. There was a parents-meeting at school, and just like usual, mom was always the one attending for us. That time, mom and dad were arguing about something. Mom was driving the car while Zack was beside her hearing her exchanging yells with dad. It was too late when they realized there was a truck ahead of them. Mom tried her very best to avoid the accident, but she didn't succeed, so she, instead, used her remaining
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7- "When he gets angry!"
I WAS out of the resthouse when I got up in the morning to go for a walk on the beach. My mom and I have been staying with my uncle Alanson and his family on General Santos for three days now. The resort has been opened for the tourists.I went for a walk. I've seen numerous faces, and some have even smiled at me without my knowledge, or if I was aware, I smiled back. The majority of them have been staying at the resort since yesterday, staying in hotels, cottages, cabins, and even in their own tents, while the others have only come today. Yes, there were a lot of people, but not so many that it became crowded. The resort's beauty and tranquillity have been well-appreciated.Almost everyone is plainly rich, exactly like the people I've met as newcomers who are now bonding with Zack and Rylan.
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8- "Happy."
My heart felt like it had been torn to shreds, and my feet felt like they were glued to the sand. Weird. When I saw him kiss a girl in front of me, my heart hurt for no clear reason.Zack's hold of the girl took longer than five seconds and was so sudden that it left her gasping for air."Damn lucky girl!" The other girls envied."Zack, kiss me, too!""I deserve that kiss more than her!""Please, Zack, give me another kiss. I beg you, try it again just once more!"He just laughed at them all but he had always been so dangerous."Where are you going! W
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9- "Property."
“You live here, Irryn?” I smiled a little and shook my head to Ives’s question. Ives was a current guest at the resort, and I had just met him. “I’m actually from Sta. Cruz in Koronadal City.” “I see. So, you're here for this summer vacation?" I nodded. “Almost like that.” "How come almost?" You're not sure how long you'll be staying here?" Durand, on the other hand, laughed. “The truth is I’m here with my mom because her fiancé is living here.” "Oh, here to bond with your stepfamily, huh?" It was Ives. I nodded. “Exactly. How about you? Do you actually reside here, or are you just visiting for the summer?” We were talking for almost a few hours and it was almost dawn. Ives and Durand are cousins, almost like real brothers because they’re really close. I met them earlier when they came near me and gave me a turtle, which made me immediately liked them. After that, they introduced themselves to me and we started being friends and talking a lot. I could see they’re kind and fri
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