The Billionaire's Ballerina

The Billionaire's Ballerina

By:  Adashe Rose  Completed
Language: English
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Oliver Woodling is a handsome and charming bachelor who wants more to life than money and business. After adopting a child, he thought that the loneliness would disappear. Some of it did, but he wanted love from a woman he would claim as his own. Kimberly Wingate is a ballet teacher with a secret who is looking for a safe place. Since her family rejected her for a crime that she did not commit, she runs away to start a new life in New York. When Kim meets the sweet and adorable Lora Woodling, she gains a friend. A little friend with a sexy as hell adoptive dad. This is a tale of romance, secrets and an obsessed stalker who wants Kimberly dead.

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It was a lovely book and enjoyed the read.
2023-02-22 20:04:20
49 Chapters
 _OLIVER_The day - and business - went by slowly. Usually, that isn't a good sign, but it was just for the day anyway. Slow though the day went, business was too thick and heavier than usual. I guess that's what I get for taking over the family business because my older sister got a sudden passion for music and left the company all to me when I was twenty-two years old. I didn't mind the work because honestly speaking, I expected her to abandon ship much earlier.Most of the shareholders complained that I was too young and lacked appropriate experience to run the company but nobody argues better than Judd Woodling, my father, who seemed to be more than agreeable to my succession.Woodling Incoparated is a large company with many branches that specializes in software. It is a family inheritance privilege. This company has been in my family for so long that I don't even remember the founder's name. I just know that he was from New Zealan
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  _OLIVER_ I leaned back into the comfortable armchair in my study as my eyes skimmed through the contents on my computer screen. The way things were looking, I needed to contact the Human Resource Department to deal with finding a new closer and lawyer for the next conference. My father had signed a contract with Inofex last month and that meant that another branch of Woodling Inc. would be made in Egypt. Stretching my arms above my head, I yawned and dropped my arms before staring back at the computer. I loved this job and all, but it really took a toll on me sometimes.  It was Friday and despite my roudy social circles, I haven't had the leisure to go out for a while now. With all the paperwork that I was bombarded with, going out to a pub or somewhere lively to enjoy my night would be almost sinful.  "What a lousy Friday you are," I muttered under my breath, wishing that I could unleash my wrath onto the week. 
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  _KIMBERLY_ "Yes, perfect," I said happily. "Let's try that again. One two three, one two three, one two th-" I cut myself short. "Jen arms wide, your wrists below like so." I demonstrated and she copied. "Excellent." One.  Two.  Three.  One.  Two.  Three.  One.  Two.  Three.  "Grace, elegance and posture. Dance is the essence of life. Let the music speak for you," I instructed.  Ever since I was young, ballet dancing was my life. It expressed me the finest and explained the emotions that I couldn't describe with words. It calmed me and, most importantly, it kept me sane. It saddened me that I would one day grow too old for it so, I wanted to enjoy as much as I could while my body could allow it. This class wasn't so bad. Well, most of the students' technique was poor but nothing that couldn't be fixed. That's why the
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  _KIMBERLY_ I gingerly walked down the hall of the three story building of my apartment. My eyes were downcast as I fidgeted with the straps of my black handbag. My room was on the top floor but I took my time because I was in no hurry to get there.  With every agonising arrival, I was greeted by an empty room and the usual lonely hollowness that swallowed me. A quiet abyss that would either grant me peace or give voice to my pain.  I laughed at myself. After residing in that same room for the past five years, I should be used to it by now. Running away from home to start afresh didn't seem to be working out for me. Each day brought new paranoia and it wasn't a good feeling to live with. Sometimes I even felt like I was going crazy. I swallowed the knot that formed in my throat and let out a tight smile when I stepped out of the elevator. I was a "cheerful" woman and I couldn't be caught wallowing in self-pity. I had to look as
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  _KIMBERLY_ I watched the class stand in front of the mirrors with their hands on the barres, as they practiced leg movements and arabesques. "Relax your bodies, children. Take calm breaths and remember the tips we went through earlier. Please don't strain yourselves," I instructed as I went around supervising and helping the children that needed extra attention.  Mozart's Don Giovanni, took hold of the background and some of the students were making their own moves as they practiced. This song's soft tune and sharp tones made it one of my favourites and I couldn't help but hum along with a small smile. After my rounds were done, I looked out the window at the beautiful clear sky. The entire wall on the right was glass and the view beyond it was a paved path with a few trees beyond it. The view wasn't anything unique or breathtaking but it was peaceful. People rarely walked there and after a few minutes of staring, my mind wandered.
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  _OLIVER_ Kimberly sat across from me as she took brief sips from her coffee. We had been quiet for the past twenty minutes and I was starting to get a little uneasy. I would casually sneak a few glances at her and noticing that she also felt awkward made me feel a little better. She spent most of her time stirring her coffee or she would look up every once in a while. The sun shone through the large windows and fell over Kimberly softly, causing her skin to look warmer than it was that it almost looked like she was glowing. Regardless of the number of times that I saw her, I could not get over how attractive she was. "How's the ballet school coming up?" I asked after the awkwardness became strained and our eyes met.  "It's okay. So many people like the art, I guess," she answered and I nodded, glad that my question gave us a ground safe for conversation. "How is work?" "Stressful. I've got more than plenty of papers to sign
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  _OLIVER_ "And you go down like this," Lora explained as she gracefully brought her hands to the sides of her waist. "And do a cute, little jump." "Bravo!" I exclaimed as I clapped my hands at the demonstration that she gave me. "You're getting even better at this." "Of course, I am!" She said and I could see her swell with pride. "I am a Woodling after all." "Yes, you are." I spread my arms and she smiled before running into them although she had a mini struggle climbing onto the couch.  We were currently in the living room and since I was on vacation, Lora skipped school to hang out with me. Despite my protests, she refused and insisted to stay just for today. I knew that I was a little too soft on her but I hated seeing my daughter in tears. "If you misbehave tomorrow, I'll be strict on you," I said and she pulled away from me with a pout. "Why are you bringing that up now?" She asked with folded arms.
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 _KIMBERLY_It was an almost perfect day. The sun was bright and fresh air blew into my apartment through the open windows. I didn't have any classes today since it was Monday and I didn't have any friends to visit. Despite it being lonely, it was best to be known by a few people. The only people that I talked to were Jeff and the other dance teachers at the ballet school. Although I rarely interacted with the staff in a more personal level, I needed to interact with them because I owned the place and it would be rude to ignore them completely.Another person who I got closer to was Oliver. Regardless of my need to avoid close relationships, it was difficult to distance myself from him. We went out for two more meals after our first date and I couldn't help but look forward to another.I loved his company and I could never get over how much of a gentleman he was. Was it possible for a man to be that charming and irresistible?Unf
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 _KIMBERLY_I stood in front of the Woodling mansion and gave the address that Oliver had sent me this morning one last glance, confirming if I was at the right place. Before I knew it, Lora's birthday had arrived and as promised, I came an hour early to help with preparations.The house was huge and gorgeous. It had two high pillers holding up a patio cover that put a nice shade on the chairs that were set around a dark wooden table and there was a water fountain in the middle of the front yard. Flowerbeds were neatly placed on either side of the house and I stared in awe while internally giving whoever planned this house a round of applause. Snapping out of my trance, I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Ater a few minutes of waiting, a young blonde woman opened the door and smiled at me. She wore a maid's outfit so it wasn't difficult to guess what her role in the house was. "Good morning. You must be Kimberly," she said
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  _KIMBERLY_ "I wondered what he meant by that. I mean, who becomes that emotional in the middle of a meeting?" Oliver said as he walked me to my apartment. I laughed. "He was probably the one who leaked the documents and felt under pressure when you suddenly questioned him about it in the middle of a meeting." "I thought so too. We had to do more investigating before we could point fingers though." "And how did that turn out?" I asked as we stopped in front my door. "We found out that he did it, so I fired him immediately and made sure that other businesses knew about it."  "You are one scary businessman, aren't you?" "I don't want him to continue deceiving people. It's either he remains unemployed for the rest of his life or starts his own business. Now that I think about it, I might have done him a favour." "Destroy him then let him build himself from scratch? You're too kind," I teased, making him
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