Love me, Mr. President

Love me, Mr. President

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She provided him with pleasure, and he reciprocated with money. Business was business, but who controlled matters of the heart? He didn't want to lose her, so he invited her to work at his home, and their relationship, though hidden, held the promise of going far. She discovers her pregnancy, but he doesn't believe it's his. And a mysterious man with the same last name appears, claiming he wants to be the father of her child, promising a bright future. The man she loved is engaged to another, yet once again, who dictates matters of the heart?

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38 Chapters
Chapter 01
"Clarice, congratulations, you're two months pregnant!" The doctor exclaimed with excitement, but Clarice just stared at the white wall, completely unresponsive.Pregnant? What do you mean? By him?"Are you sure, doctor?" She asked, feeling her heart pounding in her throat."Absolutely certain. When you described the symptoms you were experiencing, I had no doubt," he replied, and Clarice felt her world crumble. She couldn't be pregnant; she didn't have the financial stability for it. Moreover, she had to take care of her younger brother.She left the doctor's office with the envelope in her hand and walked slowly to her job. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the father of her child was her boss. After all, she worked as a governess in the house of Nicholas Murray, a man who was unknown to her until recently. He had been giving her money in exchange for sex, but what was meant to be a casual arrangement had become something dangerous. Now, she had nowhere to run, and she had to tell the
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Chapter 02
Before she could say anything, she saw him lean in, and his thin, warm lips, carrying a strong masculine scent, covered her soft, rosy mouth without warning. Due to the surprise, her entire body stiffened, and her brain lost the ability to think. Her bright, wide eyes widened, and she didn't know what to do.His kiss brought with it an electric current, making her entire body tingle and her legs go weak. She raised her hand reflexively and pressed it against his chest. She had originally intended to push him away, but in the end, she somehow moved to his shoulder and clung to him, afraid of falling.The kiss, originally as light as a dragonfly touching water, suddenly turned passionate, and his palm landed on her slim waist, forcing her whole body to press against him. Breathing in the fresh air once more, Clarice lifted her head and looked at the enchanting face just inches from hers. Taking a deep breath, her nose was filled with the faint cologne scent coming from his body. He was
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Chapter 03
Clarice returned to Nicholas's mansion, only to find that he wasn't there. She went up to the bedroom and lay on the bed. Hours passed, and it was nearly 7 o'clock in the morning, but he still hadn't returned. Clarice knew that her relationship with Nicholas was beyond repair, but she didn't know how to tell him that she was expecting his child. She wasn't doing this for herself; she wanted her child to have a chance at having a family. But now, after finding out about Nicholas's engagement, what should she do?Looking at the turned-off phone screen, Clarice felt a wave of disgust. She rushed to the bathroom and vomited again, and while waiting, every minute and second was torture. Clarice sat on the couch, expressionless, watching the bells on the wall move in circles."Miss, don't think too much. Mr. will be back soon, and he will surely give you an explanation," Sonia tried to console her, seeing her troubled expression. She knew it wasn't normal for Nicholas to sleep away from hom
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Chapter 04
It's been three to four hours since Clarice arrived at Alice's house last night at four-thirty in the morning. She called Alice to rescue her, and Alice immediately said yes. The next morning, she accommodated Clarice and went to work. Clarice, who hadn't slept all night, looked at the Golden Osmanthus Tree outside her window with a heavy heart.How did she end up like this? In the end, she overestimated her own abilities and desires. Perhaps she should have known that, with her birth and background, how could she be worthy of Nicholas's honorable identity? The Cinderella and Prince story only existed in fairy tales.In the evening, after Alice finished work, she rushed home immediately and dragged Clarice out for dinner. Clarice originally had no appetite, but she forced herself to focus and followed her to the restaurant at the entrance of the small district.They sat down and ordered. Clarice smelled the fragrance of food from the adjacent table and frowned, clutching her chest. Al
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Chapter 05
**Group Royal.****Office of the President.**A whole day had passed, but Nicholas hadn't received any news about Clarice. It was as if she had vanished from the face of the earth without a trace. Outside, Luna gently opened the door to the President's Office and entered.Nicholas looked up and gazed at Luna, who was approaching him."Did you find her?" His voice was somewhat hoarse, but Luna simply shook her head."President, we've searched for her and even asked her father, but no one knows where she is!""Could she have gone to find her mother?" Nicholas asked, thinking of Julia."I find that highly unlikely. The Gatti family humiliated her too much last time, and with Clarice's personality, she would never seek out her mother," Luna said with conviction.Nicholas's face gradually darkened, his eyes carrying a hint of coldness."Go and find her, no matter what method you use, you must find her for me, do you hear me?""President, actually..." Luna's expression seemed a bit hesitant
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Chapter 06
When Clarice saw the photo, she felt dizzy and almost fell to the ground, but Alice didn't notice her change and only explained."Clarice, did you see this? This is what I told you when we were younger—the daughter of President Armani with the world's top financial magnate, that's success in life. And Mr. Nicholas is so handsome! I've only seen him once at the company, but he's so handsome, and Miss Armani is truly blessed. To be able to marry such a perfect man, it's really enviable."Clarice stared at the photo expressionlessly; she felt her whole body getting cold, as if her blood were freezing. When she left his house, she still had a glimmer of hope in her heart; she thought that maybe Nicholas would look for her, but of course, she was wrong. Maybe he wanted her to leave, but didn't know how to say it, so he just let things happen. And now, she had left on her own to make way for Miss Armani, and they had hurriedly spread the news of the wedding."And the wedding is scheduled i
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Chapter 07
"If there's something you want to say, just say it!" Julia noticed her cold attitude and her face hardened slightly."Clarice, I let you and your brother down with this matter back then. As a mother, I chose my own path and didn't think of you two. In fact, all these years, I've been dreaming of you both every night, I..." Clarice didn't want to hear her confess her mistake, so she interrupted her before she could finish."Don't talk about what happened in the past. If you're going to talk about that, I'll leave." With that, she stood up and prepared to leave."No, no, I won't mention what happened back then. Let's talk for now, don't go!" At that moment, the waiter brought the coffee. "Seeing this, Julia immediately interrupted her.Clarice sat back down, picked up the coffee, took a sip, and felt disgusted. She frowned, put the coffee on the table, and didn't touch it."Is the coffee not good? Then let's change to something else." Julia keenly noticed the change in her expression an
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Chapter 08
"Clarice, do you really want to see me die? If Edward isn't your boyfriend, why would he announce in front of so many people? A man of his status and position would never speak without thinking." Of course, Julia didn't believe her. In her view, Clarice was just looking for an excuse not to help, and Clarice didn't know how to explain her relationship with Edward. Most importantly, Nicholas was really taking care of the Gatti family, but he carried the blame for it, Edward."How about this, if you don't feel comfortable, I'll bring Samanta to you tomorrow and have her kneel to serve you some tea, so she can apologize." Julia thought that she was still unhappy about being humiliated that day and pushed Samanta directly out of the way.Clarice didn't want to see Samanta anymore, so she naturally didn't want her to make tea as an apology. Turning her head to look around, she realized that Julia's kneeling had attracted many customers to watch.She didn't want to be the center of attentio
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Chapter 10
"You are free to come and go, but you must work eight hours a day," he didn't want to force her, after all, he still had some understanding of her personality after these few years together. Although she usually seemed so kind, her heart was strong. If he cornered her, he wasn't sure what she would do, so he would give her freedom, and she would be relieved. At least for eight hours a day, she wouldn't have to face him. "Alright, I'll start working tomorrow.""Starting today!" As he spoke, he crossed his legs and casually picked up a magazine that was carefully placed on the tea table and opened it, and Clarice stood in place, not knowing what to do.Starting today? You mean starting now?Seeing that the two had finished their conversation, Luna approached. "I'll replace your tea; it seems to have cooled down!""Is there a need for you to do something a housekeeper should do?" Nicholas glanced at the magazine, but his tone was very sharp. Clarice knew that the "housekeeper" in his m
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Chapter 09
"What did you say, Clarice?" Nicholas's eyebrows suddenly furrowed; he probably didn't expect Clarice to say that. Marry her? He hadn't thought about it, but he knew he liked her and wanted her by his side forever. "What? Do you think I'm delusional, Nicholas?" Clarice revealed a self-deprecating smile. "I know my background isn't worthy of you, Mr. Murray. However, since you never intended to marry me, why did you lead me to imagine that? Or do you think I'm motivated by money? That I would sell myself to it forever?" "Clarice, I can't marry you..." He said, feeling his voice falter, and in his mind, he added, "at least not now, Clarice," but kept those words to himself. "I understand," she nodded, feeling her chest tighten. "But you can still be by my side," he continued. "Besides my name, I can give you anything you want. If you want to see the entire world, it will be yours. If you want wealth, I'll give it to you. If you want status, I'll give it to you, just not by my side."
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