Forced Marriage -I didn't Choose you

Forced Marriage -I didn't Choose you

By:  Thorns  Ongoing
Language: English
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Wei never chose this marriage, she certainly did not choose this arrogant man, who are you to marry the sun? What sun? I never chose you After finding her sister in bed with her fiancé Wei is forced to give him up and marry the cold Billionaire at her fathers behest. This is not the man she loves, not even the man she likes but as fate would have it, he’s the one she ends up with.

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Reda Smith-Watson
Great story, but would love to read more. this ending is so open. when will you finish the story?
2022-06-09 15:01:37
default avatar
Why all book here not finish ? All on going
2022-03-02 05:16:38
default avatar
interesting so far, next please... Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-07-15 18:46:05
default avatar
Love it already
2021-03-24 11:19:42
default avatar
Interesting so far
2021-03-09 14:48:56
user avatar
Volmen Dragon
Its really good so far. Very interesting.
2021-02-18 18:00:27
17 Chapters
Chapter 1- A Familiar Plot
Wie Ru arrived at the Toa Tower as the text had instructed her to do, she felt her body shake with nerves as she stepped through the door and entered the lobby. She was at work when she received the text, a picture of her sister Hoo Ru bounded and gagged lying on the floor with simple instructions telling her where to be and that she should come alone. She ran over without hesitation because she was scared of what might happen to Hoo if she took too long. Hoo was the only family she had that still spoke to her. They had never been close, but Wei was always thankful every time she picked up the phone when she called to ask about their home and father, so if anything happened to her Wei would never forgive herself.Walking through the lobby she suddenly felt.  strange, this hotel was a premier location only visited by the rich, why would criminals choose to take her sister to a location that was often visited by paparazzi and always in the news why wouldn't they chose a mo
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Chapter 2-Cold Stranger
"Chen," Wei thought as she looked on the scene, she stood frozen. Hoo looked up suddenly laughing, "You're finally here." She stated, walking over to Wei. "I wondered if you would come, I didn't know you cared so much for me. If it was you I would be at a bar celebrating, it would have been better if you hated me, you would still be living in blissful ignorance." Tears formed as her sister spoke. "Why?" she thought, they had never gotten along as children but after moving out to attend college Hoo had made an effort to keep in touch. Why was she here with Chen, what was that text message? Was it all for this? Wei dropped to the ground tears poured from her eyes. "Why Hoo?" Hoo scowled at her grabbing her head she bent down to her ear."I saw something I wanted and went after it, or rather him. Why should a bitch like you have everything!" Wei looked up at her sister in disbelief, how could she not she, how had she not know that her sister hate ran this deep. 
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Chapter 3-I still love him
Wei walked through the doors of the airport pulling her suitcase, it had been a month since she found Chen and Hoo together and a month since she had fled to country A.After catching them together, she thought she could handle it, but after Hoo sent her pictures of them, she had to leave. Luckily she had saved up all her vacation days for what would have been their honeymoon. She left without a word to country A, where she had buried her love for Chen, found reasons to smile again, fresh air and adventure. She did not want to return, but she knew she could not run away forever; she had to face them, "Wei!" She didn't think it would be so soon."Wei," she heard him say again. She turned around to Chen's angry eyes glaring at her, but they quickly softened once he saw her tears. "Don't cry, I'm not angry I was just worried about you, you stop answering your phone, and we couldn't find you for a month. I had to bribe some airport officials to find out you had left the co
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Chapter 4- You Again!
"Wei" Wei looked up from the cab to the face of her best friend, Xo An. She took one look at Wei teary eyes. "Who hurt you tell me right now, was it that asshole Chen, wait until I see him." Wei could not help but smile, she and Xo An had been friends since junior high school and she had always been her most faithful protector. "Calm down Xo, I just ran into him at the airport."He had the nerve to meet you at the airport, shameless bastard. He should find that slut you call a sister.""Xo!" Wei scolded, she could not bear to hear anyone speak ill of Hoo no matter what she did, and she was still her little no matter what she had done."Heh, she sleeps with your fiancé and you still have the face to defend her, no wonder she treats…" Wei hung her head in shame as she prepared herself for Xo harsh words.Xo sighed Wei had been through enough, scolding her would be too much, what she needed now was her support. Xo placed her hand on weighing sh
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Chapter 5- What Tyler Han
 “A hotel?” Xo exclaimed, “Don’t tell me after you caught Chen and your sister you went to a bar, got drunk, met this hunky C.E.O, and did the deed."Xo...""Then you disappeared the next morning, but he had already fallen in love with you.""Xo""But alas, you had left the country, so he spent a month looking for until he finally found you here today. How romantic."Wei could feel a vein pop in her head. Finally, she grew tired and smacked Xo in the head. "What nonsense are you spouting?""Ouch," Zo exclaimed, retreating from Wei's grasp, she replied."Don't be mad because you did something so shameless; we have all been there; what I can't understand is why you would choose him?" She looked at the blond with disdain, but he only smirked before leaning to whisper. "I know you wish it was you
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Chapter 6- What wedding?
Wei looked awkwardly as Charles stood with his head down."Are you ok?'"Ha Ha Ha." Charles laughed; Wei looked at him confused."Secret... Vice President Gu, your boss had something he wanted to discuss with me about the Ru Corporation. Shall we go?" Charles stopped laughing, remembering the purpose he straightened u."Ok."Wei found the drive surprising pleasant; it was a little awkward at first, but Wei opened up on Architecture. Charles had pointed to a newly built building complementing its design. The very building Wei and Xo had worked on their first year at the company. She explained that her company worked on that project; she was there during the designs even though she was only fetching coffee. Wei had so much fun talking about her work; it took her a while to realize that Charles had stopped talking. Wei looked at the tall building that stood before her, "Han Corporation." She suddenly felt her chest tighten while her stomach felt unset
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Chapter 7- The lotus Seal
Mr. Han, is this a marriage proposal?""Wei Ru, don't think too much."Wei looked at the domineering man puzzled; why was he asking her about her qualifications as a wife if they weren't wedded."My grandfather has instructed me to marry you, a woman who I met only once who threw herself at me. So, I ask again, what qualifies you to be my wife." Wei stared at the angry man before and sighed. Grabbing her bag, she stood up to leave."The first time I met you was an accident, the second time was a coincidence, Mr. Han, I have no interest in you. If there is nothing else, I'll take my leave now." before she could finish, he sprung to his feet, his dominating figure standing before her."Wei Ru, don't test my patience; this marriage is not a choice; your father presented grandfather with the lotus seal.""What?!" Wei asked, surprised; she had been told about the lotus seal by her mother before she died. Wei's grandparents had prevented Han Corporation f
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Chapter 8-Solve it together
Wei arrived home mentally exhausted, two annoying encounters in one day, she lamented as she thought of her misfortune of meeting both Chen Sun and Tyler Han today. "Ugh, " she sighed melting her couch, she kicked the shoes off her feet."What did Mr. Han want?""To marry me," Wei replied too tired to explain."What? So he did fall in love with you…" Xo replied running from the kitchen."No, my father invoked the lotus seal, now we're being forced…." Wei."Forced, lotus seal, Wei?" Xo asked, but Wei was already sleeping, she smiled grabbing a blanket she covered Wei."Forced marriage," she said out loudly sighing. Wei had been through so much after her mother's death, her father's indifference, her sisters and stepmother bullying. Xo had been there through it all sharing that pain with her. After college when they got their first jobs and Wei no longer had to rely on them, Xo had thought that everything would be better. She sho
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Chapter 9- Woman like you
Wei looked up at the eyes that always held scorn when they were cast upon. “President Han I.”“Didn’t expect to see me here, how lucky I was to witness the real you. I ensure you will never enjoy being Mrs.Han.” and with that, he walked past her. Xo looked at her, but Wei just held her head down; no, don’t hold your head down, Xo thought. I never want to see you with your head down, anger churning, she shouted after Tyler Han.“The real hero? What do you know? You pom..”Wei grabbed Xo's arm and shook her head.“He’s a client here; we can’t cause trouble.”“I don’t care; he can’t treat you like dirt, I’ll.”“Xo! We need this job.” Xo sighed. She knew Wei was right. This was the top architectural firm in the country. Getting fired would ensure they never work in the industry again. Sighing, Xo released her anger,"ok, Wei,
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Chapter 10-In the Family Way
Chen sat in the dark corner of Weichen bar which he owned and had name after him and Wei. It had been their favorite place to unwind after a long week at work, laughing and drinking with friends. The bar was designed by Wei he had bought it as a gift at graduation so she would have her first design job out of college. Now looking at it everything in the place reminded him of Wei, a painful reminder of what he had lost. Drinking a glass of liquor he cussed himself for his stupidity of being caught by Hoo Ru, and cursed again because it had been a week and no one could find her.“Boss.”“if you don’t have that fucking bitch then don’t come in.” Chen replied before downing the glass of brown liquor and requesting and another.“Chen" he heard a shaking female voice say, before she spoke again he sprang to his feet and grabbed Hoo Ru by her throat gripping it a bit too tight.“It seems the gods are kind to me tod
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