The Billionaire's Substitute Wife... She's Back With Twins

The Billionaire's Substitute Wife... She's Back With Twins

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"You're going to be my substitute bride. And do not think for a second that you have a choice," Tessa heard Aaron's voice spring up in the room. If only looks could kill, Tessa would have been dead by now. The dreadful look on Aaron Winston's face made Tessa tremble a bit but she stood her ground and fired back at him. "If you want me to be your wife, then ask nicely" Tessa had a long-time crush on Aaron Winston, the wealthiest and the most powerful billionaire in the city. But being a nobody and no match for the famous billionaire, she loved him from a distance What happens when fate brings them together? Will Aaron Winston, the ruthless billionaire, learn to love Tessa? A story filled with hatred, love and rejection.

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Ikenna Anayo
how often do you upload?
2024-01-12 15:44:40
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Ikenna Anayo
Aaron is already whipped for Tessa... let's see how long he's going to hide his feelings
2024-01-12 15:44:17
default avatar
Ikenna Anayo
Aaron should stop fighting his feelings already
2024-01-12 15:43:37
31 Chapters
Meeting him
Tessa walked through the hallway of the Winston mansion, still in awe of how a house could be this beautiful. It looked like heaven, she had only heard about how beautiful the villa was. But seeing it today indeed confirmed it. Her grandmother, Mrs. Taylor worked for the Winstons as a gardener for so many years. She has always wanted to follow her to work but her grandmother always declined saying the Winstons can be a handful and she doesn't want her precious granddaughter to be humiliated. The Winstons are the most popular and the wealthiest family in the city. They controlled half of the city and their powerful aura was undeniable. A smile suddenly crossed Tessa's face as she remembered Aaron Winston, the only son of the Winstons, she hadn't met him but she always saw him on television. She has always admired him and loved him since she could remember. Knowing that they were from two different worlds and she didn't have hope of ever meeting him, she didn't have any other option
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Tessa rolled her eyes at him, not sure if she heard him correctly. She had always loved him since forever but presenting her as a bride to his mother out of the blues did not make sense to her. This had better be a joke, she thought to herself Her mother stood up from her chair and approached Tessa, trailing her eyes at her body as if she was filled with filth. Tessa's clothes were stitched at the edges and merely looking at her one could tell she was from a poor background. Mrs. Winston let go of her gaze and stepped back to her chair saying, "She's such a pretty girl. Aside from her horrible choice of clothes, which is not a problem. We can fix that up. She's perfect for the job," A smile suddenly crossed her face and she relaxed back in her chair.Tessa chuckled inwardly, she gazed at them as if she was lost and what they were saying held no meaning. She managed to snap out of her trance and fired back at them"This is some sort of joke. Right?"Aaron shot her a deadly look. She m
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I want to
Tessa walked into their apartment with mixed feelings. It was just a two-bedroom flat and they were just doing fine with the little they had. Tessa couldn't possibly say her day went well but she was glad she met Aaron. Even though their meeting didn't turn out well, she still couldn't get over his cerulean blue eyes, he kind of looked cute when he was angry."No! Tessa, you can't possibly be drawn to that arrogant man" she could hear her inner mind yell at her, but No! She couldn't help it, she seemed to feel something deeper than she could explain.Tessa quietly tiptoed into the bedroom, not wanting to wake her grandmother up, she had enough already in one day. And knowing how inquisitive her grandmother can be, she was definitely going to find out that something was off about her. However, she was not going to hide the situation from her for too long. One way or the other she was still going to find out."You're back?" her grandmother's voice rang in the room. Her heart almost jump
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"l have to be on my way now. I need to give my boss my resignation letter," Tessa said, bringing out the letter from her bag. She had worked in the convenience store for the past six months. The pay was not that enticing but it helped take care of some of their bills."Working for the Winstons meant getting a fat paycheck. But the money came at a cost - having to deal with their demanding and often unreasonable requests. The Winstons were known for being difficult to work for, and the high pay was meant to compensate for the stress and trouble they caused. But when Tessa got to meet Mrs. Winston, Aaron's mother, her initial narrative about her changed. She just saw a sweet loving soul, though putting out a tough side of her to people but deep down she was kind at heart."Alright hurry up, so you can park up. I have a feeling that Aaron Winston won't take no for an answer," her grandmother said teasinglyMaya chuckled at her grandma's obvious joke and let out"Bye grandma. See you soon"
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05 She wouldn't dare!
"Are you sure Lisa is actually missing or she doesn't want to be married to you?" Dylan asked.Aaron clenched his fist in anger and glared at him "What do you mean she doesn't want to be married to me? You know how much Lisa loves me and she doesn't have any reason not to want to be married to me. She might actually be in trouble or even worse kidnapped, have you thought about that?" Aaron pointed out, anger and frustration evident in his voice. "Ohhh true, but what if she isn't? Moreover, have you sent your men to investigate this and probably look for her?" Dylan asked, keeping an expressionless face.Dylan Thompson was Aaron's childhood friend, he never liked Lisa for Aaron. But Aaron was too blindly in love with her to even notice how much of a snitch she was.She was clearly with Aaron because of his money and that's it. He had seen Lisa with different men on different occasions but somehow she manages to escape being caught. The last time he tried to tell Aaron about it, Aaron
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06 Arrogant asshole!
Aaron glanced at his wristwatch and said "It's noon already. I'm here to take my bride-to-be home" Tessa's eyes widened on hearing that. Such an arrogant jerk! She fumed. "And what if it's a No!" She fired back at him. "Why do l have a feeling that it is a yes? You wouldn't quit your job if you were going to decline. And you wouldn't dare to say No" Aaron said proudly. 'What? How do you know that?" Tessa asked with widened eyes. "There is a lot you don't know about me Tessa, and l hate to be kept waiting is inclusive" He said and brought out a file, he handed it over to her and said. "Open it or perhaps you can go through it on our way home" "Home? Is this asshole being serious right now? I haven't even given my approval yet" Tessa thought to herself. "This guy is clearly an asshole and why can't l just say no to him and go back to my normal life. How can l be in love with such a jerk, who doesn't even give a fuck about me? Hope I'm not making the worst decision of my life?"
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07 Married To Mr Arrogant
"She's bold! I like her already. And there is something about this one, she's quite different and outspoken, you have really met your match, someone who could stand up to you without fear" Dylan said and sat down on the couch.He turned and met Aaron glaring at him, giving him the "really?" look."You know, the last time I checked, you're my best friend and you're supposed to be on my side," Aaron said vehemently, giving Dylan a questionable look.Dylan giggled and replied "I'm on your side man, we want a better Aaron. And I'm particular that this one is going to blow your mind away real soon""Well, let me refresh your memory just in case you've forgotten. I'm still engaged to Lisa and no one, l repeat no one can ever replace her, and I'm going to do anything to find her and marry her" Aaron declared."Yet you're getting married to another. And not just anybody, a breathtaking and gorgeous lady, or is there something you're not telling me, Aaron?" Dylan teased and laughed. "I'm done
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08 Thanks but no thanks
Hours later. Mara left as it was getting late, she needed to run some errands for her mother. Before she left, she encouraged Tessa to be strong as all of this would be over soon.Tessa shrugged back on her bed after Mara left. Her mind reminiscing on the day's event, she could recall the hurt in Aaron's voice as he made those dreadful promises to her on the altar. She knew he didn't want to be married to her, Lisa remained his only true love.It hurts for someone you love, to love another. She only came into his life a few days ago, so it was understandable if he didn't see her in the way she wanted him to.She stared at the mirror and wondered how long she had to put up with Aaron before he found the woman he loved, Lisa.As she lay on the bed, gradually drifting off to sleep, a knock came on her door, which made her open her eyes and let the person in.Deep down, she wished it was Aaron knocking, probably coming to check up on her. Tessa knew that her wish was futile. Aaron would n
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09 Prettiest of them all
Aaron glared at her without uttering a word, he shifted his gaze and continued eating, not sparing her any further glance."Thanks for the new clothes" Tessa added and stood up to leave. Aaron's silence was beginning to take a thorn on her.…….It's been months, living with the Winstons and yet no news about the whereabouts of Aaron's fiancee. He was clearly losing his mind as he had tried everything possible to find her but all to no avail. Aaron and Tessa hardly speak as he always look irritated anytime he was around her. Nevertheless Tessa tried as much as possible to avoid him and his tantrums but Aaron wouldn't let her be without picking on her. It was as if he made it his life goal to frustrate and trigger her.Tessa was on her bed, wrapped up in the warmth of her beddings when her phone suddenly beeped and a message appeared on her screen. She squinted her eyes in curiosity as she saw that the message was from Aaron. Wondering what it was this time."We have a brief meeting wi
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010 Hurting
Tessa could feel Aaron's anger from the way he held her hand. "But l didn't do anything" She thought to herself. The party was epic. With different influential men trooping in and out, Aaron seemed to be the richest with the kind of treatment and attention he was getting from them. She was not left out, as almost everyone that came to greet Aaron gushed about her beauty."Aaron you've got a pretty wife" That was a compliment that Tessa got used to, it almost sounded like music in her ears.Aaron was called for a brief discussion with some of the men. Tessa was seated at the table, sipping her drink quietly and waiting for Aaron. It took long enough and Aaron was yet to return to the table. She turned using her eyes to ransack the party hall, looking for Aaron. "Looking for someone?" Alexander's husky voice echoed, coursing Tessa to turn and smile at him, a bit disappointed because she wasn't expecting to see him.Tessa nodded and shifted her gaze from him. Her eyes fixed at the ent
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