The Beautiful Nerd

The Beautiful Nerd

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#1 highschoolromance ~ 3 Alexis Coleman is your typical nerd, she gets picked on by the popular kids and always gets a perfect score on tests. But she also has a really beautiful face hidden underneath those glasses and turtleneck sweaters,which no one ever noticed. ** Kyle Matthews the captain of the football team and the all the girls drool over him, what happens when he is dared to make a nerd fall for him or would it be the other way round?? Curious?? You should be!! This book is more of a cliche but it has many twists and turns,if you love romance then this is for you.

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Zainab Ajike
please update
2022-12-22 04:42:08
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Weena Shayne Torres Dayap-Namol
Waiting for updates on this book!
2021-07-17 15:41:54
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Nicole Virgilio
any updates? and what about the sequel that's mentioned in the prologue?
2021-03-20 10:44:54
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2021-03-15 00:52:52
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Hey random person, reading this, you probably saw the description and thought to check it out. If so then you're welcome to The Beautiful Nerd.I'm glad you're here, do read further please,Before you go further i should warn you, the first five to ten chapters are somewhat different from the rest because i started this book with the mind of a child. But as you progress into the story, you will find the book to be good, i hope. Um this book is your typical bad boy falls in love with nerd but there will be twists that make it a not so cliché book.The first part of the book determines if you move further or not, but give this book a chance,you might even like it.The book is definitely not edited, so yes there will be alot of mistakes but you
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Chapter One
Alexis's POV   "Stop staring at that screen Sophie!” I warned my older sister. “You've been so absorbed in your laptop for over an hour, it's not good for your eyes!" She broke the staring contest with her computer to look up at me and roll her eyes.  "How about no. You never listen to me so why should I listen to you?" She spat back flipping her hair over her shoulder before looking back at the screen in front of her.  What could be so important? "Because this is a free country and I don't need to listen to you because I really don't have an interest in what you say about how I should dress!" Sophie has long wavy brown hair that compliments her seemingly black eyes. She also has a body that I could only dream of having
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Chapter Two
Alexis's POV I woke up to a very loud and annoying sound. The noise was coming from Sophie's room at 7:30 in the freaking morning. I don't know why she thought it would be a good idea to disturb others while they were trying to sleep.  Said noise was a song, A Justin Bieber one. Flatline was blaring through her speakers. Boy I wish I could flatline, maybe then I could actually get some peaceful sleep.  I really don't know why girls go crazy about Justin Bieber. I mean sure he was cute back when he first started music but he's not all that! I prefer Rihanna, Her lyrics just speak to me. But no, my sister can't even get behind me with music taste. She says that my choice in music is just as my taste in clothes, indicating that it was "terrible
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Chapter Three
Alexis's POV; Buzz buzz What is that?! With a groan, I move closer to my bedside cupboard trying to get my hands on what kept making that blaring noise. "Hello." I say into the phone with my voice sounding groggy. "Alexis Coleman the first, don't you tell me you are still sleeping! Get your lazy butt off your bed, I'll be picking you up in fifteen minutes!" A soft feminine voice yelled at the other side of the phone. With her threat, My eyes open widely and see that its 7:30AM on my clock. I realized th
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Chapter Four
Alexis' POV;Andy and I both grabbed our lunch trays and made way to our usual table, we got so caught up in what we were arguing about and didn't notice someone walking up to me  and the next thing I heard was a splat and my eyes widen.**My glasses fell off and so I went down to pick them up.I was so scared to look up to who it was but by the shoes I had a gut feeling although really hope it isn't who I think it is. I take a deep breath and mustered up courage to face my doom.Do you remember how i asked if this day could get worse? Well It just did.I saw a face glaring at me not just any face though, it was the face of Christina Hollister, the one who hates my guts even though I never really knew why. She is the most popular girl in Greenfield High because she looked so perfect. Her blonde hair was shoulder length, her body stat
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Chapter Five
Alexis's POV:After having dinner with Sophie, I went straight up to my room, laid on my bed and today's events kept on replaying in my head.I was interrupted from my thoughts when my phone vibrated, I picked it up and saw it was a text from Jazz.Jazz: babygirl are you good?Me: yeah why wouldn't I be? What happened today happens everyday, I'm used to it and besides you were there and made me feel better.Jazz: are you sure? I feel like you're lying just because I can't see you.Me: so do you want
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Chapter Six
Alexis's POV;I just let my tears flow because keeping them in just kill me. Christina teased me on a daily basis but this year I think she'll kill me with all these little visits in the cafeteria.**"Why do you always keep quiet? Whu don't you ever stand up for yourself?" A familiar husky voice asked.I raised my head to see who it was but my eyes only met a paragon male fitness which was Kyle watching me from far. I didn't know what to say so I return to my previous position faced down and left my ponytail swinging."Aren't you gonna talk to me?" He asked again but I still didn't  respond."Fine, whatever don't talk, I don't even know why I even came out here." He said through a gritted teeth and stormed off.Is he mad?The intensity of my tears greatly increased, not beca
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Chapter Seven
Jasmin's POVAfter the incident with Christina at the cafeteria the other day, I've just been thinking a lot about Kyle recently and I think Christina awakened this intense attraction I have towards him because now, I want him more than ever.Flashback 5 weeks ago"Good morning darling!" I hear someone chirp so early in the morning.It cannot be morning right now!"Just five more minutes please," I pleaded covering my face with my thick blanket."No! Go take a shower now!" The voice thundered at me but I ignored it and still tried to get more sleep.After silence engulfs the room  for a while, my body relaxes and I'm about to sleep for real but then my blanket was dragged away from me, exposing me to this cold world."
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Chapter Eight
Alexis's POV;After all that incident with Christina, I decided to study because I have a test coming up tomorrow and I can't let that blonde bimbo ruin my senior year. The cafe was semi empty so I just decided to sit on one of the empty table, take out my chemistry textbook and started studying.People can be stupid, but books definitely can't. Good one Alexis.My phone which was placed on the wooden table chimed  and I saw Jasmin's face and name on the screen, I answered it.Jazz: hey baby girl!Me: what's good?Jazz: do you wanna go out tonight?Me: no...can't I have a huge test tomorrow which I need to read for. Wait we're in the same class, why aren't you studying?Jazz: girl, it's senior year, I'm not letting any test hold me down! Its always the same with you when will you have fun Lexi i
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Chapter Nine
Alexis's POV;After Jasmin dropped me off i went straight up to my room and arranged it a little not that it wasn't arranged before its just that my room was always kinda messy whenever i prepare for school.I then go to my mom's room to look for her, but she wasn't there. So i go downstairs checked the kitchen but she wasn't there so i guessed she was at the store since even Sophie wasn't there too.So i watch some TV to pass time and then there was a knock on the door and I go to check it out and find a smiling Sophie who comes in"Where's mom?" I ask."She's doing a night shift at the cafe so I'm in charge." Sophie said with a smile plastered on his face."Okay.. I wanted to tell you-""So Mark's coming over tonight so stay in your room till tomorrow morning." Sophie interrupted me."I will c
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