Lucky I'm in Love with the Alpha's Unlucky Son

Lucky I'm in Love with the Alpha's Unlucky Son

By:  JM Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book Title: Lucky I'm in Love with the Alpha's Unlucky Son Pen Name: JM Writes Synopsis: Have you ever wonder about falling in love and mated with someone who has autism and bipolar disorder? "I want you to mate our son in exchange for a pouch of gold every month, a third rank beta position to the pack, and of course, we'll spare your parent's life. What do you think?" Lady Divina proposed. "Our son has autism and bipolar disorder." Alpha Damien added, "your job as his mate is to make him the next alpha of the pack." Being one of the lowest rank omegas, part of my buket list is to become a beta, regardless of the rank. Omegas are next to slaves. And I don't want to end up just like my parents.

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5 Chapters
The Alpha's Proposal
Chapter 1: The Alpha King's Proposal Danica's POV "Get the hell out of my face, you useless daughter of a slave!" a middle-aged woman yelled at me while having a hard time controlling her temper. She already slapped me hard twice on both sides of my face. But all I could do was drop my eyes to the tiled floor with the endless tears flooding my cheeks like an open faucet. "Better make sure you can pay us with gold coins within two days as promised, omega." her mate added before he reached out to my chin and lifted my head, allowing me to see the terrifying glow of his eyes, "Or else I'll order someone to kill your worthless parents. Do you understand?" "My family had more than enough, but I am afraid I cannot lend you a single cent, Danica. You are one of the omegas with the lowest rank. There's no way you can pay me back even for the rest of your life." One of my female close friends shut the door of her room, leaving me hopeless. "I regretted becoming one of your friends, Danic
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Not a Monster
Chapter 2: You're Not a Monster Justine, my best friend, flashes to the rescue. He wraps his arms around me before my butt reaches the tiled floor. "I am supposed to be the one telling you that, Danica. Alpha Damien was not in his place when I got there. I failed you. And I'm so sorry for that. Please, forgive me." We stayed in our spots and positions like our movements were in slow motion. Our eyes met for about ten seconds. Long enough that my wolf managed to sense the sincerity and purity of his voice and stares. The sensation of the scenario was similar to those romantic kdrama movies I watched on screens. Everything stopped ticking apart from the rumbling sounds of our heartbeats combined. Our heartbeats were in a race to reach the finish line. A part of me wanted to tell him everything - the truth to be precise. To seek his piece of advice on what I must do to get the hell out of this kind of impossible situation. However, my wolf is more scared that once he knows the tr
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The Two Men of My Life
Chapter 3: The Two Men of My Life "Does that mean I am not a bad guy? But I just slaughtered two people. Does that mean I am a bad monster?" Christopher asked twice, his cracking voice a few seconds ago started to get calm. However, I just witnessed his second and third symptoms - his fingers are shivering and repeating his words. His bothered heart and mind were now steady yet his ten fingers were still shivering as though he was having a convulsion. Even his nerve-breaking rage, worries, and fears he possessed earlier had already subsided the moment he realized we were much alike, but not the shivering of his fingers. The shivering, if I am not mistaken, seems to be typical for someone with autism like him. Let alone he was sitting and hiding in a dirty and stinky place. "Of course, you are not a bad monster, Christopher," I replied with a calm voice and a smiling face, then I stretched out my hands toward him to help him up. "But right now, we need to get
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Their New Friend
Before I could slip a word about the truth, I turned my head sideways to check if someone was nearby. Then I dragged them both inside the house. "What's going on, Danica?" Justine continued before he reached out to my hand to stop me from gritting my fingernails. "Who is he? Why is he still in his werewolf form?" Bombarding me with his endless questions even put me in a tough position. I am in the middle of deciding whether to let go of Christopher or let him stay in the house. Worst-case scenario. If I were going to let go of Christopher like a free wolf, everyone in the village, including Alpha Damien and Lady Divina, would get furious at me. They don't want anyone to know their son's existence. On the other hand, if I am going to let him stay in our house, my parents are going to kill me either, adding another stomach to feed. But either of the choices, the result remained the same - me getting killed. Or worse, everyone close to me including my parents and Just
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Golden Time
Justine and I exchanged bothered glances when Mom's loud screaming vibrated our ears again. Then we rushed out of the room when the screaming was followed by a quick and loud thudding sound. As soon as we spotted the source of the sound, our jaws dropped to the ground when we found Mom holding a frying pan while Christopher was lying on the floor unconscious. His mouth was even filled with a loaf of bread. "Mom, what are you doing?" I worriedly asked before I slid to check if Christopher was still alive. Luckily, my heightened sense of hearing heard the sound of his soft heartbeats. "Aren't I supposed to be the one asking you that, huh, Danica? Why did you bring a lone wolf into our house? Are you and Justine out of your minds?" she blurted. My wolf has been with Christopher for a few days but not even once I considered him a lone wolf because he had a pack waiting for him. Needless to say, our future depends on the lone wolf she battered with a frying pan. "Au
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