Luna's Prohibited Love

Luna's Prohibited Love

By:  Sully Raff  Completed
Language: English
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Maya Caesar was born a slave, a feisty omega to the oasis pack but her life changes when she's mated to someone who would not only hurt her but change her status. But what happens when she not only was hated and sabotaged by people who hated her in the Dark Moon pack, but she had external enemies and she wonders what wrong has she ever committed to be ill-fated. Alpha Grey Stone of the Dark Moon Pack is a ruthless Alpha skilled with the art of killing and making his enemies beg at his feet. He seeks for a bride in other to warm his empty bed since he couldn't get a mate. Fate takes him to the Oasis pack and he finds his mate. Soon enough, he's forced to realize that their fate are intertwined, their meeting was not a coincidence and that he has been married to her before.

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Liz Emmanuel
So hot.... currently getting more drawn in...
2023-04-08 04:57:59
user avatar
Judy M
So intriguing ...
2023-03-31 12:12:18
user avatar
Alfred Ayodeji
It's such a great story
2023-03-13 15:47:52
user avatar
Great storyline
2023-03-13 00:10:39
user avatar
Judith Oshokpekha
I love the start of the novel....
2023-03-12 23:53:49
200 Chapters
Chapter one
Lightning struck across the pale gloomy sky as thunder rumbled through the heavens. The fire burst around the house spreading tiny sparks of flames everywhere. The house was falling apart as the fire licked through the woods.Alyssa could see smoke rising through the chimney as she panicked. "Come on, let's go," Verne said as he held her and they ran towards the backdoor.They got out of the house before it finally erupted into flames. Alyssa quivered, as someone yelled out, "they're escaping!" and the enemies charged towards their direction."Run!" Verne said pushing Alyssa forward as he blocked the telekinetic waves that one of the clan had released from his hand. Using his telekinesis to take away a few arrows the men were pulling, he drove them into the hearts of the other clans.In Alyssa's haste to do his bidding, she fell to the ground and in a blur, a burst of flame erupted out of nowhere, and from the corner of her eyes, I could see a flaming tree falling towards her directio
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Chapter 2
On a sleeping pad, Maya was shivering, as she shook her head side to side, a trickle of tears rolled down her eyelines without her knowledge. "Please," she muttered out as she clenched the thin fabric covering her sleeping pad. She was jolted out of her sleep as she felt a rush of cold water poured on her body. She gasped in shock as she sat up, and wiping her eyes to see clearly, she stared at her drenched body, and then looked at the perpetrator of the act.There Emily stood, with one hand akimbo, and an empty pail dangling in her other hand. "Wake up, lazy brat," she spat out viciously."What the hell, Emily? Was that really necessary?" Maya asked her, as she tried to catch her breath, not just from the coldness of the water, but also from the dream she was jolted out of."You deserve more than that for still being in bed by this hour. Now, get up you daughter of a nitwit, and begin your chores," Emily said.Maya stared hard at her. "You're not the one to give me orders to carry ou
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Chapter 3
Maya could hear the giggles of the other omegas, and she knew immediately that her fall was not by accident. They had intentionally spilled water on the ground which made her slip. She slowly rose to her feet, and they jeered. "The floor suits you better, Maya. You should keep laying down," one of the omegas taunted, as Maya stood. She turned around in anger, and heaved. It's not worth it, Alysia said, knowing her intent.Maya ignored her wolf, and was walking up to them when she caught sight of the Luna and Emily, she stopped in her tracks, but they had already seen her."Were you not about to hit her? Come on, go ahead," Emily taunted her, and Maya gritted her teeth, as tears stung her eyes. She had to tolerate all of the humiliations because they all had the backing of the Luna."Emily," Riley said as she curled her fingers, unable to control her detest and anger anymore. "Yes, Luna," Emily answered."Drag this peasant by the hair to her room. If she dares to challenge you, run t
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Chapter 4
"No-no, not at all," Killian stuttered, forcing himself to smile."Then, why didn't I get an invitation?" Grey asked but it was more like a demand, and Killian forced himself not to tremble at the sound of his voice."I.. I.. thought I did," he lied. Killian had intentionally not sent an invitation to Grey. He was greatly afraid of the man, and had heard rumors about women not surviving a night with him. He could not possibly hand his daughter to such a man as Grey Stone. A man who has never smiled before.Grey scoffed. "Do you know what I do to people who lie to me?" He asked, and Killian swallowed. "I cut off their tongue," Grey said without an trace of emotion in his voice, as he motioned to an omega standing by. Killian took a step back without his knowledge. The other alphas dared not to speak while Grey was still in the room.Trembling with the tray in her hand, she walked towards him, her heart in her throat. Everyone knew about him, a fearsome alpha, and the only alpha in the
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Chapter 5
Killian didn't lie when he said the girl before him was prettier than his daughters, but that wasn't why Grey accepted to take her. He was taking her because she was his mate, and that, no one knew, not even her.Grey made Maya stand properly as he turned to Killian. "It is settled then," Killian said with a nervous smile. He was glad that he his conniving tricks had worked.Grey turned sideways. "Ready the car, we're leaving," he said to the three gammas that came with him, and they immediately went to do his bidding. Maya could hardly believe her ears. She was going to leave the Oasis pack to the dark moon pack. Was that not like jumping from frying pan to fire?She turned pleading eyes to Killian. "Please alpha, don't do this to me," she pleaded softly. Killian ignored her and turned to Grey. "You can take her away," he said, and Maya's heart ached. Why was fate being cruel to her? What wrong has she committed to be a living soul? She wondered in confusion and hurt."You don't tel
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Chapter 6
Maya groggily opened her eyes, and her eyes were still dazed as she slowly looked around. She placed her hand on her head and let out an audible hiss. "Where am I?" She asked no one in particular, as her eyes began to adjust to the unfamiliar dimly lit room."My room." Grey's voice came from the opposite direction, and she turned sharply to him. Her twin pool brown velvet eyes dilated as horror washed all over her. She had thought everything about Grey taking her away was a nightmare, she had just woke up from.Grey's cold icy blue eyes met hers. His lips was pursed in a thin line, as he stared at her. "Why did you faint?" He asked her."Is there ever a reason why someone would faint?" She asked with a frown on her face, as she looked away from him, and when her eyes met his again, she wished the ground would just open and swallow her whole. The look on Grey's face at her sarcastic reply was not pleasant. If looks could kill, she could have been dead. She swallowed hard and looked dow
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Chapter 7
Maya's eyes fluttered, as the sun rays filtered through the window, and rested on her face. She stifled a yawn, as she stretched lazily. For the first time in years, she had a somewhat peaceful night rest. The bed had been so soft that she could barely keep her eyes open. Occasionally, she was bothered by the fact that she was in Grey's room, and he could walk in at any moment, and either drag her out, or force her to stay in the bed with him.That would be nice, her wolf, Alysia said in a cocky way.Shut up, you should be thinking of ways to escape this place, and not dirty thoughts, Maya said, scolding her.She looked at the other side of the bed, and realized that Grey had not showed up in the room since last night. She had just being worried without a reason. Did I inconvenience him? She thought aloud.She got up from the bed, and since she got into Grey's room, she was finally able to notice the details his room entails. She noticed his walls were a color of dark grey, and the lo
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Chapter 8
Grey stared at her unable to fathom why he had said that to her. He was tempted to run his fingers in her wet hair, but decided against it, as he walked towards the bed, and picked up the dress laid out for her. He walked up to her, and thrusted the dress into her hands. "Get dressed, and come down for breakfast," he said, and walked towards the door, and as he opened it, he added. "Ten minutes," he said, and walked out of the room without looking back.Maya let out the breath she had no idea she had been holding. She placed her hand on her chest, and could feel her heartbeat accelerating. How could one person make her fear so much? She wondered.Just then, the three omegas walked in again. "Luna, please let's proceed. We have to be quick. The alpha said ten minutes." Gwen said."O-okay," Maya said, too flustered to respond properly, as her mind flashed back to what just happened a minute ago."What do you want?" She asked."You," he said, with a look she had never seen before.What w
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Chapter 9
Grey raised an eyebrow as he stared from Eli to the rest of the elders. "Why?" He asked."She's an omega, alpha," Eli said.Grey tapped on his glass of wine on the table. "Your point exactly?" He asked."An omega cannot, and will never be our Luna," he said."I'm sorry, alpha, but, that's just how it has to be." John interjected.Grey raised a brow, his back still pressed in his seat. "Really?" He asked, and they nodded in agreement, including the omegas standing a few feets away.Grey folded his hands together, as his icy blue eyes were fixed on them. "Y'all know I do whatever I please," he said, and they nodded, having zero idea of where he was heading with his words. "But then, I decided to do this one thing y'all asked of me, as a sign of respect, and here you all are, telling me otherwise," he said, a blank expression on his face. Maya said nothing as she kept her eyes on her fingers, her ears wide open to understand all what was going on before her, and her heart thudding in her
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Chapter 10
Gwen noticed the change in Maya's demeanor, and she went closer to her. "Are you okay, Luna?" She asked worriedly.Maya gave a slight nod. "I'm just trying to... catch..." She began to say, feeling her eyes closing. "My breath," she said in a hush voice, before slipping down on the floor."Luna!" Gwen said, falling to her knees, as she shook Maya, trying to revive her. "Look what you've caused!" She said, shooting Cora a hard glare, and then looked at Maya with a panicked expression on her face. "Oh, my. I wonder what the alpha would do to us once he finds out we caused the Luna to faint," Gwen said, as she held Maya's hand, trying to pull her up. "Help me take her to the alpha's room," she added, but Cora scoffed, and walked away. One by one the other omegas did the same thing too.Gwen was trying her best to pick Maya up, but was failing. Soon, she got help when the salutary walked into the house in an accord to check up on Maya.He sighted Gwen struggling with Maya, and rushed to h
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