Lycan King's Omega Mate

Lycan King's Omega Mate

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“If freedom is not written in my fate, give me death! ~ Skyla Creswell Skyla Creswell, an Omega from the Red Moon Pack had been bullied all her life. Despite the hardships, her fate threw her way, Skyla tried to have a strong head and never give up. Her only goal in life was to ace the entrance exam and get into Isle University, the only prestigious University in the Werewolf World, and get away from her traumatizing pack. But on the day of the exam, she is locked up in the men's washroom and was on the verge of being sexually abused by one of the betas. Skyla was heartbroken when she missed the exam. Little was she aware that her entire world would come crashing down when her very own blood would sell her for a night to the Crystal Blue Pack. When she felt it was the end of her life, Moon Goddess ushered in with a ray of light. The Omega, called mateless when she was still single at the age of 22, was given the most precious gift by fate: her mate, none other than the great Lycan King Lucas, the strongest and invincible. Will the most potent Lycan protect her and treasure her or reject her like trash for being weak and coming from a lower class? Read the story to unfold Skyla's life! Instagram ID: @athena_abloom

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159 Chapters
No Mercy!
"It's 9:05 AM. I got to deliver the letters and that should take 10 minutes and then I will head straight to school. So, I should be reaching the examination hall ten minutes early! Not bad!" A rough yet sweet voice filled with haste said. The voice belonged to Skyla Creswell, one of the omegas from the Red Moon Pack. She was in her bedroom getting ready for school after fulfilling all her duties in the packhouse. Skyla was distinct from the other omegas in various ways. Her smart brain and exceptional cognitive skills were way too good that hardly any omega from her pack possessed. No doubt her brain matched that of an ideal Luna's competency and that was what got the higher-ranked pack members jealous, especially the alpha's daughter. Skyla's bright intellect was more of a bane than a boon. She had been bullied, abused, and tortured in seamless ways possible. All the responsibilities of the packhouse right from cleaning all the chambers, washing the clothes of all the pack members
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Summoning Her Wolf
"Come on, Skyla! Get this done quickly! You can do this!" Skyla's mind was trying to uplift her. Despite how weak her body had grown; her determination fueled energy in her that helped her do the cleaning quickly. She was on the verge of completing the hallway. Skyla's sweater did very little to keep her warm. On top of that accidental drops of the soapy water splashing on her partially naked legs as she dipped the mop inside the bucket was making her tremble convulsively. Skyla had been working straight for 20 minutes. Her body demanded some break. She stopped in order to catch up her breath. While she was refueling her body, her eyes lingered from the clean floor to the couch. Skyla could no longer see Mia sitting. She saw an omega standing by the couch, glaring at her. Skyla knew that Mia might have assigned her the responsibility to watch over her. The omega stomped her feet aggressively as she walked towards Skyla. Her pursed lips opened to let out a growl, "Why the heck did y
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A Planned Trap
A strong cold breeze brushed through the verdant trees leaving their branches to sway crazily. The wind blew with a hovering sound intensifying with every passing moment. Skyla didn't stop running no matter how worse the wind was hitting her body and making it difficult for her to breathe. She raised her head to look at the atmosphere. The weather was getting worse and Skyla's mind charged with positive energy was slowly getting drained. Tears rolled down her cheeks from the very thought of not being able to reach the school on time. She said to herself, "No, fate cannot be worse, stopping me from going ahead! Fate can't keep me away from my freedom, no!" With the weather growing worse and Skyla's hope getting shattered, she felt she was going to lose, but that was when something miraculous happened! Her running body slowly got transformed into a big, grey-furred wolf with beautiful hazel-green eyes. Ruby finally arrived and raced at a speed faster than Skyla's human form. In the
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Bullied By Her Crush
"Leave me, Matt!!" Skyla shook her head and stomped her feet incessantly to get free from the devil, but Matt grew harsh on her. He pulled his face from the crook of her neck and lustily had his eyes staring at Skyla's chest as he went on unbuttoning her shirt. Before he would rip off her uniform, his phone started ringing. Matt stomped hard and irked, "Arghh! Who is it?!" He released Skyla's body and his hands dug inside his pants pocket to take out his phone. His vexed expression switched like that of a chameleon when he saw the caller. It was Max, the future Alpha. He gritted his teeth and threatened Skyla, "Be quiet! If you pour out even a single word, I will beat the hell out of you!" Skyla shuddered on seeing his anger. However, his anger took a backseat when he received the call and said sweetly, "Greetings, Future Alpha, Max!" His sweet words were met by a thunderous reply, "Come to the canteen right away! I have got something important to discuss!" From within Matt was boi
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Showered By Hate
"Wait!" A loud female voice pierced the noise and everyone fell silent. A 22-year-old she-wolf was standing at the door. Her skirt was way too above her knees giving a view of her slender thighs. Her white shirt was unbuttoned partially and wasn't tucked in the skirt. Her black hair dyed red was tied in a half ponytail with fringes left free to cover her forehead. Max stopped assaulting Skyla on seeing her and straightened himself up. His eyes sparkled as he saw his partner in crime who was equally evil or eviler and threatening to Skyla, Whitney. Her walking inside the washroom was met with the bows of all the werewolves. Whitney gave her dazzling smile to Max and said, "Don't spoil your hands for this bitch, brother! She is my enemy and not your, brother, so let me do the honors!" Her brother stepped back and spread his arms as he said, "Yeah sure, go ahead!" Everyone cheered for Whitney. Whitney raised her hand and the crowd got quiet. Crouching on the floor, Whitney pulled Sk
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A Mysterious Bag
After 5 hours "Ouch!" Skyla woke up with a pounding headache and an aching body. Her eyes opened to see a creaky ceiling fan rotating above.The first thought that crossed her mind was: "Where am I?!" Her gaze switched from the ceiling above to her body. She was laid on a white single bed with various pipes inserted in her backhand. Her bruises were bandaged. She tried to drag her body up, but it was too painful to do so. Before her eyes could go on searching where she was, she heard a shrill voice. "Ahh! Finally, you are awake! I thought my friend and I would have to carry you all the way to your chamber!" Skyla found the voice to be familiar. She recognized that it was the head nurse of the nursing chamber at the Red Moon Pack. "How did I arrive here? Who brought me here? I am sure nobody from the Red Moon Pack will ever have mercy over me. Who did it?" The questions simmering in her head gutted down when the nurse harshly pulled out the pipes inserted in her backhands. Her ha
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A Secret Meeting
There was an array of dining tables in the spacious dining chamber. Kayla immediately looked at the dining table reserved for the high-ranking pack members. It was already full with Max, the Alpha, and Luna, Mia, Caron, and Whitney occupying their seats. Kayla squinted her eyes as she thought, "What's wrong with the Alpha? He appears a bit tense!" Kayla rolled her eyes, "Who cares? All I care about is Whitney!" Kayla's eyes were about to leave the dining table unless she caught someone staring at her. It was Max. Kayla was taken aback by the way he was staring at her. Just like any other she-wolf, Kayla had a crush on him. Her face turned red; the moment Max called him through his eyes. Kayla nodded and walked up to the dining table. All the while, her mind was jumping, "Oh my Goddess! He finally noticed me! He is calling me!" She bowed to him. Max blinked his eyes and then instructed, "Serve!" Kayla was stunned. She tried to keep that shocked look behind by plastering a fake smil
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Mate From A Foreign Pack
"I thought Kayla brought me to the nursing chamber, but it was him!" Skyla sighed. She was sitting on the carpet right next to the furnace to keep herself warm. She had a paper handbag beside her. Her wounds were concocted with an ointment that she found in the paper bag. That ointment was accompanied by a small letter; a letter that clarified who brought Skyla from her school to the nursing chamber. It was Prof. Thomas. Skyla went on to read his letter. Hello Skyla! I am so sorry for the violence and torcher inflicted on you. I wish I could stop it, stop those rascals from bullying you, but you see I can't do much about it! I don't have any control. In fact, I am being controlled. Skyla's dry eyes soon accommodated some tears. She could absolutely feel what he had written. She cleared the tears and sniffed as she continued with the letter. You are badly thrashed by them. So, I thought it was the best thing to send you to the nursing chamber. I hope they treat you well! I hope y
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Take Off Your Sweater: His Command
"What's the secret of Alpha John and his family that the Crystal Blue Pack are exploiting mercilessly?" Kayla thought while she had her ear glued to the door to listen to their conversation going on inside.Kayla couldn't derive much from whatever she was hearing as she was not acquainted with the topic. The more deeper they ran into the conversation, the more questions would pop in Kayla's head. She was eager to know what was the secret. She asked in her mind, "What is the secret that our pack has to pay monthly allowance which if not paid could lead to a war."Oh my God! What's brewing? Alpha John has a secret, a secret that can put an end to his rule or should I say not only his rule but existence too! I thought the prince is the holy one, but it seems like he is sinful just like the Red Moon Pack!"RING RING!Kayla was like a cat on hot bricks when all of a sudden the silence enveloping in the emergency chamber got broken by her ringing phone that alerted the werewolves inside th
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Night Punishment
Skyla's breath intensified as she was breathing through her mouth hung open. She was scared that Max was here for having his hands over her body, just like Matt did that morning. A seamless stream of tears emerged from her eyes. She tried to move back, but stopped when Max shouted, "Take it off, or I will rip it off!"In just one giant step, Max got close to Skyla, his body towering over her. Skyla got scared by that sudden move and she crossed her arms protecting herself. Max was perplexed seeing that. He threw his head back and laughed out loud before speaking, "What?! Haha! Do you really think so I am here to f*ck you?" He snapped his fingers and said, "In just one wink, I can have any she-wolf in my bed! I don't chase them, I just bait them! Following me like a puppy is their job!"He grabbed her chin and pinched it as he laughed off, "Don't think so highly of yourself that you will be screwed by the great Alpha Max!" Pushing her away, he dusted his hands and said, "You have go
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