Lycan's Redemption: Captive to Lover

Lycan's Redemption: Captive to Lover

By:  missauthorC  Completed
Language: English
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My boyfriend, Vincent, was behind the wheel when he tragically struck and killed Lycan Aaron's girlfriend. Driven by love, I made the fateful decision to shoulder the blame on his behalf. But I never thought that Lycan Aaron was my mate. Vincent betrayed me, and Aaron, consumed by a vengeful fire, held me captive in his clutches. ** Lying on Aaron's bed, I could feel the warmth and desire of his body. "When will you release me, Lycan Aaron?" I whispered, my voice laden with longing and uncertainty. "Do not entertain thoughts of escape, Olive. For if you dare, the consequences will be more agonizing than death itself," Aaron murmured softly into my ear as we surrendered to sleep, his words lingering in the air like an ominous but sweet melody.

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Kavya singh
this is a very lovely story and I enjoyed it
2024-02-12 00:52:11
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Chapters were updated.
2023-08-14 10:16:43
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guest guest
so far so good... just waiting on more chapters to be posted...
2023-07-20 05:58:30
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Carrie Paschen Varner
Enjoying so far and episodes left on a cliffhanger. Hope we don’t have to wait long for the rest.
2023-07-10 19:47:24
145 Chapters
1. "The Night After Mating Ceremony"
Olive's POV My life, which I thought was sweet and full of romance, changed after the hit-and-run accident, and I fell into the pit of the Alpha Lycan’s revenge. ** The mating ceremony. It is such a big deal for every werewolf. Every mature female and male wolf will have the chance to meet their mate in the event. My grandmother said that one could feel the bond with just a stare in the eye. It is either you accept it or reject it. As for me, at age 17, I am not mature enough to feel the bond I have with my mate. My boyfriend, Vincent, the Alpha of the Blackridge pack, just turned 18 three months ago, and he had to attend the mating ceremony to fulfill his duties as the Alpha heir. The curious us chose to create trouble by sneaking an underage female werewolf like me to witness what a mating ceremony would be. Which we might regret soon. ‘I regretted coming just now.’ Werewolves who found what the Goddess of Moon stored for them, sneaked into the corners in pairs, doing rendezvo
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2. "Lycan's Revenge"
Aaron’s POV ‘If only I chased after her, none of this would happen.’ I was walking back and forth outside the emergency room. The line between dream and reality was crossing in my head, hoping this was a nightmare that would end once I opened my eyes. I always thought I could control everything: my emotions, the people around me, and Vera.But I was wrong.It happened with just a blink of an eye, and the reality hits me – I could not protect the woman I love.The door of the operating room opened. My breath halted. I instantly forgot what’s what as I stood before the doctor.“How’s Vera? Can I see her right now?” I asked, trying to remain calm as much as possible.“Vera wasn’t breathing when they took her in,” the doctor said, unable to look directly into my eyes. “I am sorry, Lycan Aaron. We did our best. But Vera did not survive.”My eyes bulged wide open. Words left me. I couldn’t even argue with the doctor and ask her if she was kidding. Vera’s death will never be a good joke.
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3. "Crime and Punishment"
Olive's POVI woke up on a soft sheet as a streak of sunlight trickled in through the window.Slowly and reluctantly, I opened my eyes. I blinked several times to clear the hazy vision as I scrutinized my surroundings in confusion. And then, I found myself in Vincent’s room.‘What happened last night?’I sat up, but my head throbbed, and the gravity was hard to fight against. I barely moved up while trying to recall last night’s event. “Last night, Vincent and I were on our way back home. It was r-raining, and he was driving fast. Then…”Then… what?My fingers brushed against the bandage wrapped around my head, triggering a sudden surge of memories.‘Woman, blood, accident…’While I was trying to put the puzzles together,, it was then I heard the news on the television which was left on.["Earlier today, a devastating hit-and-run incident occurred in Westford.”]My eyes were glued to the TV screen while my hands regained their vigor and I continued to listen.[“It appears that the d
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4. "Taking Responsibility, Blinded in Love"
Olive's POV“ANSWER ME, OLIVE. Are you going to turn me in?”My mouth opened and closed several times, wanting to argue with him, but failed to do so. I looked at my phone in his hand. Vincent hung up the call, and without Grandma’s encouragement to choose the right path, telling Vincent what we had to do, felt like swallowing thousands of needles.I was muted while staring into his solemn eyes, sorrowful and gloomy, as if he was already betrayed when I hadn’t done anything yet.“Please, Olive. Can you just think about me?” Vincent asked, clutching my phone tightly as he stepped closer.I stepped backward. My emotions were in stormy clouds, I drowned in water that was only up to my ankle. Oh, how hard it is to agree to something very wrong and vicious!“She was Lycan’s girlfriend. Do you have any idea what will happen to me if you turn me in?”He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. With a looming gasp, I looked up. His sardonic face was colored black and white. It is an expression of
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5. "Stepping into the Pit of Darkness"
Olive's POVThe clouds were dark when the cold handcuffs slapped around my wrists.I looked up at the sky.‘Did I imagine getting arrested by the cops with a crime I never committed?’ Everything seemed surreal when I found myself sitting on the back seat of the police cruiser. Houses, cars, and people outside window, I cherished each of them knowing that it would be a long time before I would see those sights again. Having these thoughts, the answer to my question came clear.‘I wasn’t born a rule breaker. But for the man I love, I broke my own rule.’ “Get out.”My mind was hazy when the door of the police cab opened. What waiting before me was a gloomy concrete building for people seeking forgiveness for their sins. And I had to go through with it. For Vincent, for the pack, and for my grandma.‘Vincent will take care of my grandma.’ His promise, a solace for my flickering hope, gave me courage to step in and enter the police station.Walking into the bustling lobby of the police
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6. "Predatory Claws Of Revenge"
Olive's POVI am not heading to prison, but to a place worse than that. **“Ahh!”The police pushed me behind, I stumbled forward inside the car. When the door closed and the car started moving, I gazed out the window. The courthouse faded in my sight. I felt my heart in booming thunder as I bewilderedly looked back at Aaron.“W-What is the meaning of this?” I asked.I crawled backward into the very corner with my hands still together, handcuffed.Sneering, Aaron responded with sarcasm and contempt.“It is what you can see. I am giving you the right punishment. Serving two years for killing Vera? That’s b*llshit. The Juvenile protection laws are too merciful. Don’t you think so?”I bit my lip until the fishy taste lingered on my tongue. Despite feeling hatred towards Aaron, I couldn’t bring myself to scorn him.‘Why would I? I killed her girlfriend. I am nothing but a murderer in his eyes.’ Vincent was right. Spending years in prison would not comfort a Lycan like Aaron. He might ha
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7. "Losing 'Olive'"
Olive's POV‘Grandma. You gave my name ‘Olive’, right? Why did you choose Olive?’ “Because the word ‘Olive’ is another way to love someone without having to say love.”“Really? Then, if I want to say I love you too Grandma, I can just tell you ‘Olive you’?” “Oh my silly pumpkin. Who taught you to be this adorable? Of course, dear.”“Olive you, Grandma. Thank you for giving me the sweetest name.” “Olive you too, baby. I pray to the Goddess Moon to give you a life apparent to your name.” Notwithstanding being a half-breed, my grandma treated me like the most wonderful person ever. For that, I had promised to live up to the name she bestowed on me. But one day, the name I have been treasuring ages ago vanished. Four digits replaced the meaningful “Olive”, only to remind me of the crime I witnessed that rainy night.“0315! Are you listening?!”Physically incapable, I looked at the maid who called me with the inmate number, showcasing my position as Vera’s murderer.Absolutely grimace,
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8. "Fighting Against Desires"
Aaron's POV“Take off your clothes.”Her widened eyes showcased perplexity at my request. When I saw that reaction, and the way her snow-like skin blushed like a ripened tomato, there was a turmoil inside of me.I could not help but watch how her brown hair fell beautifully despite getting tousled. Her green eyes, round shape, and downturned corners evoked a strong sense of gentleness, and they complement her glass skin.Her appearance, and small stature – she barely reached my chin – made her look more ethereal than anyone I laid my eyes on. And her strong odor, f*ck, it was like a mixture of nectarines, freesia, and roses. I had never smelled anything like this before, and I was entranced.My wolf, Zack, was so excited that he kept on urging me to pull her closer and kiss her right away.‘I can’t resist her smell, Aaron. Go and get her!’ Damn it. What a great irony that the Alpha Lycan’s partner was his girlfriend’s murderer!‘Shut the f*ck up, Zack. You know how much I detest thi
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9. Conflicted With His Judgement
Aaron’s POV“0315!”As I called out the name of my prisoner, an eerie silence permeated the room, causing a growing sense of unease within me.My wolf, Zack, intuitively picked up on my agitation as he grew anxious deep in me. Despite my attempts to stay rational and composed, my body betrayed me, and I found myself impulsively rushing towards the bathroom door to investigate the unsettling silence.It was then that I realized why my mate’s scent got weaker. 0315 was lying on the ground and was unconscious. She didn’t even finish wearing the clothes I prepared for her to wear. Holding the shirt with one hand, she’s lying on cold ceramic tiles with only her brassier and undergarment.I shouldn’t feel empathy towards my girlfriend’s murderer. But when I saw that delicate woman looking so weak, I let out a massive roar with my Alpha voice.I rushed over and quickly held her in my arms. She felt like she would snap like a twig if I were careless.“Angelica! Angelica!”Upon my summons, the
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10. "The Pack's Doctor Who Returned Home"
Griffin’s POVI am a General Surgeon who has been practicing medicine for 7 years, and high rated in 37 conditions. My top areas of expertise are Pancreatic Cancer, Familiar Pancreatic Cancer, Pheochromocytoma, and Splenectomy. I chose this path and even studied abroad to fulfill my promise to a friend.‘I will be the best Pack’s Doctor so I can treat my friend’s Grandmother.’ Therefore, I planned to search for my friend and visit her soon as I returned to my country and went home. However, I received an urgent call from Alpha Lycan’s castle.[“We need the best Pack’s doctor to treat the Lycan’s prisoner! Come quick!”]The Pack’s hospital recommended I take over the situation as they believed I could satisfy the Alpha’s needs. The other doctors told me I should be careful dealing with the Alpha because he’s not in the right state.The Lycan’s Alpha’s girlfriend died recently together with their unborn baby. Alpha Aaron was holding his prisoner in his castle, and it was said that he t
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