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After class, I ran immediately through the side forest of our clan territory perimeter to get some practice. I've been doing this every day to be more powerful and someday to be the ruler of all the wolf clans. That was my plan. But for some reason—I mean, Lyca's reason—my plan will be ruined. I saw her earlier and what she did to Irya. I know Zack didn't think it was Lyca because, in the first place, Zack didn't know about Lyca. I clench my fist and move fast to attack my opponent. But the elderly are much faster than me and avoid my attacks.

I eagerly give him another punch with the matching power of mine. That was one of my powers, and the other is that I can move faster than lightning. And now with every move I make, the dry leaves fly around me like a tornado. And my opponent couldn't avoid my attack this time.

"Hahaha, it looks like you're getting stronger every day, Sam."

My uncle's laughter echoed all over the forest. And at night, birds fly in so much fear. I shook
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Catherine Greene
That nickname Flirty Vamps is too funny. 🤣

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