She tried hard not to cry, but she couldn’t hold it in any longer. She cried herself to exhaustion. She shed the act she was putting on of being a strong fierce leader and allowed herself to feel vulnerable for once, to be a young adult girl in a cruel world. The rest of her fellow state guards in her living room could hear her crying, but they all put themselves in her shoes and knew deep in their hearts what she was going through. They would have done the same, take a break and let it all out.

Surprisingly Tulip was amongst them, but she was heavily chained down she couldn’t even make a step forward. The whole house was soundless, only infrequent sounds of Alicia’s sobs broke the silence. After an agonizing thirty minutes her cries finally died down and she walked out of her room with swollen eyes.

“So, what is it you wanted to tell us! Exchange of information and we will grant you freedom… that was the deal.”

Alicia said, trying hard to compose herself. Tulip tried hard to strai
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