The Rain Princess

The Rain Princess

By:  N.n.  Ongoing
Language: English
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They say once God give something, no matter what ,God gonna take it back again , nothing is granted , not life nor death. Because in life and death we shall always apart. when her kingdom all falls apart ,and war rings her door , and evil roams thirsty for her soul , the princess has to take a stand, but she's not alone like she ever thought , that mighty warrior who is full of surprises for her as she uncover her hidden destiny with him.

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27 Chapters
Strange Rain.
They say once we are given something, no matter what, it is gonna be taken back again and again, nothing is granted to last , not life nor death . Because in life and death we shall always part , it is a journey full of mysteries , isnot it? In life, we live so full just to simply die , that makes me question are we even alive in the first place , or the fateful truth we are just dead dreaming to be alive . we don't own life and we donot own death , we basically have nothing but the last moments we spent before the clock ticks . As much as you enjoy loving someone , as much as you fall in love with someone , you sooner or later you are going to fall out of it ,nothing stays the same , time can kill it .... slowly . Not by your own free will ? i wonder what can we do ? nothing !! As not even our hearts , belong to us , so nothing really lasts not love nor life nor death ?! so what is left really for us ? They say you live only for the thing you miss the most , the thing that y
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Forest of answers. Part 1.
Who i am ? what is this !!! where i am ? "DID THEY BROUGHT YOU HERE ?" a glorious voice came from everywhere.  What!! why me , who are they !? I am looking right and forth ,and I am all over here lying to the ground unable to move away , the ground itself is not hard , rather it's more like an ocean surface, turbulant ocean like small waves , hitting my fingers gently again and again , and here I am all there , lying on my back, can't move at all , like I am being paralysed , I lost my sense of time, I don't know how long I have been here , or how long I have been in this state ,but I manged to tilt my head alittle up . up!!!  I started to see my reflection on the ceiling, seems like a big silver mirror , I can clearly see myself . I am lying there over the surface , barely touching it , unable to move , my hair is floating like thin Filoplumes feather in the air , as light as an infant soul , yet I feel so heavy , so
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Forest of answers. Part 2.
 And I couldn't solve it .I took it to bed with me maybe there's something I can do, at least I took something finally to bed , hope it could escalate to be someone one day but I guess it would never happen. all my tryings , all were in vain ,my trying to solve the cube of course, what did get in your head any way , I meant the cube !I tried alot , and I am dying of fatigue. I yawned alot , maybe I deserve a nap and later when I wake up , I will solve my puzzle , sure I will.oh no oh no here we go again.I am going to that dream again .here we go again .the same settings and the same dream, looks like I did book it for two nights in a raw , lucky me , exclusively , and now the brown crawlers are holding me tighter, tighter than ever and starting to grab me down , beneath the ocean's dark surface , I can't escape their grip , my head barely above the surface and the small breaking waves hitting my face , my
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Forest of answers. part 3.
I woke up this time not afraid but confused , the voice wants me to find him or her , but it was man voice so afterall him ! , I don't know who would ever go where he don't know exactly is , and guided by a mere dream , a mere dream !!, may be I was feverish or ate too much , I don't know .. I went to my mom's room , but couldn't find her , beside the room was a total disaster,  I have gotten worried. " hi Emerald where is my mother ,I can't find her" .Emerald trembled and looked around her while pushing on her hand tight " I , I,... I don't know " and she saw something or someone behind me and started to run away."Alayas is in the capital , I sent her there "I felt so frozen out for instance , I couldn't move or breathe, and my throat went on drought brought by just the thought that it could be , could it be .... , him , the mocking in his tone , is it him !!"Mais!!! , is it your name? ,  I haven't seen you in a lo
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Forest of answers. Part 4.
so I started to follow the little branch dancing right and left , like a brown rattle snake in mating season I would say .the branch became two then three then bunches of branches all going and leading me some where, and I am following it out of curiosity, if I stop to look behind me , they grap and push me forward, as the way became baved for me all trees making a way even pushing rocks , Shrubberies coming closer to each other leaving enough space for me to pass through,  I looked behind to see all my trace is being erased , even the rocks are being build in a wall behind me by the branches , it did give me chills of creep but somehow i felt the greatness of it .this forest used to have the most terrible reputation over the years , even mom feared it , they said no animal can walk within it , it's lifeless , you hear no bird chirping ,no nothing at all ,  just the wind whistle throught the leaves of dead trees ,it is more lik
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Forest of answers. Part 5.
I picked up my torn pride saying "I I I.... I didn't mean you you you were ...." and before I could complete my murmured speak." I FOUND The PRINCESS " some guard yelled , while all others came answering his call head turned in fear towards to the voice only to see one guard is destroying the wall .it's my fault instead of running i wasted my time falling for and admiring with sleepy man .the wounded warrior " so princess hmmm"he didn't lift his sharp eyes from me.I panicked from his serious look more than the yelling guards, his look paralysed me instead of running I became under his captivating aura , his prisoner , it is like my feet were stoned and refused to move at all.the chef guard looked at him and at me .Something inside of me tells me that the donkey is more smart than him , for what he is gonna say next."princess no one should know that you have a lover , otherwise your suiter gon
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Forest of answers. Part 6.
then he turned to me while drawing a dazzling smile on his face .....Once I saw him looking at me like this and smiling , I heaved a sigh , deep deep deep how can I save my stained dignity , should I start running ?I hope he doesn't stuck my face in anyone's *ss for real , not even his , oh what I am thinking?"l.... I want to say ..."I said while trying my best not to look at his face , trying to resist the shimmering drops of peppery air between us , drawing valleys on his hard rigged skin like moist clam , and I like clams , yeah thinking like this just made things worst in my mind .I didn't know what to say , I lost it , my words somewhere , I can't talk , I just need to focus and stop these feelings that drives blindly , why i am doing all of this because I saw a man ,like its my first time seeing one , besides who is he??." so did
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Forest of answers. Last part.
before we go I stopped his horse "wait , the tree " i jumped off quickly , and I went to it , while his horse was starled so much , so eager to leave. unlike the horse I rode earlier but that horse was different it was tough like his owner .I went for the dead tree I felt being driven to touch it , once I did , I felt it , that shiver that ran from me to the tree , so I was conquered few steps back from the unexpected surprise .the tree where I touched started to excrete water so much that all the ground became muddy and it started to grow and nourish small flowers moving and dancing around me !!! , it started to grow in so unbelievable speed.I felt so dizzy once I inhaledb the grains that came from the flowers. I was taken by it as I watched until water reached my knee , and didn't hear his calling like I was in delirium .he kept calling and waving for me but somehow I couldn't see him.this tree , this is why I a
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The Darkened King. Part 1.
Before entering that huge tibetan the air was hitting me in a vain try to wake me up from my coma , I struggled to look back at him , as my mind and soul were drowning in shame , I saw what seemed like a scar trace , a burning scar to be specific in the shape of a tree branches reaching to his shoulders and wrapping through his muscled rigid neck .For a moment , I wasnot there , i felt like i was carried to another distance , under hypnosis I think i became , by just looking at his scar. We reached our destination...... Once we arrived, the gates were being opened for us very quickly ,soldiers came in a coordinate organisation surronding us , and baving the way across those fancy gates .soldiers bowed to him in so much respect, he got off the horse in one jump and looked at me by the side of his eyes , I saw one girl , very well dressed like a princess maybe , came running to him hugging him while he went fo
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The Darkened King. Part 2.
he looked back at me and I looked at him back in a mannered fierce . "SAY IT" he said  I kept staring at him in anger , anger mixed with fear. "say it princess , where are you ? and who AM I ?" . I swallowed back and closed my eyes while whispering " I am at Rivera , the Dark Kingdom, and you are .... y...ou ..... are ...." I was sileneced by my fear . Back then.... there was a story rumouring back when I was just 12 , about a fierce young king , who ruled all the nearby kingdoms by a hand of steel , his father was murdered in front of his bare eyes , his younger brother were tortured to death , and he was thrown into the flaming fire to engulf him alive , but what happened next was never like anything  , it was a horrifying miracle , he jumped off the fire with unbelievable wrath of ignited flames of fire eating his flesh , he screamed loud and fough
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