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WARNING! This book contains strong matured contents which includes (lots of it), trauma, abuse. Read at your own risk! . "Do you know what smells better than fear?" His voice was a replica of the male. Deep, dark, and dangerous. "What...?" She squeaked, terrified. He was standing so close to her... "Lùst. Desire." He spat the words like they tasted bad, his eyes cold, his face inscrutable. "The scent of your wetness is driving me insane. I can practically taste your hunger for my cóck." Then, he shocked them both. With a savage growl, his head lowered completely and his mouth crashed down to hers. . ************ There are rumors... Whispers around in secret. Murmurs in pitch darkness. Of the most powerful 'man' in Naturiah. The most fearsome creature. The fiercest predator Naturiah ever has. A man who is the 'impossible'. Rumors has it that his powers and strength surpass that of all 'men'. Powerful. Fearless. Highly Séxual. Instinctive. Dominant. Predators. He is their Alpha. Most species has an Alpha, but this 'man' is the Alpha of all Alphas. The ultimate Alpha. The Alpha King. They think him god. He is respected like one. He is feared like one. They call him god. Because, he is a crossbreed between the two most powerful creatures. He has the strength of a mountain lion and the power of a werewolf. He can take the form of a mountain lion or a werewolf. Or a man. Why? Because, he is a werewolf AND a mountain lion. His name is Wolfariane Daminor Throne. The Alpha King of Naturiah.

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MATE TO THE ALPHA PREDATOR by Kiss Leilani is a werewolf novel with a rating of five stars. Wolfariane Daminor Throne is the fearsome Alpha King of Naturiah. He did not want a child or a mate to keep him company. Wolfaraine only needs physical satisfaction, especially during the full moon. When he hears Ismena Cranes, a sickly and dying woman, is his mate, he mocks her. However, after meeting Ismena, he becomes possessive and obsessed. How can the frail lady withstand the strong libido of the Alpha King? Or will Wolfariane learn to be patient and gentle with his mate?

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Intro and Excerpt.
Legend tells tales of creatures—sometimes lions, sometimes other beasts, but most often, wolves—that can change shape, and walk as men. Legend says that this gift, or curse, granted them the reasoning of men, the instinct of wolves, and strength far surpassing either species. Legend states that this fusion of man and beast, immune to all harm towers over mere mortals, powerful beyond imagining. __The Journals of Peter Stubbe.INTRO.Deep in the mountains, far beyond the valley and way across the rivers, is a huge 'world' that occupies acres and acres of land, a home for Changelings, called Naturiah.Changelings are 'people' who can take on the form of an animal. Leopards, mountain lions, werewolves, deer, swans, rats, cats, and a lot of others.There are two most powerful Changelings in Naturiah. These two species are the werewolves and the mountain lions—also called Cougars. For centuries, these two Changelings have been enemies, fighting for dominance over
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🌺OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA.🌺The doctor stood beside Ismena's bed in his white scrubs and unruly gray hair. He has that look in his brown eyes that does NOT portray good news at all.Ismena waited him out. No way in grand Hades is she gonna urge this man on when he's gonna give her the bad news. He might as well take all the time in the world, she doesn't care.Finally, he opened his mouth, "I'm sorry to say this, Ismena Cranes but you have something we call Coronary Heart Disease. Very complicated and trickish for only making itself known now that it's in the last stage. We have treatments that will keep you alive for a long time, but after running some tests, it turns out that you have strong allergies to the most important drugs among them. Your heart isn't responding to the other treatments we were hoping on.""What are you saying, doctor?" Ismena isn't understanding a thing at all.He took a deep breath like he was preparing himself for the worst before he opened his mouth again,
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Chapter 1.
🌺OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA🌺Two weeks after her visit to the doctor, Ismena Cranes sat in her bedroom with her best friend, Sandra, who paid her a visit when she heard that her friend is back in town. They've been friends for more than ten years—since high school—and even though Ismena left town after college in search of a job, they remained in touch with each other. They visited each other once in a while and spent quality time together."Hey, what is this you've been reading since you got here anyway?" Ismena asked her best friend."A new book. Damn, you need to read this book, it's perfect." She flipped to the next page, her brows knitted in ardent concentration.Ismena scribbled down the number ten of her list, "No thanks. I'll pass on that one. Can't believe you haven't changed none in the last ten years. You're still reading fantasies that don't exist." She has nothing against books, but her best friend can spend an eternity reading fairytales. Is that a way to live life?"You
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Chapter 2
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA🌺"So, what else are we shopping for?" Sandra asked her friend as they got out of Penn Square mall, each of them carrying two shopping bags filled with Ismena's accessories and necessities for her vacay."Nothing, I think we're done. God, this feels heavenly!" Ismena raised her head towards the sun, a wide smile on her face, "I can't remember the last time I shopped.""Me too. I'm glad you came back, you know. I almost forgot what the inside of a mall looks like. I've been too busy running after stories. Whoever said being a journalist is easy?""I know, right?" As they walked towards Ismena's car, she swung her head in her friend's direction, "If you wanna catch fun in life, now's the time, Sandy. Don't wait until you're dying or getting old. Life is too short.""See who's talking? Just because you've got a little time on your hands now doesn't mean you aren't a workaholic." Her friend teased."Well, you are right but—Whoofs!!!" She gasped suddenly when the br
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Chapter 3
"You do not look glad, Alpha King." Alphose countered.Wolfariane Daminor Throne spared him another glance, "I do not have to look glad to be glad, Alphose.""Of course, Alpha King.""You're dismissed." He inclined his head slightly and faced the door."Oh, and Alphose?""Yes?" He turned.Wolfariane finally put the signed documents away and looked at him fully, "You are a mountain lion, and you are starting to seem edgy. As a man who is a mountain lion and a werewolf, I can tell you that there is not much difference between the two species. Both species need to let off some steams once in a while or the animal... will not be at rest." A surprisingly gentle look took over the frown that marred his face before, "You know how dangerous that can be."His Alpha is right and he knows it, "I will go for a run at sundown." "Running can only take the edge off, you need séx." He said bluntly, "If running works so well, wolves wouldn't be saddled with the full moon which forces us to mat
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Chapter 4
One week later...🌺LAVO NIGHTCLUB, NEW YORK🌺Ismena walked through the door of the club. All of the dancers were sultry-looking females, beautiful and nearly naked. Some of the men were laughing and dancing with these women. Some were taking shots of drinks at the bar-side.Wisps of smoke cast a dream-fog around them, and pinpricks of starlight rained from the swirling strobe, illuminating everything inside the darkened nightclub in slow, sweeping circles. From the corner of her eye, she caught a scintillating glimpse of a taut masculine ass pounding forward, back, forward, into an ecstatic woman. Ismena shook her head. These women that just bent to their waists and have séx in a club, how exactly do they manage to just do so with reckless abandon?She wants wild, but not this wild.These past few days have been glorious for her. She walked towards the bar and ordered her drink, she was smiling as she remembered her fun time in the amusement park. She'd conquered her lifelong fear
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Chapter 5
Wolfariane Daminor Throne wanted nothing more than to ignore the woman when these men had followed her to the bathroom because he does not give a damn about her specie, but when he'd heard her scream, his wolf and cougar had woken at the same time in alert, and bared their teeth.They agreed long ago that they hated non-changelings. So, why was she able to wake him?He'd tried to ignore it anyway, but his sensitive hearing suddenly became more attuned to the sounds coming from the bathroom of the restroom than loud music of the club. He heard her muffled screams, even the almost soundless movements of her struggles. The wolf became more restless, which in turn, made him restless.Now, he walked through the door he'd just broken its lock in one push and closed it behind him, peering at the weasels who held the girl."Leave us to our fun, man. We found her first." The one pinning her down said bravely to him. Swallowed tightly, he added hopefully, "You can go after us if you want a piec
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Chapter 6
Wolfariane dumped her on the bed and rose. He took a moment to arrange his clothing, scowling more at the untidiness and slight wrinkling of his suit. Damn drunk female."I can seeeeeeeeeeee the thundeeeer! It's vibrating my beeeeeeeeed! I think I'm gonnaaaaa vanish—" she gagged again. "I don't feel so good, big guy.""You are drunk and drugged. You have no business feeling good tonight.""Aaaaaah," she nodded her head in understanding. Accompanied with a huge smile, "But, that is where you're wrooooooooong!" she sang. "I feel like I can flyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!"Wolfariane shook his head. "I hope we do not see again, female." He faced the door and walked—A feminine hand grabbed his...and tugged hard.He wasn't expecting it, he lost his footing to the direction she tugged him to and fell right on top of her, breaking his fall in the last minutes with the hands that shot out on either side of her head—which held his upper body away from her, instead of crashing full-body on her."Ooooh, look
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Chapter 7
Minutes later, with some form of control reinstated, he tried to survey his situation rationally.He has found his mate and she is dying. And she is non-changeling.Memories filled his head of a time he wishes never to remember ever again. After all these years, the pain is still deeply ingrained in him. The reason why his mountain lion is more feral than any other changeling's in Naturiah and his wolf is the most séxually insatiable, rough, and fierce.How does he handle this? Can he handle this?A few minutes later, he came out expecting to see her sleeping because of the silence of the bedroom, but she was awake. She smirked at the sight of him. "You are back.""I do not have the intentions of taking a mate or having a child, least of all not a non-changeling mate because I have no liking for them, and most especially, not one who's drunk, sassy, and a trouble magnet." The woman is the complete opposite of him.Ismena isn't understanding half of the words coming out of the man's mo
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Chapter 8
Ismena woke up early the next morning with a clanging headache. "Awwggh," she moaned, palming her banging head.Where am I? The events of the night before filled her head, most of them anyway. Those men had tried to rape her, and she was rescued by—Big Bad Wolfe! Where is he?Eyes darted around the empty bedroom. He's gone. Did he...?Eyes darted to her body. Nope, he didn't take advantage of her. Then, other memories came rushing in; the way she'd forced him to save her, he'd carried her out of the nightclub and brought her here. She'd propositioned him for séx!"Unholy pants, did I really do that!?" She cringed, horrified as more memories pricked her clanging head. "Oh, my... What the hell did I do?"Shit, she's the one that almost took advantage of the man. Bad Ismena, very bad girl.Rising from the bed, she reached for the room phone and ordered some hangover tea. She's feeling surprisingly good this morning, too good. Wasn't her chest burning the night before? Her meds have fi
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