MEANT TO BE YOURS (English Version)

MEANT TO BE YOURS (English Version)

By:  Eckolohiya23  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Yes, I can be your husband, Tracy, but don't expect I will still love you like before." Tracy felt big sadness when hearing those heavy words of Fien. She continues to be hurt by his coldness and anger towards her. Before, a big obstacle in their love was their large status-living gap. And now that she has set her foot on the cloud where he is, it is a big challenge for her to make him fall in love again. In her new world, will she still be able to attain her longing for true love? Or will it remain a dream as it was when her life had not changed?

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Is everyone ready?" Tracy Alcantara happily asked her staff at her restaurant Zenai's Diner. She has three waiters, three cooks, and a cashier. She also helps to cook, especially on their specialty menus. Her business is small, but there is a big growth."We are ready, Ma'am," one of his waiters, Rigor, replied gracefully. Like her other staff, he also wears a collared T-shirt with the restaurant's logo. Her other employees nodded.She smiled sweetly at them. "Thank you for your cooperation; expect to be busy today. Let's expect and hope that many customers will flock to us later. So, do our best, and I guarantee you will have overtime pay.”On that day, many people flocked to the town of Sta. Maria. Many tourists from other parts of the country are arriving one by one. There were also some foreigners present. The town is famous for the Niyogan and Anihan Festival. Coconut is one of the main products that provide livelihood to the residents. The band started to march and play music a
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Chapter 2
Without hesitation, Tracy accepted the handkerchief handed to her by the passenger next. She immediately wiped the tears from her face. She was ashamed of herself and the passenger next to her because her emotions became shallow during the movie she watched."T-thank you," she turned to the person next to her. Her lips parted when she saw the face of the man, her fellow passenger. He is a mestizo; his face is shaped with thick eyebrows, his eyes are small, and he has a pointed nose. He is the definition of a handsome that looks stuck. She instantly admired the stranger even though she had just seen him.“It's all right, Miss,” his baritone voice brought him back to reality. His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at her face. "I just don't want to look like I'm making you cry, and the other passengers might think ridiculous about us. If there were another vacant seat, I would have moved already."She looked back at him with embarrassment. She looked at him again. "Okay, I got your poi
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Chapter 3
Her father, Hernando, was the one Tracy bumped into in the living room. He was sitting on the sofa looking at her. "Yes, Pa, I'm just coming home because I went shopping for groceries at Amante." He nodded to her. “That's good. You are obviously very tired. I can't say enough about your hard work and effort in life."She smiled bitterly. “I have to do more for myself. All the time, my ally is myself. The more I give up, the more I lose."The words she let out were enough to burst out her silent protest. Even though it is limited, she is somehow able to release her grievances and grudges against the family she had. And if it can be considered family.There seems to be a glint of guilt in her father's eyes as he stares at her. What followed was the avoidance of looks. "Come here, Tracy; I just want to talk to you. That's if it's okay with you."She nodded and then willingly sat beside Hernando. There was a moment of silence between her and him. It's obvious who will speak first to the
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Chapter 4
AT THREE in the morning, Tracy had to enter the restaurant early. The restaurant suddenly received a bulk of breakfast orders. A breakfast serving for a businessmen's conference in Sta. Maria and neighboring towns. She can take advantage of such an opportunity because it's a way to get to known Zenai's Diner even more. She also let her staff in early, but they might just be arriving. I can do it! She said that she had already started the work. She was carrying a bowl containing chicken parts that she had soaked overnight in salt and sugar. She gently put it in the steaming machine to cook the meat completely. Later she will have it fried.Their fried chicken is one of their best-selling menu items. According to the customers who have eaten there, this particular menu can compete on the same product as those in the fast-food chain.She has also started to check the other menu to ensure it is complete and properly prepared. Many more dishes must be cooked, but she will leave them to My
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