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"I love you." She blurted out, eyes wide, filled with unshed tears as they both stared at each other. "I love you and I know you know that so please don't say what happened was a mistake or that you're leaving me." Her cracked at the last statement. "Don't destroy us." She moved closer to him, putting a gentle hand on his arm. He lifted his gaze to hers and she feared whatever it is he was going to say the way his eyes looked. They've never looked so....empty. "Darling, there is nothing to destroy if there was nothing to ever break. There was never an us Idalia." He stated venom lacing his words. "What?" Her voice cracked "Whatever happened between us was a mistake. I regret it." Her face crumpled as her hand dropped from his arm, putting space between them. "Don't say that." "Just leave Idalia." He turned his back to awards her and continued stuffing clothes into his bag. After some time, "Okay." She nodded her head in understanding, wiping her tears, trying to stop the already flowing tears. Glancing at him one more time, she walked out of his room. When Idalia Bianchi confesses her love to Ivan Volklov, her best friend and the heir to the Italian mafia, he does not reciprocate the feeling. Years after walking out of the room of the one she loves, he is back in her life. Her brother's best friend. It’s finally time for her to find a husband and according to her family tradition it has to be an arranged marriage and what better and safer match for her than a member of the Italian mafia. Even though there is already an alliance between the families, a marriage makes it more "sophisticated", like her father says.

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1
CHAPTER ONE"Your birthday is next week, what are you going to do?" my younger brother, Gabriel, asks as he pours a bag of Cheetos into his mouth all of us staring at the movie playing on the large screen. And by all of us I mean myself, Gabriel and Ivan- my older brother's best friend."I do not plan on doing anything. I am turning twenty, no big deal" I shrugged as I put a spoonful of nutella into my mouth. "That thing is going to give you serious stomach pain and you will be writhing in pain." Ivan, my brothers best friend scolded me as he eyed the jar in my hands. He was the one that literally made me obsessed with it. I rolled my eyes, putting another spoonful of nutella into my mouth, "mind your business.""We could go to the club?" Ivan suggested as he stood up from the couch beside my brother and then sat beside me. I gave him the side eye as he lifted my blanket and then extending it on his thigh. "What are you doing here?""Sitting near my favourite Bianchi sibling of cou
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER TWOSomeone once said your twenties are your selfish years. It's a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little and never touch the ground. And that's exactly what I am going to do today. Today I turn twenty.The first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning are two large ballons with twenty written on them and underneath it is a small note. From Ivan, the back says.I peeled it open with a grin on my face, Twenty looks good on you my Idalia. I know, I know, I haven't seen you yet but I have seen you on other mornings though and if how you look on other mornings is how you look right now, then I am right. Happy birthday to my favourite person. See you tonight my love.I folded it back neatly and then placed the piece of note under my pillow. I entered into my bathroom and brushed my teeth before leaving downstairs for breakfast. As I descend
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3It is evening already and I am preparing to go to the club like we have all planned , when a knock sounded on my door. "Come in." I called out as I applied my mascara gently onto my face. Gabriel entered into my room, one hand behind his back, a smile on his face. "I come bearing gifts." He grinned as he revealed what he was holding behind his back. I collected the black cloth from him but felt something familiar in it. I opened it and it was a set of knives. Three black knives with my name engraved on each handle ranging in sizes.I ran my hand through it, a smile on my face as I picked one up and threw it against my door. "Woah, easy there." He chuckled nervously. "Sorry, I'm just excited." I squealed."So, I'll take it that that means you love it?" I nodded repeatedly a grin on my face as I went to pick back the knife I threw at the door, running my hand over the several knife marks that are practically decorating the door now."Thank you." I grinned, placing it ba
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Chapter 4
Chapter fourAfter a lot of drinks and dancing with the girls I finally wake up and I am actually on my bed this time. The last time I had too much to drink, I slept off on the staircase- don't ask me how comfortable I was, I wasn't. I grab my head, wincing in pain with the amount of pounding that is going on in my head. I sat up and looked around, looking to my left I saw a cup of water and an advil. I grabbed the water and the drug and downed it in one goal. I grabbed my phone and saw a text from Ivan"I'll come pick you up later. Our flight is by five pm." I put off my phone and threw myself on my bed, groaning into my pillow before sleeping off. I woke up about an hour later and then Markell my way into my bathroom to brush my teeth and then do my skin care. I wore one of Ivan's t shirt I had with me and then made my way downstairs. Just as I predicted the cook already left my plate of food on the counter. I put the meal inside the microwave, while waiting for it to heat up I
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER FIVEBy the time we got to the airport I was almost dozing off, we brought out our bags and made our way to the jet that was waiting for us already, I thought we were going to take a commercial plane actually. Fun fact, I have actually never been out of the country before, and one night myself and Ivan just caught ourselves talking about different things. He asked if I could travel anywhere where would it be and without thinking so much, I answered, "Greece." "Why Greece?" He asked. I shrugged, "No particular reason. Just Greece." "Okay, then Greece it is." He replied and not knowing what that meant I decided to keep quiet as we continued to stargaze. But now, I do understand what he meant by that. "You tired?" He nudged me with my duffel bag in his hand. "A little." I wriggled a yawn. "It's okay. You can take a nap when we take our seat." I gazed around the inside of the plane im awe, everywhere was furnished perfectly and it was literally shiny, I swear. I do come fr
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Chapter six
CHAPTER 6After we are done eating and the waitress already came to pack up our plates, the sun was already setting and a lot of people were still outside, walking their dogs and shit. "Before we leave I need to go use the toilet." I told Ivan as I stood up from my seat and then made my way into the toilet. I entered into one of the stalls, did my business and then flushed. I came out of the stall to meet another lady in the bathroom. "Hi." I greeted her. "Hi." She smiled back at me. I was about to leave the bathroom when she asked me a question, "sorry, do you by chance have any tampon on you?" "Oh yeah sure but I have to grab it out of my purse in the shop." I pointed back at the shop. "Thank you." She sighed in relief, "you are a life saver." I quickly exited the bathroom and back to our table to grab the tampon. Ivan was on a phone call and he was whispering hushed oh but sounded angry. I lifted a questioning eyebrow May him but he waved me off. I grabbed my purse and went
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Chapter Seven
CHAPTER 7After spending about half an hour at the party, Ivan practically dragged me out of the house, saying he needed his sleep. That was an obvious lie, the guy never sleeps. Always works like a maniac, just like my elder brother.Immediately after entering the house, Ivan locked the door and made sure it was properly locked before we both went upstairs to where the bedroom is. I dropped myself on the bed with a loud grunt. "Do you need to use the shower before me?" he asked as he removed his shoes and placed them neatly beside the bed."No. It's okay, you go in first." I replied but my voice came out muffled since I was face flat on the bed. I heard him chuckle before entering into the bathroom and then after some minutes the shower started running. I was almost about to fall asleep when an idea popped into my head. I quickly stood up from the bed, and undressed, picked up a white towel, wrapping it around my body. I mentally prepared myself for what I was about to do. I mean sh
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Chapter Eight
CHAPTER 8FIVE YEARS LATER (Present time)"You know if you keep bugging father about going to the warehouse with me or any of the guys, he will hasten his process on finding you a husband." My older brother Dante stated as he continued working on his laptop, his chair swirling left and right. The warehouse isn't working on exactly a warehouse it's just code for like a huge basement that isn't actually underground."You know about that?" I scrunched up my nose. "I know about everything. I am the oldest." "What, and you agree with it?""Agree with what?""Finding me a suitable husband." I air quoted around the husband. "We are not in the 18th century anymore.""The world we are born into is." he shrugged. "I will make sure it is not an asshole he gets for you. I promise." he promised."Back to the main topic, you can just sneak me in. He doesn't have to know about it." "He will skin me alive once he finds out his princess has been to the warehouse." I rolled my eyes. "You're exagg
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Chapter nine
CHAPTER 9My father called an emergency meeting with the rest of the people working with him and presently the house is filled with a whole lot of people wearing black suits and black tie. My father's main guards made sure none of the other people wandered into the main house but still, my personal guard won't stop being a pain in the ass, "Miss Bianchi, I think it is advisable for you to be in your room at this time of the day." he said in a monotone voice as he followed me behind my back. Copper is a tall bulky white man, with a bald head and he is always on a suit with sunglasses at all times, mainly when we are outside."I am perfectly fine and I can take care of myself if something happens," he grunts, "and I am sure nothing will happen." I looked back at and gave him a smile as I opened the refrigerator and poured myself a cup of water."Besides, you do know I know how to fight right?""Yeah, but I do not think you would be able to take two large men of my size on your own."I
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Chapter Ten
CHAPTER 10 I was on my third champagne when Gabriel came to meet me by the bar as he sat down on the stool releasing a large exhale, "he says he wants to invest in the company whenever I choose to start it." Did I ever tell you guys I have a genius for a younger brother? He intends on starting is tech company with his best friend once they get enough genuine investors. Dad has been helping in that part mostly, because he does know some really influential people. "Did you agree?""Told him I would get back to him later.""That is smart." I answeresd as i gulped the remainging chmapge in my class."I know. Anyway, what are you going to do about the matchmaking dad is planning for you right now?" He grinned as he gave his order to the bartender."I thought he was going to give me more time. At least five years.""Five years?" Gabriel looked at me like I was mad."Yes."He scoffed, "You would probably get married within three months from now with the rate at which he is going with the d
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