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Verssa Yanng, at a youthful nineteen years of age, boasts an undeniable allure, his striking visage, height six feet in stature, lean yet sturdy. His attractiveness is undeniable; he possesses a universally pleasing look that captivates from every angle. By the tender age of eighteen, Vers had already ascended to the summit of the fashion world as a coveted Top Super Model, dominating the runways of fashion weeks across nearly all continents. At nineteen, his cameo appearance in a movie unexpectedly seized the spotlight, with the supporting role eclipsing even the film's protagonist. Yet, the rosy facade of fame conceals its thorns. Beneath the dazzle lay the shadows of terror: malevolent letters, corrosive threats, and the persistent nocturnal intrusion of rabid fans knocking on his apartment door. Vers recalls having relocated over five times due to the relentless leakage of his whereabouts to his fanatic followers. One night, after a midnight shoot, Vers almost get kidnaped by a group that blocked his car and forcibly pulled him out. An escape landed him in a hospital bed, where he awoke to the presence of a mysterious figure in black. Gale Anderson, a former war veteran turned professional bodyguard, now stands as a sentinel for Vers. A very quiet and mysterious man, handsome yet frigid. His countenance rarely betrays emotion, six feet and five inches tall. His broad hands lifted Vers's slight frame with ease that rendered him akin to a mere child in his grasp. His aura is shrouded in enigma, withholding the identity of his employer, yet his mission remains unwavering: to keep Vers safe by any means necessary. For Vers, unfortunately, it's like a living nightmare; his freedom was robbed as his watchful bodyguard trailed him incessantly, even to the restroom.

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37 Chapters
Ordinary Day
"Akh, it's so hot," thought Versa covering his eyes from the sun that hit right at his face. A pair of blue jaded eyes, clear as the ocean and blue as the skies. So pretty with deep sunken below those thick eyelashes that flutter a couple of times as if the butterfly wings. He came very close to falling backward because he was extremely tired from standing for a long time during his photoshoot. He would have fallen if there wasn't someone behind him who caught him and held onto him to support him, even holding his body. This person was right there and had a big, cheerful smile for him. They were standing very close to each other. "Gale" ........ Amber City, the vibrant and contemporary capital of the nation, stands as a testament to modernity. Amidst its bustling streets, the urban dwellers embrace a lifestyle of opulence, indulging in abundant forms of entertainment and thriving industries. This expansive metropolis, adorned with affluence, unites a diverse populace under its gran
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Gale To the Rescue.
In the elevator.There were three people in the elevator, Edin, Verss, and another man who was dressed as a food delivery man, wearing a dark blue jacket, wearing a hat with the restaurant logo, and carrying a sling in his hand.Edin pressed the button for the twenty-third floor, his office was upstairs, and before long his cell phone rang."Yah Min, quickly bring it to the office, posters of that size should have been there since morning downstairs. The event will start this afternoon but there is not even a little preparation yet, how are you guys working!"The elevator doors opened on the fifth floor, and two more men entered, one like a janitor and the other like a regular visitor. Things got a little hot, Verss thought. Somehow his heart was beating fast, could those people chase him all the way to his office? This is a public place, if they want to kidnap him, this is not the right place, isn't it? Verss didn't want to think badly about it. The elevator opened again, there was a
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As Expected
+-+-+-+- In the afternoon at the fan meeting. Fans that exceed capacity make security officers increase by multiple times. "Vers!!" The screams of the fans never stop. Each of them brought posters of all kinds of souvenirs with a large photo of Verss's face. The fans who had filled the conference room of the Starshot building since the morning seemed like they weren't tired. But even though they are, it's gone when they saw Verss pass beside them. "Ahhh Verss!!" Gale walks very close to Verss. The building's security guards formed a long hallway for Verss and the others to pass. Edin is in front of the PR Agency of Starshot, and Gale and Mimin are behind Verss with another representative from Starshot's headquarters. Today is a fan meeting as well as a celebration Versa's nineteenth birthday. Lots of flower bouquets and gifts from fans have filled the front floor to the back of the lobby. In fact, many sponsors leave their flagship items as special gifts. Vers is still young bu
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Birthday Gift
Verss frowned at what was in front of him now. The man who was his personal bodyguard wanted to give him a present too. And he couldn't refuse it. "A gift for me?" Verss asked picking up a small box. It was about ten inches on each side, black, and covered in a faux leather-like material. Verss took it, opened it, and found something resembling a black remote, not too big, with only three red buttons. While Verss was still adapting to what exactly it was, Derek come and quickly grabbed it from Versa's hands. "Woow! Cool, Verss, who gave you this luxury car? This is the latest model" Derek flipped it over Behind it was a logo resembling a horse standing on its two hind legs with slightly embossed metal engravings. Of course, it was a luxury car key. Verss glanced at Gale, a gift from him, could it be that expensive? From Gale? Verss frowned, and he began to suspect his bodyguard. Ed approached. "Verss, someone wants to meet you, eh Min let him come closer" Edin shouted to Mimin wh
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Panick Attack
Night came. Din's vehicle ran smoothly into the highway and slid at a moderate to high speed. It was past midnight, Verss was doing photo sessions, interviews and short commercials all day, a very busy day. Mimin sat in the front seat next to Din who brought the car. The petite young girl with thick glasses herself was very tired and had to sleep propped up on her cow-headed neck pillow, she almost snored from exhaustion. While Verss is sitting in the middle seat with Gale beside him. He too looks exhausted, propping his head on his hand and sleeping gracefully. Gale shifts his seat, placing a pillow next to Verss's head so he doesn't get sore when he wakes up. But, the young man lowers his hand and rests his head on Gale's shoulder. "Eh" Gale stutters. Verss is probably so tired that even though he's still angry and hasn't spoken to him all day that makes he rests his tired head on his shoulder. Gale adjusts his seat. It was still a long way to the apartment, Verss would probab
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She Was There
 …..The morning sun is warm.Shining in through the open curtains, it wasn't too hot but looking at the position it seemed to be a bit high.Verss raised his hand to block the sun that directly hit his eyes. His head hurts, and his throat is a little sore, is he starting to get sick?Slowly he got up, pulled his leg, and sat for a while looking around. Holding his own arm. Last night, someone hugged him, it must have been just a dream, he was too tired that everything seemed to float outside his head.Verss removed the blanket. At ten o'clock, he had slept for a long time, how long had it been since he had not felt what it was like to wake up late because of his tight schedule, he had to leave the apartment before the sun even rose."Akh"Verss was about to get up but someone suddenly grabbed his hand."Stay on the bed, Young Master"Gale, already in front of Verss, grabbed Verss's hand and helped hi
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"I was nine years old when Ella took me out of that house, and we ran away. Well, it was the plan, but those people always found us. She passed away because of her illness, on the first day I entered high school. All this time, I didn't even know she was seriously ill, Ella, never told me anything" "She doesn't want Young Master to be worried" Verss lowered his head, wiped a drop of water that fell from the corner of his eye, he smiled. "Heh, she doesn't want me to worry. Ella must be felt sorry for me, that she would do anything she could to make me happy. Since a kid, she was always there, wherever, whenever, she was always there, until, suddenly she wasn't there anymore. It is so strange, when someone, who is always with us, suddenly left and makes the room become empty." Verss straightened his seat. "I, don't know my mother. But, Ella said, she loves me more than anything in this world. When everyone in the world told her to abort me, she
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Wild Imagination
Gale frowned at Mimin's strange behavior. He already gets used to that strange nerdy girl who has always been like that since they first meet. Gale just going to ignore her anyway.He grab the white envelope that Mimin gave him earlier and took out a piece of paper resembling a check."How much is this? Two thousand dollars?" Gale asked handing the check into Mimin's hand. Mimi nodded."Yeah, two thousand dollars, that's the minimum price for Verss to perform in Milan, only once for an hour and a half, and it's not even full."Verss glanced at Mimin confused."What is this, Min? Do I have another catwalk-modeling job? You said Edin won't accept the job for a while." Verss flipped the cheque, but can't find the name of the giver."Where did it comes from?""That, did you remember a fanboy who shouted that he liked you? He gave you this envelope for your birthday"Vers nodded."Yeah, really, this was from him?"Mimin nodded."Yeah, there's a letter, try to read what's in it" Verss was a
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The Old Flames Sparks.
Star shot Building.That afternoon Edin will meet the team from the new series that will star Verss. He has not read the script yet but according to his big boss, this series will probably give more opportunities for Verss as an actor and not a model.Journalists from various media are already sitting neatly in the waiting room downstairs, they all will be soon competing to get the most updated news about Verss and other big stars.Edin has not received information about who the main players are besides Verss, but the producer said that this person is famous enough that Verss doesn't have to worry that his co-stars are just ordinary. That is what Edin will confirm in a meeting with other producers and artist managers inside.There was a commotion downstairs, the meeting was held in a room on the second floor, and from the balcony, it was clear what caused the commotion. Verss just got out of his car and walked with Gale who grabbed his hand."Vers!"Edin was just about to enter the me
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It's Arland
Verss tried to break free but Arland's big body blocked the way out, he was completely immersed in the young man's big body. He closed his eyes when the very handsome young man came closer and was about to kiss him. "Don't" Looks like Verss don't have the chance to say no. But nothing happened. "Auch" Arland moaned, someone already held his hand tightly, it is Gale who stared at him with his big bulging eyes. "Please watch your attitude, or I'll break your arm" Arland got up, his hand was almost twisted by the big man. "Aww you're so rude" Gale's eyes bulged as if he wanted to swallow the young man whole, Verss thought this time Gale could break Arland's hand if he didn't stop him soon. "Gale, let him go!" He was about to get up and grab Gale but, the smirk on Arland's face looking back at Gale was also quite fierce. "He" Arland turned things around, and he squeezed back Gale's hand firmly. "Hey who do you think you are? This is between me and my Levi, outsiders don't have an
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