Stressed Spelled Backwards |Lesbian Story|

Stressed Spelled Backwards |Lesbian Story|

By:  Sveta  Completed
Language: English
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Azra Kononovich and her two best friends are about to have the ultimate experience in New York City. They're going to spread their wings and live like the wild girls they dream to be. Now all they have to do is just say yes to everything: new adventures, new jobs, and probably new sweethearts. Easy, right? Wrong. Little did they know that being an adult takes more than just being one. It takes experiences and talent. But where do they get the experience without having experienced it? And none of them have any talents. That's the problem. To top it all, they fall for the same girl. So what is going to happen next to the three musketeers?

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24 Chapters
Chapter 1
Elise leaned forward and tapped the taxi driver on the shoulder. The middle-aged man with thinning gray hair turned around."Pardon me, sir, but after you let us off, you should go straight to the repair shop," she said. "Your engine is quite loud and the air-con isn't working very well."The balding man scowled back. Karmen nudged me in the ribs."Don't tell me she's going to be like this the whole time," she whispered.Elise and Karmen were both best friends of mine. They were frenemies to each other. Karmen nicknamed Elise, Princess Peach.But I knew we were all in perfect agreement with her about the car's lack of proper care. All of us were sweating buckets the
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Chapter 2
My parents called at six-thirty in the morning. I slept talking through the whole conversation. I yawned out that everything was perfectly fine. We got the nicest and safest place to stay. The last part was still in question, but I wouldn't tell them that.Then it was Elise and Karmen's parents calling. They weren't too happy to be woken up at this hour either, and after the reporting time was all over, we agreed that it was wise to go back to sleep.When we woke up again, it was one-thirty in the afternoon.Karmen let out a huge yawn as she stretched."I dreamed about my mom calling me this morning," she said."Everyone's mother called, Karmen," I said. "In real lif
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Chapter 3
"What? You can't leave now!" I raged. "You knocked her out cold! We have to help her.""But when she wakes up, she's going to be mad!" Karmen flinched and rubbed her forehead.I grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her back to the crime scene. We pushed through the crowd of spectators to where Karmen's victim lay. Guess who was at the center of everything, directing traffic, barking orders, and applying wet towelettes to the Elven Princess? That's right. The Princess Peach.Soon the unconscious girl came to and was on her feet again though dripping with water. She cleaned up a little, and we hustled her out for some air. Even after that vicious coco-bump and drenching with alcohol, you could tell she was still great-looking. She was tall and slender, with a really natu
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Chapter 4
Karmen was floating around the apartment in her red spaghetti strap dress. She was trying to make Elise jealous that she had a date with the Elven Princess tonight."I believe in miracles," she said, dabbing perfume over her person in front of the mirror. "If good things don't work out, better things will."As I listened, I tried not to think about Clarice Kingsley and her long beautiful mermaid hair."Where are you going to take her to?" I asked her."Somewhere fancy and romantic, of course," she said. "I wouldn't take a girl to a lousy place.""Well, just remember that you're still unemployed," Elise said.Karmen
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Chapter 5
"I still can't believe you did that," I said as we both entered the apartment. "If Elise finds out, you'll be wrapped in plastic, sitting in the supermarket with the rest of the pork chop!""Azra, I can't believe you're concerned about it. I practically stole my girl back in front of the said girl," she said. "I bet Clarice herself didn't even see it coming. You should be happy for me.""And you still have the decency to come back," Elise said with her arms crossed over her chest. She looked at us in accusation. I froze in the hallway with wide eyes."What do you mean? It's my apartment, too," Karmen said and walked off to open the fridge. Elise stared at the back of her head. If she could use heat vision, she would have roasted Karmen on the spot by now.
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Chapter 6
Elise was invited to stay and have dinner with the executives and celebrities almost every night. Sometimes, we didn't even see her for a whole week. She would call to tell me she was in Barcelona or Mumbai doing a photoshoot. Sometimes, we didn't hear a word from her.Once, Karmen just lost it and jammed all Elise's clothes into her suitcase, zipped it up and left it out in the hallway. I wasn't there to stop her. I was in the café trying to find any job online. Then at one in the morning, Elise showed up, good-natured as ever, suitcases in hand."Sorry," she said and began to unpack.Karmen blew up. "Sorry? Sorry? We're almost homeless, and you're out there having a damn good time. Now, what are we supposed to do, go down to the street and s
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Chapter 7
Along the way to our apartment, I walked past a store with a mini popcorn machine on the display. It looked too adorable with all the red vintage color and wheels, and it was on sale. With the lovely popcorn maker, we could enjoy the fresh popcorn in minutes!The next thing I knew, I was carrying the popcorn machine home. In the back of my mind, the little voice told me this was why I was poor, but I tried not to pay too much attention to it.Karmen opened the door for me. She was in a towel, and her body glistened with water as if she'd just finished taking a shower."What's this?" she asked."Hmm...our groceries?" I said, feigning the obvious financial mistake I'd just made.
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Chapter 8
It was payday for both Karmen and Elise, and money animated apartment 2B like winds in the sails of a three-masted ship. It was mostly Elise's payment plus two weeks pay from Karmen, but it meant the end of $9.50 per person per week, and it seemed like a fortune.Since the cash was enormous, I didn't feel bad about spending two hours filling my basket with exactly the right foods according to the Cooking for Dummies, which I bought, too. In fact, by the time I got all that stuff home, I realized I had missed another day of job hunting. Well, that could wait until tomorrow.I wanted to make a nice dinner for my best friends, seeing that they had been doing all the work. I figured I'd make some hamburgers. Then I settled on roast chicken for dinner. The cookbook said, 'Nuke the chicken in the m
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Chapter 9
It was Wednesday, the slowest day of the week, still too far from the weekend. I was sitting in the Deli having lunch with Elise when Karmen burst in, wild-eyed. She stomped up to our booth and sat down so loudly I was fearful for her tailbone. None of us said anything, so she stood up again and bellowed, "Well, if you must know, I got fired!""I'm not surprised," Elise said and went on to sip her lemonade. I tried to be empathic."What happened?" I asked. Celie came and placed some ice in our drink."Good news," she said. "If you're fired, here have some ice for the burn.""Leave her alone!" I exploded. Karmen slumped down again, resting her head on top of her folded arms like grade-school girls do during detention.
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Chapter 10
Gourmet Week was a resounding success across the street. Suddenly, our seedy little neighborhood was the hottest spot in town, just as we'd envisioned in the summer. Cars, even a few limos, were double-parked on all the side streets, and customers lined up around the block to get into, not Celie's Deli, but Monica's, her business rival across the street.It was driving Celie crazy."I can't stand it! It's more than a person can bear!" Celie grumbled. "The mere mention of Gourmet Week makes me sick. That woman charges ten dollars for a lousy bowl of pumpkin soup. She charges twenty for two chicken wings and five just to walk in the door and listen to stupid music! She's a criminal! She should be put on the electric chair!"We ate all our meals in the deli, serving ourselves since Celie
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