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Master Javen Medrex, a very wealthy and dashingly handsome CEO fell in-love with a young woman who was perfectly gorgeous but has a mental disorder due to an accident, but has chances of recovery. He married the young woman, Jade Corbal, regardless of her mental IQ of a five years old girl. Not much of a problem with other point of view about her, physically she was perfectly fine, emotionally, well, she was also fine with some tantrums but there was one most problem of the Master Javen,she was a naughty girl, like other girls, she have a crush, Master Javen bestfriend. Her naughtiness escalacated when she became a wife. Although she listened like a little girl, most of the the time she has always naughtiness in store for her husband to suppressed. Now, let us find out how the handsome billionaire CEO manage his naughty little wife

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How I wish you will make a second book for this novel. I can’t stop repeating reading this book it’s very enjoyable to read I feel relax always giving smile into my face ...
2023-06-09 20:51:43
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Good and entertaining. Missing chapters from 56-58 and 60-62. Please check.
2023-01-16 10:30:00
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Irene Cantalejo Aldea
super entertaining. story of great love
2021-10-17 08:39:48
user avatar
Irene Cantalejo Aldea
Super entertaining. a story of great love
2021-10-17 08:38:49
user avatar
Edith Ana
love the story can't get enough of it
2021-10-07 17:09:07
user avatar
Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
yes very nice story
2021-09-08 23:41:57
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Temitope Osijola
This book is one of the best book I have read so far amazing
2021-09-04 16:59:08
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Indeed a very good love story. There's no rich nor poor in love. Thumbs up author you did a good job & don't get overwhelmed remember not all your readers can afford to pay US dollar.
2021-08-10 10:31:37
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Choo Anna
Beautiful love story...good job author
2021-08-01 03:53:53
user avatar
Widyawati Lonoprodjo
interesting and funny
2021-07-23 23:14:02
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Aworele Motunrayo
wow!.interesting novel!
2021-07-21 03:17:56
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Amo Te
i like this story very much!
2021-07-18 10:11:35
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Jerry Grace Umaming Carbonell
It is a very interesting book. I looked forward to read it everyday. For me, it is a well written novel although not perfect so I still consider it an excellent book for everyone to read.
2021-07-09 02:43:44
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Antia Capleton
Very Very good writing
2021-07-02 10:59:01
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Marc Lucas
nice story
2021-06-30 02:22:18
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81 Chapters
                                   A GIRL GHOST IN THE MANSION           I was in my long chair resting in my balcony at my room when at the corner of my eyes there seems to be something moving at the poolside below my balcony.   At first, I did not seem to mind it because I thought maybe some branches of plants.   I closed my eyes, in few minutes, I heard a sound.   The sound seems sounded like a giggle of a woman.   I turned my head, looked down to the ground below at the swimming pool.          I was stunned to see a woman, a girl I think?   She was walking near the poolside.   I felt cold... was it a ghost????   I just peep through the glass fence of the balcony.   I cannot believe that there was a ghost in the mansion surrounding as
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                                         THE SECOND APPARITION OF THE GIRL GHOST:           The sun was brightly shining through the window, the alarm clock rung furiously as the person can not easily be woke up.   Master Javen Medrex reached the alarm clock and punched it hard to stop, then got up from the bed and went shower.   Master Javen Medrex prepared for work.          He went downstair for breakfast.   Butler Russo was standing on the side for any further request or needs of the master.          "Russo, did we hired a new servant? Master Javen asked the butler remembering the ghost girl last night.          "No, Master.   We already hired a month ago, Mrs. Adel," he answered to Master Jave
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                                         FINDING THE MYSTERIOUS LITTLE GIRL           The mansion surrounding as well as inside the mansion was already a busy day for the servants at six o'clock in the morning.          The young master of the mansion was still handsomely slumbering in his bed because of being sleepless last night due to the mysterious girl that originally thought was a ghost.          When Master Javen woke up at almost lunch time, he went down to the living room and called Butler Russo.          "Russo, had anyone of the servants had any guest at the servant quarter?" the young master asked in a stern tone.           "None, Master, as servant's guest are prohibited at the mansion p
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                            THE DISCOVERY OF THE MYSTERIOUS APPARITION MASTER JAVE MEDREX POV:          It was Saturday morning, I woke up very late as I did not need to go to work and because I slept so late last night because of the girl ghost incident.   I was even able to go to my bed because I waited for the girl ghost apparition, but I had fallen deeply asleep          I went downstairs after I washed and changed my clothes.   I went to the dining table and ate breakfast.   As I was eating, I remembered the new hired servant that Russo and I had accepted last month.          I interviewed Mrs. Adel Corbal last month, she was in her fifties.   I remembered that she said, she has a daughter that would come with her in her work.   She pleaded to me to
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                                              THE SHOCKING INFORMATION               "She is nineteen years old Master," Mrs. Adel said with guiltiness in her face as she did not give this information when she was interviewed.          Master Javen was so shocked by this information as he thought her child was a small kid.   It took him a minute to process this matter in his brain.   Master Javen had one fault on this matter as he did not bothered to ask about her child age at that time.   Looking at her directly into her eyes, questioning.          "Forgive me Master for not informing you this matter. I was scared that you won't hire me if you know that she was not a child.   Please forgive me Master.  &n
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                                                  MEETING THE GHOST GIRLMASTER JAVE MEDREX POV:          I turned on the television as I waited.   In few minutes, as I was sipping my coffee, I heard the glass door slidng at back in the poolside.   I turned my head to the direction of the door.          I was so amused to see a beautiful girl with Mrs. Adel.   She looked innocent, her skin was white wheat color and smooth.   Her black long hair was loosen down spreading on her shoulders.   As she got nearer and nearer, my eyes were wide open seeing her more clearer.   I stared immensely at her face down to her body.   She was dress in jeans and a yellow tops.   No wonder why Mrs. Adel can not trust anyone with
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                                   GET TO KNOW THE LITTLE GHOST GIRL MASTER JAVEN MEDREX POV:          I was concentrated watching the little girl, no, a woman, her behavior and movements.   She suddenly face me, and looked at me smiling.   I smiled back.          "I'm hungry Master," she said as she put her hands on her stomach.   She did not forgot to call me master.   Her mother had probably taught her to always call me master.   I was amused with her good behavior and very innocent.          "Are you?   What do you want to eat?" I asked her with interest, wanting to get her IQ level from simple questions.          "I want ice cream! Master, I want ice cream!" she exclaimed happily
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                                                    KNOWING MORE ABOUT HER MASTER JAVEN MEDREX:          Every night I saw the little woman at the pool.   I watched her immensely in her innocent actions below my balcony.   Sometimes, she seated on the bench in the garden writing on a piece of paper or notebook.   At times she seems to be dancing.   She love splashing water with her foot in the swimming pool.   I watched her well fearing she might fell into the water as I do not know if she knew how to swim.          It became something I do at every night before I go to sleep.   Sometimes, she came too late at night, staying too late outside was not good as nobody would be looking after her anymore if I go to s
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                                         HELPING HER; UNKNOWINGLY SEDUCING ME MASTER JAVEN POV:          It was Saturday, woke up late as I was not busy today to go to the company.   I went downstairs to have my breakfast.   I saw the Little Woman at the poolside, squated on the pavement playing on something.   I went out and checked what she was up to, she was collecting different leaves.   It got me interested what she would do to those leaves.          "Jade, what are the leaves for?" I asked her as she turned her head up to looked at me.          "Mama told me to collect different leaves," she said.          "Do you think they are different leaves, they seems to look the same? I said je
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                                           "LITTLE WOMAN, YOU ARE CLINGY TO ME"                                                         MY GYM TIMEMASTER JAVEN MEDREX:          I was sitting in my chaise chair while drinking my red wine, and looking down at the poolside as if I was waiting for someone to come out.   It was been weeks since the last time I saw Jade at the pool at night.   I know she had already adjusted her sleeping time at night, the reason I can not expect to see her again at the poolside.   I was used of watching her presence at night at the pool, I had complained to her mother but now here I am, missed her at the pool.  &n
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