When Our Love Is Wrong

When Our Love Is Wrong

By:  Chalista Saqila  Completed
Language: English
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When The Counselor Falling In Love To Mr. Wrong... Zillion Malloy the CEO frustrated at being abandoned by his wife comes to see a beautiful counselor for advice on his tumultuous household. Caroline had never been so furious to a client who was so skeptical and cynical about the advice she could give him for the good of his household. But over time the relationship between the client and the counselor turns into a forbidden love affair which is very exciting for both of them. Caroline, who has been living alone with her adopted daughter, feels Zillion is a different man from her former husbands. Even Zillion slowly started to forget his wife and turned to the beautiful counselor, Ms. Caroline Chauffer

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Too good book
2022-06-15 05:45:20
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Jessica Leatinuu
OK This be interesting book
2021-11-29 00:53:24
44 Chapters
"Good morning, Ms. Caroline. ""Morning.""Good morning Caroline.""Morning."Caroline smiled happily at all the staff of the government-owned Psychology agency where she worked. This morning the weather was quite good, and the mood was also very good to provide service to clients who had problems. Today she is ready to accommodate all their problems and ready to provide solutions for the smooth running of their lives."Caroline, you have a client at nine," said Jihoo, Caroline's assistant who has been helping Caroline for the past three years.Jihoo is a very useful assistant for Caroline, because without Jihoo, Caroline really won't be able to do her job until this moment. Every client she worked with was never the same. They sometimes actually make a fuss with her because she is considered unable to provide a good solution for them. Or sometimes some clients demand more and are increasingly dependent on them.Well... that's the lif
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“I don't want you to take my life too far, I can't be the ideal wife who just stays at home. Catwalk is my life, I can not leave it!"Zillion stared flatly at his screaming shameless wife in his office. The fight between him and Cassie had been going on for months. His stubborn wife never wanted to leave the entertainment world that had been raising her name. The woman didn't like it when Zillion asked her to stay at home and only serve him as wife. Meanwhile, as a husband, Zillion felt that he was capable enough to pay for all his wife's needs without her needing to work again. Rather than spending time outside having a good time with her friends, Zillion would prefer Cassie to be at home and be a sweet wife to him."Do whatever you like, I don't care," Zillion comments.Cassie smiled with satisfaction. Grinning triumphantly from her chair while looking at Zillion from a distance who was struggling with the files on his desk."As a husband, you rea
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Caroline took a deep breath. Again she had to watch the sad drama played by her client. This afternoon she had a client— that so annoyed. She is a woman who was about to make a suicide attempt last week, but thinks she is just looking for attention. Of all the signs that the woman showed during the counseling session, she was sure that she really just wanted to seek attention from her late husband's family who was rich enough to get more inheritance. "Ms, I want to follow my husband to heaven. I'm not strong if I have to raise my own children with the increasing cost of living." “Madame, think about your child's future if you want to commit suicide. You should take good care of your child so that your child can inherit the company owned by your late husband,” said Caroline giving advice. Instantly the woman stopped her crying while looking at Caroline shining, as if she had just landed a million dollar jackpot lottery. "You're right, Ms. Chauffer, I s
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  "So what is your name, sir?" "Hmm, Zillion Malloy." Caroline wrote Zillion's full name on the client's personal data paper which should have been filled in by Zillion himself. Even though this was troublesome, but she really had to if she didn't want him to act even more. "Your date of birth and place where you were born sir?" "I was born in Chicago, October fifteenth. When will we start the counseling session? Are you a civil registration officer?" asked Zillion sacarstic. Caroline lifted her head towards Zillion and smiled slightly unwillingly at the man. "I'm sorry sir, but this is a necessary procedure. You should have filled it in yourself to make it more valid." Zillion seemed indifferent and leaned back in his aristocratic arrogant style. "Next, can you state your full address and what is your job?" "I live in Chicago, you don't need to know the place and my job is CEO at a
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 Zillion stepped into his luxurious home in the Lincoln Park area. Carrying his suit and bag, Zillion walked with heavy steps into his lonely house.Every day he always felt the same way when he entered his big house. He felt emptiness and loneliness. In that very spacious house there was not the slightest warm impression that was emitted, it actually looked like a big sturdy building that made him feel imprisoned every time he entered it."Good night, sir," said the servant warmly. Charlotte welcomes Zillion with her motherly smile that is warm and also soothes a mother."Good night. Cassie is home? ""Mrs. Cassie isn't home yet, sir."Zillion exhaled heavily then smiled bitterly at Charlotte. Every day he always found the same thing at home. Almost every day Cassie came home late at night. It's rare to find Cassie coming home before he comes home. If that happened, it would be because the woman ran out of money and w
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Zillion pushed Cassie onto the bed and crushed Cassie's slender body with his big muscular body. Under him Cassie was glancing mischievously as she tugged at the collar of Zillion's shirt to bring him closer to her. "You didn't forget to use a condom, did you?" Zillion muttered under his breath and crushed Cassie's lips greedily. To be honest he hated using condoms. Why would he keep using a condom if he made love to his own wife. Condoms will only detract from his enjoyment. But if he didn't use it Cassie would definitely go on a rampage. "I am lazy." "What? Go! I don't want it if you to don’t use the condom!” Cassie pushed Zillion's body a little and returned to his bathtrob which had slumped slightly because of Zillion's act. The man moaned under his breath and squeezed his hair in a huff because tonight he failed to get what he want because of a condom. Oh, does he need to hire a bitch to satisfy him? “Damn! You are my wife, what s
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  The lively atmosphere seen in Downtown Chicago stands in stark contrast to the silence that takes place in the car Zillion drives with Caroline. Since five minutes ago they had only been silent without making the slightest sound to enliven the silence that felt like it's not wearing for Caroline. The woman looked annoyed in the silence that hit her because she didn't know what to do with the crazy man who suddenly dragged her into the car. Feel like she wanted cursed her client, spilling all her inner troubles today after listening to various kinds of problems that came from her other clients. If she hadn't been childish a few minutes ago to avoid this annoying client, she probably wouldn't have been stuck in an expensive car with her client in this kind of silence she hates so much. "So where are you taking me, sir?" Caroline tried to ask in a polite accent that felt very difficult for her to get out of in the middle of her mo
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  "Cassie Malloy!" A woman's loud voice made Cassie look back reflexively and immediately waved her hand excitedly. The thirty-two-year-old woman then turned around and walked hastily to her old friend, who for several years had disappeared from the entertainment world who had both catapulted their names. “Theresia! My God, I can't believe we can meet again after all this time you decided to take a hiatus from the entertainment world. How are you?" said Cassie excited. The woman hugged her friend's tightly and immediately dragged her to the nearest chair to channel all her longing for a long time. "I'm good, how about you? You have changed now, you shine even more after that handsome and rich man married you four years ago.” Cassie blushed in front of her friend and waved her hands in the air to deny it all. According to her, she was still the same after Zillion married her because she never thought that her marriage to Z
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  Zillion stepped out with a tired face, got out of his car and rolled up his shabby-looking shirt sleeves. The thirty-three year old man let out a small sigh as he glanced at the black clock on his wrist which had shown the half to ten. After he escorted Caroline back to her office safe, he decided to go back to the office and solve some of the problems caused by his employees who were unable to work. He had just drafted a proposal to win a government-owned tender that would cover some of the losses. Even though it is not much, at least it can help the company's finances which are quite shaken due to the careless actions of his employees. "Good night, sir." Zillion smiled a little at Charlotte who was always loyal to greet him. Gives a warm smile that soothes him and also makes him feel alone in the big house he lives in. "Cassie is home?" “Mrs. Cassie got home two hours ago, but then Mrs. Cassie went out with her friend
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"Hello?" Caroline winced in surprise when Zillion's voice disappeared again from the loudspeaker on her cellphone. Since earlier this man seemed not too focused on their conversation and often left her alone with various chatterings to advise him. Darling.... Caroline frowned in surprise. Putting the white cell phone away from her ear then staring at the screen of her cellphone with a frown. "Is he with his wife?" muttered Caroline to herself. She then brought the white cellphone closer to her ear and slightly overheard Zillion's conversation with his wife. Even though it was rude, she was a little curious about the figure of his wife who was quite mysterious and carried a bit of a bad stigma in her mind because of the man's negative story about his wife. But from what she just heard, it didn't seem like the figure of Zillion's wife was that bad. Although she could indeed perceive a spoiled tone in every sentence that made her shudder
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