Madam Billionaire: Please, Don't Break My Heart

Madam Billionaire: Please, Don't Break My Heart

By:  Diti Koshy  Updated just now
Language: English
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Elena Matthews appeared to have it all with her wealthy tycoon husband, Richard McDowell. However, her seemingly perfect relationship crumbled when she caught him red-handed with his step-sister in a hotel. Just when she thought life couldn't be worse, her brother and his wife died in a tragic car accident. Now, suddenly, Elena is tasked with being the legal guardian of her late brother's six-year-old son, and also set to inherit his business until her nephew is old enough to take over the billion-dollar enterprise. A year and a half later, rich and successful, when Elena returns to New York, her ex-husband can't stop begging her to take him back. And that's not all. The mysterious and domineering president of McDowell Industries, and the uncle of her scumbag Ex, wants to pursue her too. Strange, isn't it? But with a heart scarred by love's betrayal, will she risk it all for a man from the same family that shattered her world? Or will she fully embrace her boss lady status at Matthews Empire and shut love out for good? And what about those secrets she's been keeping—the ones that could blow everything up? And let's not forget about the revenge she's itching to dish out. Will she manage to have it all without getting burned? Or is this whole thing going to crash and burn before anything good even gets a chance to start? ——-S N I P P E T ——- “I tried to warn you, princess, but you always seemed to have your head in the clouds. But it's not too late, is it? Be my woman, and I promise to make you my queen," he whispered. To which Elena replied. "I have learned my lesson, Mister. Such lies can't move me anymore."

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Love the suspension in this story and the characters.
2024-05-24 19:28:22
user avatar
Did not expect that from Simon ...
2024-05-19 12:30:00
user avatar
Asmita Neupane
I hope she goes back to Simon......
2024-05-16 17:37:17
user avatar
Superb read, engaging ... Keep the updates coming ^^
2024-05-15 18:30:49
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Delinda Schumacher
73 chapters 5-9-24
2024-05-10 00:23:37
user avatar
Gigi hadid
Love this book so much!
2024-05-09 10:46:50
user avatar
Zarita Domingo
Man, it keeps getting better. So many twists and turns...
2024-05-06 11:25:49
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
45 chapters 4-22-24
2024-04-22 16:22:55
user avatar
Phoenix Nightfall
Keeps you hooked!
2024-04-29 05:51:07
167 Chapters
Chapter 1
It was the worst night of her life.Elena Matthews sat in the dimly lit movie theater, her fingers absently tapping on the armrest as she watched the huge screen flicker to life with images of love and betrayal.A sudden vibration in her purse, alerted her to a new message.With a furrowed brow, she discreetly retrieved her phone and unlocked the screen, her heart racing at the sight of the notification. A text from an unknown number. The message was brief yet jarring, causing her breath to hitch in her throat as she read the words that would forever alter the course of her life.“Hotel Sunset. Room 721.”Her hands shook uncontrollably as she brought the device up to her face, reading the last text once again.Suddenly, Elena was consumed by rage. Clutching the phone tightly to her chest, she grabbed her purse and bolted out of the theatre.She could explain to Danika later. Her best friend’s new movie screening was important, but it paled in comparison to the chaos now unfolding in h
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Chapter 2
The slap on Elena’s face stung like a bitch, but instead of snapping back or stopping the abuse of her mother-in-law, she chose to swallow her anger down her throat.It was not the time. Or the place.“How dare you do this to my son? How dare you? It is because of you he’s in this condition right now. All because of you.”Well, that certainly wasn’t a lie. No matter which way you looked at it, the truth remained the same. If it weren’t for the rage that blinded her, she wouldn’t have struck her husband with the largest vase in the room. And she certainly wouldn’t have stood there, watching him bleed to death after the blow to his head.Thankfully, Cecelia knew what to do, the same adopted sister her husband had been fucking for God knows how long. Even the thought of his betrayal brought a bitter taste to her mouth, shot a piercing pain through her chest and made her want to scream her head off.Elena clenched her fists, her nails digging into her palms as she fought to keep her compo
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Chapter 3
The Aristocrat Health Institute was one of the best private hospitals in the world.Not only was it the most prestigious, but not everyone could afford to pay its exorbitant fees. Despite this, many people high on the social ladder, including powerful politicians, bureaucrats, and business tycoons, sought medical treatment here. The highly trained and experienced doctors and nurses working there were always ready to go the extra mile for their patients.The Aristocrat Health Institute was also owned by the Matthews and Sons Group.But ten years ago, Elena Matthews had left everything behind so she could prove her worth to her father.If her father’s words were to be believed, Elena was never going to get anything in the business anyway. Her brother was everything her father wanted: smart, obedient, and business-minded like their father. However, the one thing that set the father and son apart was the faith her brother had in Elena.Her brother, Josh Matthews, always had her back, no m
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Chapter 4
For hours, Elena sat next to her brother. She held his hand, whispered prayers and words of encouragement in his ear, anything to keep him with her. But nothing seemed to work. He was in a deep, seemingly endless, coma. When the doctors finally came in and asked her to step outside, she refused. “I’m not leaving,” she told them firmly. “But Madam—” “I said I’m not leaving.” The doctors shared a concerned look before turning back to her. “All right,” one of the doctors agreed. “But we’re going to have to run a few tests on him, so if you could please step outside the room for a bit, we’d appreciate it. And I’m not sure if someone informed you or not, but Mr Matthews' son has been shifted to the children’s ward. He might wake up soon, so maybe you should…check on him.” Elena swallowed, wiping her wet lashes. The doctors were right. She should check up on Caleb, now that he was out of the observation room. She could always come back to Josh later. Or maybe she should finally visi
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Chapter 5
One year and six months later.“The car is ready, ma’am.” Betty Adams told Elena, as she stepped out of the airport and glanced around the familiar city.New York had been her home for more than a decade, but after Richard’s betrayal and the accident that shattered her once-perfect life into millions of painful pieces, she couldn’t stay any longer. She needed a break. A change in the scenery. And so did Caleb. The boy had lost his mother and had almost lost his father, too, if not for Elena who refused to pull the plug.Elena nodded and adjusted the sunglasses on her face.She was tired, jetlagged, and hungry.After spending a year and a half in Milan, Italy, she was finally back home.Betty, her trusted personal assistant, led the way towards the awaiting car.Elena followed her, her mind drifting to everything that had happened over the past year and a half.It was still hard to believe that her brother had been in a coma for so long. She thought he would wake up after a few days, b
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Chapter 6
The next morning, as Elena barely stepped out of the car on her way to the NYC office, a beautiful woman in an equally stunning designer dress stood in front of her, blocking her way. Elena frowned, her four guards mere microseconds away from pushing the woman aside, when Elena’s gaze fell on the woman’s face, and a smile, full of surprise, cracked across her lips. “Danika?” Elena chuckled, silently gesturing her guards to stand back as a familiar face smiled brightly at her. “You slut!” Danika grinned, throwing her arms around her best friend. “You’re actually back, and the first thing you do is head for work? What kind of joke is that? Get on that phone and cancel all your plans. Today, you’re all mine. We are getting shit-faced drunk, and you’re telling me EVERYTHING. Is that understood?” Elena hugged her friend before pulling away. “Don’t you think it’s too early to get drunk?” Danika laughed heartily, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “Not early enough to not have a good tim
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Chapter 7
Simon Walsh gazed at the transparent hologram of the old artefact revolving in the air, his deep and dark eyes glistering in deep contemplation.This was going to be the next treasure in his collection.He could finally tell where the crown came from: Byzantine, and once belonged to a concubine who lived in the early 400. The last three red rubies dangling between two white pearl strands were carefully wrapped in platinum chains, making a dazzling decoration, just like any royalty jewels.And to think about how lucky he was for the final negotiation to be able to buy the crown?Simon let out a self-deprecating grin, remembering how many times he nearly lost the item, with his secret rival throwing hundreds of bidders between the table to completely confuse the entire market.Despite losing her nearly thrice, Simon would soon have the crown in the palm of his hand. He was certain of it, for no other jeweller in the States could afford that beauty with the price he had settled down at.
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Chapter 8 (Flashback)
A year ago in Paris. After a long and hectic day at work, Elena was glad to finally get a break. It was night and each of her staff had already left. She was exhausted and wanted nothing but to sit down and relax. She could feel her body was aching, her back hurting and her legs were wobbly. She was ready to call it a night and go back home. Elena walked out of the building and took in the cool Paris air. It was a relief to her after spending the whole day inside. She could feel the freshness of the air seeping in and filling her lungs. She closed her eyes and let the cool breeze caress her cheeks, enjoying the quiet and peace. But then she paused in her footsteps and remembered that Caleb would be having a sleepover at his best friend’s house. And it was only her who had to go back home. Alone. Alone, without anyone to share the bed with. Alone, without anyone to hold her tight and warm her heart. The thought made her sad. After the betrayal from her ex-fucking-husband, she ha
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Chapter 9 (Flashback)
“So, what do you say, Elena?” He coiled a stray curl of hers around his finger, giving her a gentle tug. “Would you like to get out of here and go somewhere more private?”His offer caught her so damn off guard, her heart began to beat faster, and she never really realized that she never gave him her name during their entire exchange. The truth was, she had come to the bar to hook up with someone, and this guy was certainly attractive enough. Enough for her to ignore the fact he seemed to be aware of her identity despite meeting her the first time.“Um, I don’t know,” she replied, biting her lower lip.The stranger leaned in close, his face mere inches away from hers.“I think you do,” he whispered, his breath hot against her ear.His words sent a shiver down her spine, and she could feel herself starting to grow aroused. It had been such a long time since she felt like this.He slipped her hand in his and pulled her to him, moving her between his legs. He kissed the side of her neck
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Chapter 10 (Flashback)
The stranger looked up at her, a mischievous glint in his eye. “Not yet,” he murmured. Elena groaned with frustration, but she knew there was no point in trying to resist him. He was in complete control, and all she could do was submit to his desires. The stranger began to kiss his way down her body once more, this time not stopping until he reached her aching pussy. He planted a soft kiss on her inner thigh, and then ran his tongue along her slit, tasting her arousal. She shuddered, already on the brink of orgasm. He flicked his tongue against her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Elena couldn’t help but cry out, shutting her eyes tightly and grabbing fistfuls of the sheets as he continued his ministrations. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to climax, and when he slipped two fingers inside of her, she lost control. Her body convulsed, and she let out a loud moan as she came hard, her juices flowing out of her and all over the stranger’s fingers. B
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