Mafia Deep Love

Mafia Deep Love

By:  arshi 038 muntaha 038  Completed
Language: English
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Anaya shahid is a Muslim girl who is 19 year old.she is university student everyone loves her for her innocence and cherish nature. she is only child of her parents. she lived her life happily . Shehryaar Khan is a famous business tycoon and MAFIA leader who is 25 year old. His parents died by his enemies many years ago when is only 10 year old. He is known as his ruthless and cold-hearted person. he made hurt her and broke her beyond repair ... _____________________ How will fate combine these two?

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Harry Styles
Your book needs editing. English is not understandable
2022-08-30 23:43:22
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nice story concept
2021-02-02 22:28:15
56 Chapters
Assamualaikum, hi everyone..... It's my first story so there must be some grammatical mistake as it is not my native language....... So pleassssssse if there some spelling mistakes so forgive me for this and I try my best to give a good and different story..... So please follow me and vote for my stories. Please do not critize and I will not tolerate rude comments. May be i behave rude but I will put my all efforts so please... and thank you for giving my story a chance
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chapter 1
Anaya POV:  
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chapter 2
Hi my lovely readers ,Asslam u alaikum, I hope all of my readers are good and hope so all of you enjoyed my story.......__________________________________ 
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chapter 3
Anaya POV :      "Asslam u alaikum!  Asim, ",I said. Walaikum asslam!, Asim said. "what are you doing here and who tell you that I'm here ",I said. Me and my parents came to your house and there antie told me that you are not at home and went to see your friend, so I can't wait my beautiful fiance anymore so I came here to pick you up, he said.... And yes  I have surprise for you. " please tell me what is surprise for me..... I can't wait anymore, ", I said. "wait a little bit, patience is a virtue " he said . Okkkkkk... I can't wait anymore , I said enthusialy.     As we entered the home, all the elders was setting in living hall and asim's siblings were wa
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chapter 4
Anaya POV: I got up from bed and followed the same boring routine. I went to university ,I don't know why I fee something...... Something bad going to happen... Ahhhhhh... Anaya just believe on Allah nothing bad will happen and just focused on your studies, as my final exams will be started from next week... As I entered the house... I listened some strange voices like someone is shouting. As I entered the living room, I saw five man dressed in black suit, they were looking dangerous and spread the negative vibes. Suddenly I caught the sight of the man into which I hit in the cafe. My dad was si
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chapter 5
Anaya POV :     I woke up with heavy head..... Ugggghhhh..... Why its paining a lot. Wait.... Where I'm.. Who brought me here, it's not my room... What was happen with me.... Uggggghh ....everything makes no sense.... Wait... I.. Entered the living room where five men were standing.... My dad sat on sofa with bowing his head..... Then.... Gunshot... Dead bodies of my p.. Parents.. Oh my god... Ahhhhhhhhhh.... I screamed.     Suddenly room door opened by someone. There was standing the monster who killed my parents.      He came towards me. "p-please  ss-stay away from me " ,I said while shuddering. "you monster.... P-please&nb
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chapter 6
Shehryaar POV:    "she is still unconscious, I looked  her face deeply, why... Why whenever I look at her, I just want to protect her from this cruel world... And just live my whole life with her in my arms " I said. I stand up from bed and left the room .     "Amma bi, take care of girl that I brought last night, give food and medicine " I said. Amma bi  is just like my grandma... She's so sweet.    "OK.. Son I will take care of her " she said.   "A
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chapter 7
Anaya POV :    I walked to the door and luckily it was not locked...  Tiptoe I went out of the room.. In front of me was a huge corridor. I went towards the stairs... I think he is so rich.. What a big penthouse... How beautiful is this... Uggggghhh... Anaya what are you thinking at this time,i said .you have to ran away from here and get out of this hell.. When I reached near the door.. I looked around. Then I opened the door slowly to make no sound. Finally I'm out side but I have to ran away from this penthouse. On the main gate, there were many guards. I hide behind the tree. I threw stones in opposite direction of the guards so their in
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chapter 8
Anaya POV:Mature content.... Read own your own risk 😉🙈🙊  _______________________________ He started to un button hus shirt....and then his pant." please no"...i started to move backwards. He threw his clothes in the corner of room. Now he was only in his boxers. He grabbed my legs and pulled me down..... And started to undress me. I pleaded him a lot. He took of my shirt.... And then started to remove my jeans, now I'm
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chapter 9
Anaya POV: I woke up when suddenly opened by amma bi." child...come ,eat will be hungry",she said." no amma bi I'm not hungry... I don't want to eat anything ",I said while struggling to keep my eyes open. " no child...look how you are... You didn't anything from yesterday " she said. " I said I don't want to eat anything ",I said in frustration. Amma no got up and left the room. I can't live here and wait for marriage. I need to do something. Suddenly door opened with bang it's none other than monster... He came to me with dangerously angry expression. He gripped my face and bro
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