My eyes went wide on hearing that he didn't even let me speak and threw me on the bed. My face first hit the bed. I didn't even get time to react. He pulled me by my ankle towards him and started hovering over me. I pushed his chest hard, but he held both my wrists on the side of my head. And he leaned in to kiss me. I moved my face to the side and his lips landed on my cheek which trailed down to my neck. I started struggling and was crying loudly now.

My cries and struggles do not affect him. He bit my neck hard sucking and nibbling on it with his teeth, I let out a shriek of horror. I was trembling like a leaf in the hold of the beast. All I felt was fear of him.

I cried out in horror. "Please let m-me go... L-let go." I tried once again. But he growled in anger. Making me shut my eyes in fear. Andrew growled. "Stop struggling!!" I felt him leaving my wrists. I saw he unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. My hands were free, so I pushed him hard, but it only increased his anger. He didn't even budge and held my both wrists with his one hand above my head. And with his other hand, he started ripping my shirt off. I cried out loud.

"N-NO!!! Please d-don't. No, no, no, please... Let g-go...." I begged him but it fell on deaf ears. I was crying horribly, but he didn't even listen, and he ripped the upper buttons of my shirt to the stomach. Leaving me in my bra. I was screaming now. Begging him to stop... But he wasn't listening. He started kissing and biting all over my neck and collarbone. I wasn't able to scream anymore. My throat became dry and rough and my head started spinning. I felt dizzy. And I drifted into darkness.

Andrew POV:

I was completely lost in her. She was beautiful. She smells like vanilla and Lilly. Her skin was soft and smooth against my rough hands. She was begging me to stop but I couldn't listen to her. I was not in my senses.

She was flawless, and I wanted to take her. At that moment I was angry that she tried to run away from me. I started kissing and biting her neck. She was screaming but I wasn't in the mood to listen. I sucked the spot hard and she jolted under me. I started removing my shirt. I wasn't in my senses anymore.

She pushed me which made me more anxious. I held both of her hands above her head with one hand and started ripping her shirt with the other hand. She was crying and screaming for me to stop. But I was determined to take her right here right now. I tore her shirt.

Her beautiful chest was making me do crazy things to her. She was wearing a pink bra and her chest was moving up and down due to heavy breathing. At that time I forgot about my revenge. I just wanted to devour this beautiful Goddess. I started kissing and biting her collarbone. Her struggles were becoming less. As, if she was also enjoying this. I kissed hard on her collarbone to leave my mark there. I moved my kisses towards her cleavage, she wasn't struggling I looked up at her face, but she was unconscious. "Fuck!" He roared.

I moved back and looked at her unconscious form. There were dried tears on her lashes and cheeks, and hickeys on her neck and collarbone, she was looking so pure and innocent. I felt a little guilty. I wanted her. I knew she wouldn't come to me knowing who I am, that is why I kidnapped her. But when I found what was written in the file. I was outrageous. I wanted to burn everything. But I made my plan of taking my revenge by using her. She will also pay. She deserved it. I will make her regret why she was even born.


When I was with Chloe. Ethan came and called me to my office. I was happy that finally I had the girl on whom I had my eyes for three months. When I first saw her she was beautiful. Most importantly her eyes held me captive at that moment I knew I wanted her. And I get what I want. I didn't care whether she liked me or not. She is mine.

When we reached my office Ethan gave me a file.

Ethan: finally we have found the location and address of that Bastard!

I grinned widely now he'll pay. I took the file from Ethan and sat down on my office chair. I read the information and what got my attention was that the bastard now has a weakness which is his daughter. I opened the next page and was shocked to see his daughter's picture. In that picture with him, it was Chloe.

I yelled furiously.

"What the fuck! Is this information confirmed?" He asked tensed.

"Yes," Ethan replied.

I was angry would be an understatement. I was furious. I wanted to burn everything I wanted to kill him. Rage was all I felt.

I calmed myself down. Then Ethan spoke.

"You know we already have his daughter. We can use it as an advantage." Ethan informed me.

He is right. He is one of my most trusted men and is like a brother to me. We have been together since our teenage days. I can blindly trust him. And in cases of Mafia, he has the sharpest mind, he is good at handling all kinds of situations with his calm demeanor.

I gave him a knowing smile. Showing that I got the point that he was implying. With that, he left the office.

I will kill that bastard. I will kill him but in the worst way by torturing his daughter. *evil laugh*

My revenge, this vengeance is everything to me. I will make them suffer. I'll use her as a key as a mere object for my revenge.

He will beg me for death. I will make him feel the same pain, which I felt because of him. I will take him to those extreme lengths of agony that he will pray for his death. But I will not let him die.

I was looking out of the window. And my eyes landed on the fragile girl who was trying to climb down the window. When she landed safely she removed the dust from her clothes. She didn't take my threat seriously. Her eyes landed on me. I saw terror in her widened eyes as she made for a run.

End of flashback.

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Jessie Steyn
So the chapters keep repeating, and it’s like someone talking to you and jumping back and forth, not flowing properly
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Patricia Cooper
So he wanted her before he found out she was his enemies daughter but he shouldn't take it out on her for what her father did
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Every chap starts with a repeat.

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