Chloe (POV) :

My head was paining badly. I slowly started to open my eyes.

I woke up in a room that was different from the previous room in which I was kept. It was bigger and more luxurious, and I was laying on a king-sized bed.

 How did I end up here? 

Then everything came flashing back when I looked at myself.

A few upper buttons of my shirt were ripped.

Tears started to blur my vision by remembering his monstrous behavior toward me.

If I hadn't fainted he wouldn't have stopped. By thinking this a sob left my mouth. I sat there sobbing. When my tears dried and I couldn't cry anymore.

I observed my surroundings. I stared into the room and at the bathroom door to observe if he was there.

But I didn't hear anything, so I shakily stood up and went towards the bathroom.

I wanted to wash his hands off me. From all the places he touched me, that bastard!

But I don't have anything to wear. I saw a cupboard and opened it and saw so many male clothes I took out a shirt and shorts and went to the bathroom and locked the door.

I went straight into the shower after striping. This warm shower was soothing. But my mind wasn't at ease at all.

I don't know how long I've been here. My parents would have been searching for me. They will find me. My father will save me.

I will have to keep myself sane and just try to protect myself from that creeper.

I started rubbing my neck, wrists, collarbone all those places where he touched me. As if water will remove his touch. My skin became rough and red due to rubbing.

I wrapped a towel around my body and brushed my teeth and saw my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were red due to crying. I saw a dark purple hickey on my neck and collarbone when I touched it I hissed in pain.

I don't like his marks on me. I hate him. I hate him so damn much.

I wore those clothes and went into the room. I rub my hair with the towel.

And then sit on the couch. Suddenly my stomach growled. I was hungry.

I sat there staring into the room for anything. Which could be of any advantage but nothing.

There was just one walk-in wardrobe, a dressing table, a king-sized bed, and a large window.

I went towards the window and it was locked. I looked outside and it was like late afternoon. And there were only trees surrounding the house, nothing just nothing else. I was on the second floor of the house I thought. There was a glass door behind the curtain.

I walked towards the door and tried to open it but it was also locked. I saw through the glass door there was a beautiful veranda and there was a beautiful pool with some chairs on the side. This is beautiful.

Suddenly I heard a clicking sound and my head snapped towards the door. There came an aged woman of about 49 into the room with a tray which I think is food.

When she saw me she smiled and I just stared at her. She looked kind. She might help me.

I walked towards her and she put the tray with delicious-looking food on the side table.

I held her hand gently. She looked at me. And murmured.

"You're really beautiful." Woman murmured.

"Please, can you help me? Please, a guy kidnapped me. Help me please." I asked helplessly.

"Eat your food. And I can't help you kid." The woman told her softly.

"I will not eat. Help me to go home please." She pleaded.

Someone growled behind me. Sending my heartbeat on the Marathon race.

"You'll EAT!!" His gruff voice came.

I looked back and froze there standing the monster in a tux. Staring at me angrily. He snapped his fingers and that woman walked past me. I gave her a pleading look of don't go, but she looked at me with pity and left.

His continuous stare was burning me. He then moved towards the door and locked it.

I watched him in horror. He marched towards me and I moved back. He stopped and spoke

"Eat NOW!" He warned.

"I will not eat. Let me go home." She demanded.

"I'm asking you last time. EAT. IT. RIGHT. NOW!" He roared, angrily.

I moved a step back and shook my head in negative. I will not eat. I would rather die due to starvation but won't eat until I go home.

From inside I was terrified but I can't show him that I'm scared.

He took threatening steps toward me. He removed his coat and threw it on the bed and then removed his tie.

His intentions aren't good.

I ran for the only safe spot which was the bathroom, but he held my arm and yanked me back toward his chest. I put my hands on his chest to maintain some distance.

He took my hands and tied them with his tie behind my back. Fear crawled into my veins.

He sat on the couch near the bed and in an instant pulled me on his lap he forcefully pulled me closer by crossing my legs around his waist.

I started struggling.

"You'll eat or do you want me to feed you?" He threatened.

A slight smirk was playing on his lips. Idiot, you have already tied my hands. I didn't answer him, I was struggling hard. And a slight growl erupted from his chest.

"You're making me horny, woman. Stop moving ." He growled.

I stared at him with wide eyes at his shameless sentence. All the heat crept to my neck and cheeks, and I stopped struggling.

He brought a spoonful full of rice in front of my face and I turned my face away. I won't eat. But I kept quite scared of his anger.

He put the spoon down and held the nape of my neck and pulled me into a kiss, I struggled and kept my mouth shut, he squeezed my butt hard and a gasp left my mouth, taking that as an advantage he started devouring my mouth.

After some time. He moved back and I watched him with teary eyes. How dare he touch me like that, he was smirking and said.

"Do you want me to repeat it? Or you'll eat?" He warned.

I immediately shook my head, then nodded 

And all the blush crept to my cheeks.

He then fed me all the food with a spoon. And I silently ate, not wanting him to repeat that act.

After that, he removed me from his lap and opened my hands, and said something which stopped my life.

Andrew spoke a sentence that sealed her life. "We will be marrying in a week."

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