Chapter 2626

Several hours later, the plane landed safely in Jensburg.

Belinda immediately turned off airplane mode and received a strange message.

The content of the message: [Can’t believe your husband, even at his age, is still quite impressive in bed. Can you still satisfy your husband?]

Belinda’s face went dark upon seeing the message.

At her age, she had long lost interest in intimate matters between men and women.

Moreover, she was very busy and returned home feeling exhausted to the bone. How could she be in the mood for intimacy with her husband?

The couple did not know how long it had been since they had been intimate.

She was well aware that Hunter was old but not aged, and all his bodily functions were still quite good. Hunter had taken care of himself well. Although his pocket money was very little, he could get whatever he wanted at home. If he said something to the kitchen, they would usually be able to fulfill his wishes.

It would be strange if he was not in good health cons
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susan nogaj
Same old same old. Nothing new- just repeating the same storylines. Boring.
goodnovel comment avatar
No chapters for a few days and this is all we get. Finish the damn book! Quit giving us bits and pieces. No one will ever read another one of your books!

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