Chapter 2627

Belinda responded, “Hmm, that’s good. I’m not at home, so listen to Caroline. Anyone who disrespects Caroline disrespects me.”

The servant’s expression stiffened, and she quickly responded, “Noted, Madam Fisher.”

“That’s all, I’ll hang up now.”

Right then, Belinda was ready to disembark.

She did not call Hunter or notify anyone to fetch her from the airport. Her reason for returning early was to see how well Caroline was doing during her absence.

After getting off the plane, the group walked out of the airport and hailed two taxis to head to Fisher Enterprise.

Belinda did not go home and only wanted to go to the company.

After more than ten minutes in the taxi, Belinda called Hunter. It took a while before he picked up.

“What were you doing? It took so long for you to answer the phone,” Belinda questioned.

Hunter was still catching his breath and came up with a lie, “I’m at home, and my phone is charging upstairs. I heard the phone ring, so I rushed upstairs to answer it. Runn
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