Chapter 2629

“How many important matters do you still have to handle? Do you trust me? Do you want me to help you with it?” Kevin asked.

Hayden said, “There’s no need for that. Is Madam Fisher back in Jensburg?”

“She’s on the way from Jensburg Airport. It’ll probably take over forty minutes for her taxi to arrive.”

Kevin checked the time and said, “You still have about half an hour to work. After that, we can go to the hotel, and the timing will be just right.”

It would be dinner time by the time they arrived, and Madam Fisher would likely think that they coincidentally witnessed the drama unfolding without suspecting any of it was orchestrated.

“Do you want to go watch the show?” Kevin asked once again.

Glaring at Kevin, Hayden replied, “You’ve already told me. How can I not go watch such an exciting event? Of course, I want to see.”

Still glaring, she commented, “I wasn’t originally a person fond of drama. You’re a bad influence.”

Surprisingly, she agreed to go with him to witness the spe
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Carla Thomsen
Hayden needs to come out of the closet already. admit to being a woman already and accept Kevin and get married
goodnovel comment avatar
This book is really good, but I wish the chapters were longer.

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