Chapter 2917

“Okay,” Callum replied.

The couple went to the dining area.

After breakfast, the rain had let up considerably. However, the weather had only gotten colder.

Callum was worried about Camryn freezing. He went upstairs to get her a coat and insisted she wear it. Only then did they depart for work.

“Take me to the flower shop, darling. I’ll return home in the afternoon.”

Callum hummed in acknowledgment and said, “It’s cold and raining. There won’t be many customers buying flowers today. Why don’t you rest for the day?”

Camryn usually worked from home if she was not managing the store.

She would only leave Wiltspoon and go to the office if there were important meetings or business negotiations that required her presence.

She did not have to do so most of the time. With Dalton managing the company, everything was going well.

Camryn trusted Dalton.

He was also loyal to her and never thought of betraying her.

Callum was not worried about Dalton’s loyalty. If he dared betray
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