Chapter 2918

As Jasmine mentioned, men had to be coaxed occasionally by giving them gifts or flowers. They would be in a good mood and more motivated to work when they receive presents. Ultimately, they would earn more money for their wives to stay pretty.

Camryn felt Jasmine was skilled at persuading her husband. She and Serenity had to learn a thing or two from Jasmine.

Serenity said Jasmine was simply applying what she learned from romance novels in reality.

Camryn used to love reading, but she rarely read novels and preferred classics instead. When she lost her sight, she had not even graduated from school, let alone read books.

While there were schools catered for the blind, her mom refused to send her to those schools. On the other hand, her stepfather, who was also her uncle, seemed to treat her decently. In truth, however, he could not be bothered about her life.

In the end, Camryn was unable to go to university.

When she regained her sight, Camryn wanted to start learning again
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