Chapter 2923

“It’s not busy in the store now, so I came over to chat with you.”

Camryn came because she wanted to chat with Jasmine and Serenity.

Serenity instructed the bodyguards to carry the existing plants away, then replace them with the new ones Camryn brought.

Jasmine went to pour a cup of hot tea for Camryn and said, “Drink some to warm yourself. It’s cold today.”

She asked the bodyguards to help themselves since they were familiar with this place. They knew the three missus were down to earth and not unapproachable.

Camryn drank a sip and saw the cookies at the cashier, but she did not ask about it.

Serenity still offered her some, and Camryn did not hesitate to take one.

Carrie was speechless. That cookie must be delicious.

Camryn did not comment on how the cookie tasted. She ate while chatting with her two friends.

When the topic came to her attending a banquet with her mother-in-law, she said to Serenity, “Seren, if you weren’t pregnant, we could have gone together. I was c
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