Chapter 2924

Unexpectedly, her niece had better luck than her, eventually dating and marrying Josh.

The Bucham family was much more well-off than the Sox family. After Jasmine married into the Bucham family, she did not have to endure scrutiny from Josh’s mother, Rebecca. Josh’s family welcomed Jasmine with kindness.

When Rachel was young and just married into the Lowe family, she had a hard time as her mother-in-law disliked her. She was only freed from the torment after her mother-in-law passed away.

Camryn laughed along. “Since you guys said so, I have nothing to be afraid of.”

“Yeah. You used to suffer so much without fear. Now that your life has improved, and with people backing you up, you have no reason to be scared. Camryn, remember that many of us from the York family will have your back.”

Serenity boosted Camryn’s confidence.

Camryn nodded firmly. She would cross the bridge when she got to it. There was nothing to fear.

“Seren, don’t tell Callum about this. I just got nervous for
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