Chapter 2925

Carrie hung up after a few words with Mr. Longbottom. He always only asked about her whereabouts and when she would go home.

She did not want to stay at the store anymore. Turning around, she saw the three missus sitting at the cashier, with several bodyguards sitting or standing at the entrance.

She was burning with jealousy.

It was only a small bookstore, but six bodyguards were inside. Serenity, Jasmine, and Camryn each had two bodyguards.

Carrie also had two bodyguards following her whenever she went out now, but these bodyguards only acted respectfully when there were others around. They were cold and controlling behind the scenes, dictating her every move. They were totally different from Serenity’s bodyguards.

She thought about how Serenity could not recognize her after she changed her face.

Although Camryn was her sister, she was blind for ten years. Despite regaining her eyesight, it was only partially recovered, and Camryn could only see things up close. Things with
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Tanya Baylor
More repetition! I’m so over this! Why am I paying to reread the same material that I’ve already read??

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