Chapter 2926

Serenity felt it too.

Only Jasmine had not interacted with Carrie before and only knew of her name, so she felt nothing.

“Let’s talk about it in the store. It’s cold out here. The rain is merely a drizzle, but it still feels cold.”

Serenity held Camryn’s arm and pulled Jasmine along. The three of them returned to the cashier and sat down.

“I’ll pour a cup of water for you two. My mouth feels dry after eating the gingersnaps from Mr. Charles. It tastes good, and I crave it more the more I eat,” Jasmine said as she went to get some water.

Serenity smiled and helped Camryn to sit. Camryn said, “Seren, I can see.”

Back when she was still blind, she could move around freely in familiar surroundings.

Callum knew she needed to be in a familiar place to move freely like the others, so he kept ordering from Spring Blossoms and requested her to deliver the flowers to York Corporation.

She thought he was deliberately making things difficult for her.

Later, Callum explained that he had
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