Chapter 3099

When Belinda received news of Celine’s death, she specially made a trip to the hospital.

Hunter, who was supposed to be discharged from the hospital in two more days, appeared as if it was his parents who had passed. Looking haggard and his eyes red and swollen, it was obvious he had cried for a very long time without anybody asking.

Last night, Jason stayed with him in the hospital to take care of him.

When Jason heard that Celine had died, he rushed straight to Summitview to fight Celine’s biological brothers.

When Belinda saw the Clark men acting like this, her gaze was dark and no one could tell what she was thinking.

Pinned to the spot by her gaze, the Clark men did not dare to even breathe in anxiety.

Hunter gave Jason a look, hoping he would break the silence.

Jason did not dare to. He wanted his father to do it.

The two kept exchanging looks, but finally, Jason spoke.

He brought a chair over to his mother and placed it behind her, saying, “Mom, you should sit.”

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