Chapter 7

Meredith started yelling at her while jealousy made her face twist in a horrifying way.

Madeline smiled nonchalantly. “As Jeremy’s wife, I’m happy to rid him of his troubles.”

“Madeline, you… you’re so cheap!”

“I can’t compare to you, Mer. You drugged Jeremy so that you could marry him. Why? Had Jeremy refused to touch you when he was sober?”

Meredith’s face looked awkward as if Madeline had exposed something. However, she kept a calm and proud expression.

“Of course, Jeremy loves touching me. He loves pestering me so much! He’s always by my side every night unlike compared to you. You can only stay at home while your husband is away.”

Meredith’s words were laced with thorns. Subsequently, she took out some documents and placed them in front of Madeline.

“These are the divorce papers Jeremy asked me to tell you to sign. Hurry up and sign them. Jeremy doesn’t want to see an unsophisticated and poor hussy like you ever again.”

Madeline had gone through many things to put on a mask that made her look confident and at ease. However, she froze when she saw the divorce papers.


Jeremy wanted to divorce her.

Madeline felt as if she had fallen into an icy cave. It was so cold that every cell in her body was in pain.

She had known that this day would come. However, she had not expected it to come so fast.

Jeremy loved Meredith. In this chase of love, Madeline was the loser. She was destined to suffer a crushing defeat.

Looking at Madeline’s face that was beginning to pale, Meredith started laughing savagely.

“Madeline, just look at you. Jeremy will never fall in love with a woman like you. Jeremy had told me multiple times that you’re the most disgusting and shameless woman he has ever seen. Marrying you was the biggest taint of his life!”

Meredith walked over and glanced at Madeline in disdain. The latter’s head was lowered as she looked at the divorce papers.

On the other hand, Meredith chuckled coldly and became more and more arrogant.

“You shameless b*tch! Get out of Glendale after you’ve signed the papers. If not, I’ll beat you up every time I see you!”


Out of the blue, Meredith heard a chuckle from Madeline.

In the next second, Madeline picked up the divorce papers, and with a few swift motions, ripped them into pieces.

A smile appeared on her pale lips, and she threw the pieces of paper at Meredith’s face.

“Just like what you told Jeremy, I’ll pester him even after I die. You want me to divorce Jeremy? In your dreams!”

“What?” Meredith was infuriated after being stunned. “How dare a b*tch like you speak to me like that, Madeline! Are you tired of living?”

Her cruel nature had been exposed. Meredith reached out her hand to swing it at Madeline’s face. In the heat of the moment, she had not expected Madeline to take action first. Madeline used all of her might and forcefully slapped Meredith on the face.

“Listen here, Meredith. I will never divorce Jeremy even if I die! I’ll expose your true face to Jeremy. A woman who’s so evil and heartless like you is no match to Jeremy!”

After she said that, Madeline began trembling all over.

After finding out that she was just a pawn in Meredith’s devious scheme, she completely gave up on their relationship.

No, she should say that there was no longer any sisterly love nor family love between them. There were only hypocritical acts of affection and calculative schemes.

“Madeline, how dare you slap me!” Meredith exclaimed. Her features were twisted. “I’ll make you regret this!”

She pointed at Madeline and turned around angrily.

Madeline was unbothered. She sat back on the bed, unsure if she had exerted too much force because her debilitating pain was back again.

After a while, Meredith returned. The moment she entered the room, she sat on the floor and held her face. She looked extremely aggrieved.

“Maddie, don’t be like this. It’s all my fault. Please don’t be mad. You should just put all the blame on me. However, don’t be mad at the child in my stomach. This is Jeremy’s child.”


Madeline was extremely confused. However, when she saw the man at the door, she understood everything.
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Nyeredzi Lingson Andrew
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This is stupid. A guy beats up a pregnant girl so bad she has to be put in the hospital. Yet she still wants to married to him. Yeah ok. Apparently both Meredith and Madeline only want his money and name.

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