10. Pick Her Up

Beverley felt very upset and worried. She kept herself still all the way until the car she was in arrived at the nearest police station. She was just about to get off when Brent suddenly reached out to her.

"What?" she immediately asked.

"Lend me your phone," Brent said.

"What for?"

Brent snorted. "You will find out later."

She hesitated for a moment. But after thinking for a while, she finally gave her phone to him. "Don't open what you shouldn't open!"

Brent just glanced at her sarcastically before getting out of the car. He dialed several numbers to call someone. Moments later, Beverley approached him just after he finished the call.

"Who are you calling?"

"Someone more useful," Brent replied flatly. His words just sounded as if Beverley were completely useless. That made her feel even more irritated.

'Aren't you the one who caused all of this? You even have to ask someone else for help to solve this. You are as useless as me!’ She grumbled inside.

Brent didn't know and didn't care
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