76. A Shocking Death

The next day, something surprising happened. Beverley had just arrived at Katy’s cafe that morning. Her cell phone suddenly rang. There was an incoming call from James.

“It’s so rare that James calls me,” she muttered and answered the phone immediately. “Hello, Dad.”

The sound of James crying suddenly entered Beverley’s ears. The man didn’t say anything, and that worried her. “Dad, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

James sobbed. “Emma....”

“What about Emma?” Beverley immediately stood up from the chair. She felt uneasy. Did something bad happen?

“She’s taken so many drugs. She overdosed, Bev,” James whispered in a weak voice.

Beverley widened her eyes in disbelief. “How... how is that possible?”

The sound of James’ sobs could be heard again, along with the noise of several people. There were many people in the place where the man was. And that worried Beverley even more.

“Dad, where are you right now? I’ll be right there.”

“Come to the house, Bev. They’re taking care of her body,” Ja
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