81. Happy Ending

Brent and his colleagues gathered evidence of Natalie’s crimes in three days. They handed it over to the police, and an arrest was made.

Beverley participated in the arrest. Brent forbade her at first, but she insisted on going. She wanted to see if Natalie would confess to her crime.

“She had every intention of harming you, honey,” Brent said as they arrived at Natalie’s apartment. He looked at his wife tenderly. “Don’t let her do it again.”

“Don’t worry, Brent. She won’t because we’re coming with the police officers.”

Brent kissed her forehead lovingly. “All right. Let’s go out.” He opened the door and led Beverley out of the car.

Beverley chuckled. Since learning of her pregnancy, Brent’s demeanor had become gentler towards her. He would also grant her whatever she wanted. He was so sweet and loving.

The police officers preceded them into the apartment building. Brent and Beverley followed. Jace, Ryan, Logan, and Jax were behind them. The four men didn’t want to miss the spectacle.
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