80. Investigation

Chris’s death was a heavy blow to Brent and Michael. Chris had harmed them greatly and caused much trouble for the Oliver family. However, they didn’t want him to die at all.

In the days following the funeral, Brent became very busy. He struggled to investigate who had masterminded the accident. The police were investigating, but he couldn’t rely solely on them.

That problem caused a significant reduction in his time with Beverley. She understood that. However, she wondered how serious the matter was.

It was almost midnight, and Brent hadn’t gone upstairs to bed even though he was home from work. Beverley stepped down the stairs carefully. No one seemed to be hanging around the mansion. The servants had already rested.

Beverley peered out into the courtyard and saw Ryan’s car parked there. ‘They’re still here,’ she thought.

She cautiously stepped closer to the rarely used reading room. It was on the west side of the mansion. Lately, Brent often gathered with some strangers there until
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