Mastering Their Omega

Mastering Their Omega

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Scarlett is an Omega who has managed to survive without attracting attention and reach the age of 22 still being a virgin, but it was by her own choice. She never found her fated mate, but she doesn't want to live with only the simplest things anymore, she wants to be free and not have to depend on anyone anymore, so she decides to sell her virginity at an Auction. Klaus and Liam are Alphas from a successful pack, they've never met their fated mates and they didn't even want to go to the auction, but they changed their minds as soon as they saw Scarlett's photo... A beautiful Omega, with a voracious gaze and the posture of a warrior, but one who is willing to submit for five days. The two buy her and know she's not their fated mate, but that doesn't mean they'll pass up the opportunity to teach this woman how good it feels to be on her knees and begging for them to touch her.

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Valeria Quesada
This book is great! Can’t wait for more updates!
2024-06-14 02:08:50
59 Chapters
The auction One
Scarlett POVYou know, people believe that being a virgin until you find your Fated Mate is sacred, but I've always wondered why it's only with women. While guys go around having sex at will and women have to be virgins and innocent. No, I'm not innocent, I know a lot about sex - seriously, who doesn't know that we have the internet? I've played around a lot, but I just never got to the bottom of it.I'm already 22 and a virgin, and I've never met my Fated Mate, so I took the opportunity that came my way. I'm auctioning off my virginity and that's a relatively rare item, for my age and for who I am, an Omega... But I'm rambling, probably to take my mind off what's going to happen in a short while, in 20 minutes my name will be called, and I'll have to present myself on a stage, show every part of my body, and then the bidding will begin.I need money, not exactly for college since I'm a federal student, and no one in the family is sick since I'm an orphan... I want this money to be fr
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The auction two
Scarlett POVThen the bids started to come in, although nothing too significant yet, but with a good number of interested parties, at least enough to reach the first level. When this happened, I bowed briefly to everyone, like a perfect lady, lowering my knee and pulling the cape slightly to the side, before pulling the strings inside and letting the fabric slowly fall away, revealing the first dress. Several sighs and comments of approval were heard.The bidding started again, and the values were reached more quickly this time, and soon it reached the point where the first dress would be removed. Again the bidding stopped, and I slowly pulled down the zipper on the side, revealing the third dress and leaving more room for imagination.As soon as the new pitches began, another person entered the scene, a dark-skinned man wearing a dark gray suit with fine white lines. In his left hand, he was holding an object, a red leather collar, the leather was printed with scales and the lines th
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Meeting my Owner
Scarlett POVFor a Werewolf to get drunk, it has to drink a lot, although Omegas don't usually have the same resistance as an Alpha, except that I did, so no matter how much whiskey I drank, I wasn't going to get drunk, so I filled my glass once more with that amber liquid. All this to try to calm my nerves, after all, I don't know who's going to walk through that door. Or what kind of person has bought me and that's why I'm trying to calm myself down by drinking almost a bottle.I looked at my surroundings again. It was a small office, decorated in a medieval style, with dark wood furniture, and gold details. On the floor was a soft carpet in shades of dark red and black. There was a desk, two armchairs, a sofa, and two bookcases. To the left, there was a window adorned with red and black curtains.I'm wearing lacy black lingerie under a semi-transparent dress with shades of purple and blue. On my feet, a pair of black high heels complemented the outfit, all at the request of my new
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Stop acting
Scarlett POVOn this little adventure, I wouldn't be taking anything, nothing that could identify me, everything would be up to them, the way I dressed, the way I ate, the way I walked. I didn't have a name, my name was whatever they wanted it to be.I had to suppress the smile from my lips, because this was madness, I know what awaits me from now on, and yet I'm going willingly. Would I really enjoy it? In some ways yes, but I don't know if everything that awaits me will be pleasurable, my only way out is to trust that everything will be fine.But, well, not exactly, if anything went wrong I also knew how to defend myself. I don't have a body like mine, without doing exercises and I know how to defend myself, I know how to fight, I've practiced some martial arts, I'm not an expert, but I learned enough to defend myself if necessary. I know I have a disadvantage because I'm an Omega, but I'm confident I could defend myself if the need arose.I can feel that black-haired man's eyes on
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The Deal
Scarlett POVThe main rule of BDSM is consent, without it, the environment is no scene, no game, nothing. In this there are certain levels, between green, yellow, and red, anything that was green could be done, if you were in a yellow zone you had to be careful and anything red was forbidden. Of course, these zones changed constantly, sometimes a practice that I thought was red could go to yellow and something green at first could become red.People change, their tastes change, we're fluid, and that's interesting, testing things out, learning new feelings, new emotions. At this point, there is tension in the air, no one wants to be the first to move.The black-haired Alpha is behind me, while the light brown-haired is in front of me, our bodies almost touching, we can feel the heat radiating from one to the other. It's like the game of whoever blinks first loses, only it's whoever moves first.My sex is very wet because my mind won't leave me alone, imagining what their touch was lik
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Scarlett POVI shuddered, that edge of pain and pleasure was beginning to take hold, it was as if my body was begging for more, I felt several more slaps and my screams were a mixture of the pleasure and pain I was feeling, each new impact made me shudder, made me moan and scream. I'm sure my panties were wet, very wet. But before I could get too close to orgasm, they both released me and I fell to the floor on my knees, putting my hands in front of me, leaving my head down, staring at the carpet."That was very easy." I heard the brown-haired man's voice.I could feel my ass aching, that pleasure trapped inside me, and yet a smile was on my lips, a smile they couldn't see."A little more and she'd be begging." I heard footsteps approaching, and then the brown-haired Alpha's hand touched my chin and forced me to look at him.My wry, lopsided smile certainly caught him off guard, and I licked the corner of my lips."Very... Very... Very easy indeed." I spoke in a tone of victory and th
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The Dance
Scarlett POVI bit my lower lip as I felt the black-haired man blow right into the center of my sex, the cold air against my hot skin was delicious and made my muscles contract instinctively."Lovely, your body reacts so well to these little stimulations." I heard his voice echo.My breathing was getting more and more intense, more ragged, especially as I kept my lips closed, not wanting to let out those moans of pleasure that wanted to come out at any cost."So sensitive... Your nipples are already hard"The man behind me spoke into my ear, placing my leg on the shoulder of the man who was kneeling and then grabbed both nipples with his fingertips, making a gentle up and down movement, but it sent waves of pleasure through my body, the first few times were pure ecstasy, but as the seconds passed, the desire for something more, something stronger grew. I began to yearn for him to turn his fingers, to apply more pressure, to pull, anything more than this gentle, slow touch.I closed my
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Sweet torture
Scarlett POVMy mind wanders to where it takes me to imagine being penetrated by the two Alpas and the way they would do it. How they would torture me and I would deny them nothing, as I have grown become to know that, even in a very short time, something inside me has changed and I’ve come to realise and know that that I could trust them.My mind has, however, always been my worst enemy. It was this, from this very image, that was my downfall. I let out a long moan as I swallowed dryly and leaned against the man at my back, so little to go before I reached my orgasm.I couldn't control my moans any longer, and I could feel my breasts being squeezed a little harder, and the way my clit received even more intense stimulation, with stronger circular movements. I knew that if I asked, they would quickly take me to the peak, but I still had my pride and that's what kept me from asking . I still felt as if they could read my mind."All you have to do is ask..." Someone whispered in my ear
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Scarlett POVI opened my eyes, feeling the soft fabric of the sheets covering my body. I blinked a few times to focus my vision and realized that I was laying on a large bed, with black sheets covering me. The room had more rustic decor, with heavy wooden furniture, which were painted black and the room was adorned with gold detailing.On the floor lay a soft black carpet, in perfect contrast with the white of the marbled floor. The curtains were black with a light gray spread along the bottom of the fabric, further down, while the bedside table, at the side of the bed, held a light gray lamp.I knew it was morning already. Maybe even in the afternoon as I could see slivers of light though the slits and gaps in the curtains, even though they were still closed.. Honestly? I was surprised. I wasn’t the type to black out like that. It could have probably been due to all the pressure I’ve been under the day before, from arriving at the auction house, getting ready, preparing the files,
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Scarlett POV"Now that you're showered, Pet, and it's lunchtime, we need to get you dressed, don't we?" Nick said and approached me."As you wish..." I thought for a few seconds, should I tease him? I smiled, what was life without a challenge or two? Besides, it was better to enjoy this freedom in the form of imprisonment. "My Lord." I finished the sentence, bowing briefly, purposely changing the titles of the address.Will laughed out loud and I looked at him winking at him with my left eye. "If someone had to have told me that this was going to happen, I would have said that they were crazy or dementedn and just plain out of their minds.""Well, didn't they put in the application that I'm crazy?" I shook my head a little in the negative motion. "I swore I'd handed in the psychiatrist's letter."This lighter atmosphere was interesting and very different from the day before."I wondered how you would have held up if we'd demanded what was in the contract," Nick asked smiling.I looked
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