Chapter 5

James entered my apartment with a balling Emily in arms, I prepared to take her but he only walked away from me before I could try.

" give her to me " I asked as I locked the door and threw my keys on the coffee table. 

"no" he whined, rolling my eyes, I left them in the living room both of them struggling whilst I went to change into my Batman nighty shorts and shirt. 

Walking out of the room my eyes widened at the sight in front of me, I couldn't help but gawk. James paced the room rocking Emily gently trying to make her  fall asleep as he mumbled sweet nothings into her ear. 

"hey" I mumbled throwing my clothes into the laundry, as I stood up I noticed James staring at my shorts with a smirk. Damn pervert. 

" go have a shower" I said hurriedly, a weird feeling hitting me, please don't tell me I'm starting to like this man. I pray I'm not, there's something up with him and I can't pin point it. 

" Fine, I'm taking her back as soon as I'm out" he said as he walked towards my room. 

"She's my  sister jerk face " I yelled at his retreating figure, he only shrugged and disappeared in my room.

How quick do men get attached, GOD. 

Taking Emily to her room I changed her into a onesie and placed her on my bed, she was already half gone. Thank god for that I needed to get my clothes in the laundry before I get to sleep. With her awake I wouldn't have been able to do anything. 

I ambled to the dirty clothes corner, yes I have one of those. Who doesn't? 

Bending over I grabbed a majority of the clothes. 

"Damn" I heard from behind me, my face turned beet red. Dropping the clothes back on the floor I turned so quickly that I think I got whiplash. 

"JAMES" I yelled at him, instead of replying he jumped straight on my bed and laid by Emily pulling her into his arms. Even though it looks very cute he shouldn't be on my bed. 

"what are you doing?" I curiously asked, he was supposed to sleep on the sofa not beside Emily and I, a small smile made its way onto his face

" your sofas too small I don't fit" he said as he rolled onto my side of the bed ugh dammit I don't have it in me to me to argue. 

"ok well move your ass that's my side" pushing him away from Emily I pulled her close. 


Stretching the sleep out of my body I sighed, last night was honestly the bed sleep I'd had in so damn long. I didn't worry or have to worry about Emily. 

" James, get up" I mumbled turning towards where he slept last night, as the room became clearer in my blurry eyes I shat myself. They're not here, James and Emily are not here! 

"Jamessss!!!" I screamed in panic through the corridor, nothing. No please god no. Panic shot through my body as I started running. 

Sliding into the kitchen relief washed over me as I spotted James holding Emily by the table feeding her pancakes. A sigh  escaped my parted lips as I walked towards them.

"what happened to you" James chuckled, I rolled my eyes annoyed at the fact that he doesn't understand. 

"well I woke up without my sister next to me you dummy"  pushing his arm away I grabbed a pancake and sat down, I tried to grab Em but he only pulled away sticking his lower lip out. Dammit why does he have to look hella cute doing this.

"want a picture sweetheart" he smirked, my whoremones need to calm the hell down. Turning around I hid my smile. 

"Oh shut up man whore" I playfully pushed him he didn't move an inch, why's he gotta be strong for.

"I'm going to get Emily ready" I said taking her from him. 

"don't take to long" he yelled across the corridor. Ok this man needs some help, I need to push him away. He's already toooo attached, what if something happens to the guys because of me, it can't happen again. 

Pushing the negative thoughts away I put Emily in some black joggers, a red top and her trainers. I placed her on the floor and  grabbed my clothes from the closet. When we were both happily ready I opened the door and watched Emily run towards the living room. 

James lifted Emily from the ground, " my little monsterrrr" he cooed. 

It was then I realised that he had different clothes than he wore last night on. 

"where did you get the clothes from" I asked, my tone laced with confusion. 

"I had spares in my car" woah this dude is prepared isn't he. Shrugging I checked the time, it's 7.50 this is too early.

"Where do you drop Emily of when you go to school?" James asked as he put Emily on his lap, she grabbed his neck and started to slap his face gently. It's so weird how close he's gotten to her in literally a day, same for her. She usually only talks to Dixie and I.

" next door" I murmured before sitting next to them, he muttered an ok then turned on the tv flipping it straight to Emily's fav channel.

" yeyyy pappa piggg" 

James's pov

Last night I slept at Ava's and I can't lie it was the best sleep I've had in such s long time. I haven't slept since everything went down. I woke up hugging Ava in an iron grip, it felt good almost natural but I can't carry on with this, the Red Dragons may find out and use these two against me. I know I only met this girl yesterday but she has a weird effect on me and Emily reminds me of my.....

I can't get too attached fuck. People gonna be like you only met her yesterday how the hell are you in her bed and honestly I don't know, she has this inviting aura that surrounds her which she most likely doesn't know about. It attracts anyone and everyone, it's slightly worrying. 

After we all got ready I sat on the sofa holding Emily close I can't get attached, was what I kept telling myself but it's already happened........

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